The Historical Committee has a library of tools available to help you and your church understand and appreciate your heritage in the Bible Fellowship Church.

The Bible Fellowship Church, By Dr. Harold Shelly. The Bible Fellowship Church tells you the story of our church from its roots in the Reformation to the time of its formation in 1858 and follows its development until now. This book is a must for anyone who values our heritage and wants better to understand our spiritual roots. Cost: $14.00

Verhandlungen 1859‑1895, Dr. Richard E. Taylor, editor. Verhandlungen is the minutes of the conferences of the Bible Fellowship Church when it was known as the Evangelical Mennonites and Mennonite Brethren in Christ. The minutes which document the issues and discussions that formed us are presented. Translated from the original German copy of the minutes, you get insight into how our forefathers wrestled with matters and laid the foundation for what we are today. Cost: $7.00

What Mean These Stones? Leonard Buck, editor. History is stories of people and events that shape their lives. WMTS presents some of the people from our past ‑ Rose Jelly Jakie Moyer; the outlaw William Ellinger; printer turned preacher, H. B. Musselman; the rescued miner, S. B. Knerr. In this book you will find a copy of our first doctrinal statement dating back to 1865. Cost: $6.00

In Search of Eusebius Hershey, by Dr. Daniel G. Ziegler. Eusebius Hershey was a preacher whose zeal for the Lord drove him to extraordinary service. He was a traveling missionary / preacher whose travels took him through the wilderness areas of Pennsylvania and into Canada. At age 68, he became our first foreign missionary when he set out for Africa. Cost: $4.00

According to the Holy Spirit. This video (now also on DVD) tells the story of the Bible Fellowship Church from its beginnings as a small group called the Evangelical Mennonites, to its organization as the Mennonite Brethren in Christ, to its reformation as the Bible Fellowship Church. This audio‑visual presentation will be valuable to new members of our churches and can be used to answer the question, what is the Bible Fellowship Church? Cost: $20.00.

150th Anniversary Vignettes. (DVD) Join narrator Dan Allen as he explores the rich history of the Bible Fellowship Church. From forbidden prayer meetings, to tent meetings, to Mizpah Grove to the Yucatan Penninsula, this series of vignettes chronicles the first 150 years of the Bible Fellowship Church. You will receive two DVDs with 90 minutes of video viewing.


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