From the very beginning, the Evangelical Mennonites / Mennonite Brethren in Christ / Bible Fellowship Church was careful about keeping information. Perhaps it had something to do with being accountable to each other for the work being done. Or perhaps, it helped them to understand what was going on. Perhaps, in almanac fashion, making the lists available in yearbooks provided quick information about when and where.

Most of this record keeping fell into the care of C. H. Brunner. In his role as the conference secretary, he was sure to include information in the yearbooks as they were published each year.

In 1891, and for several years after, the individual statistics of the work of each pastor was recorded. While the statistics of the entire denomination were recorded in the minutes, the individual records were not printed. They are printed here.

Beginning in 1896 through 1941, a list of the camp meetings, including location and number of tents, was included at the end of each year book. Secretary Brunner was faithful in updating the list. He recorded information here that is not found elsewhere. The following is the list of camp meetings as it appeared in the 1941 year book.

For the 1896 year book, Brunner compiled a complete list of the conferences which had been held. In his detailed and efficient fashion, he updated the list each year until 1941. The list of conferences until 1941 is presented here.

Perhaps the most detailed work was required in the accounting of the service of each pastor. Brunner was able to go back as far as 1874 to find pastoral assignments. He kept and maintained the lists and periodically updated them. Following the death of Pastor Brunner, other secretaries updated the list. 1952 was the last year in which the list of assignments was printed in the year books. In 1976, Willard Cassel brought the list up to date. In 2002, the entire list was computerized and expanded to include those who are serving as associates or assistants. The lists of pastoral assignments is now available to you.

The Chronological List of Church Starts and Closings is my special addition of lists. Right now, it is a work in progress. I am preparing this list from the pastoral assignment lists which tell when churches were opened and closed by whether assignments wer made or not.

The Gospel Worker Society was composed of woman missionaries who faithfully served the Lord.   The linked Roster allow you to identify them and learn a couple of biographical facts about many of them.