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The following are a series of papers presented at the meetings of the Historical Society of the Bible Fellowship Church as well as other significant documents from our past.

The Board of Missions (Mennonite Brethren In Christ Church) by Willard Cassel

Hadjin And The Armenian Massacre by Rose Lambert (1911)

Harvey Brunner Musselman by Jill Davidson

Historical Trends in the Missions Outreach of the Bible Fellowship Church 1858 -1988 by Roy Hertzog

History of Fellowship Manor and Home  by James Beil

A History of the Gospel Herald Society by Jansen Hartman

Jonas Yeakel Schultz by Harold P. Shelly

Mizpah Grove  by Willard Cassel

The Outsider's View of the Mennonite Church by Clarence Kulp

Pinebrook Bible Conference  by Bert Brosius

Preaching in Historical Perspective by Willard Cassel.

Revival in a Young Man's Life - Levi Young, 1863 by Richard Taylor

"Rose Jelly Jakie" Moyer  by Clarence Kulp

They Called Him Daddy Gehman by Richard Taylor

William Gehman: His Life and Times by Richard Taylor

The Mission at Home  by Daniel Ziegler

Jonas Musselman  by Richard Taylor

Edgewood Camp Meeting  by Willard Cassel and Richard Taylor

George A. Campbell - The Untold Story  by Richard Taylor

Charles Henry Brunner by Harold P. Shelly

Sisters by Jill Davidson

A Mighty Work of God in a Small Town - History of Berean Bible Fellowship Church of Terre Hill, Pennsylvania, by Kevin Kirkpatrick

"...Whatever I Could to Serve the Lord" - Significant Laymen in the Bible Fellowship Church, by Jill Davidson

A Tribute to My Father, Pastor Rudy H. Gehman - by Richard Gehman

Levi Jung Diaries

William Brunner Musselman by Richard Taylor (October 2008)

William Brunner Musselman Selections

A Feather in Your Cap by Jill Davidson  (December, 2008)

 The Hymnody of the Evangelical Menonnonites of Pennsylvania and the Mennonite Brethren in Christ, Pennsylvania by Andrew J. Geissinger  (December, 2008)

Emanuel Nyce Cassel by Carl C. Cassel

History of the Gospel Workers by Ron Kohl

Reflections on Our Germanic Mennonite Heritage  by Richard Gehman

One Hundred Years of Ministry of the Woodring cum Gehman Families in the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church  by Richard Gehman


From Pacifists to Patriots  by Ron Kohl and Jill Davidson

Simple Architectural Lines and Economic Necessity by Richard Taylor

A Man for The Future by David Gundrum

Items of clothing, bandages, medicines, and gifts by Jill Davidson

The Gospel Workers Manual (1897) – Lucy Musselman

B. Bryan Musselman – The Radio Preacher – by Richard Taylor

Doctrinal Footsteps:  Following The Doctrinal Journey of the Bible Fellowship Church – by Richard Taylor

Far From Home:  The BFC at War – by Ronald Kohl

“Jesus Loves Me This I Know”:  Sunday School in the Bible Fellowship Church – Jill Davidson

People Connections:  A Look at the Family Relationships of Some of the Early Members of the Evangelical Mennonite Society – Andrew Geissinger

A Rally, the Valley, and a Big Rock: An anecdotal glimpse of youth ministry in the Bible Fellowship Church – Rick Paashaus


From Wittenberg to Zionsville – Randall Grossman


Content and Contraversy:  Changing Content of Our Denominational Periodical – Richard Taylor