Each of the following indexes include names only. If you would like further information, please contact me at Information for each person varies greatly from a brief reference to more complete information.


Dick Taylor


[Disclaimer 1 - I wish I could claim that the information here is guaranteed to be accurate. Mistakes happen when compiling so much information. Remember to verify the information by cross referencing with another source. If you see or receive incorrect information, please contact me with the corrections.]


[Disclaimer 2 - Not everyone in the cemetery indexes is deceased. These surveys were complete by an actual review of the tombstones. In some cases, individuals have purchased, installed and engraved their tombstones in anticipation of their death.]


The Genealogy Report contains text files on several families who have been part of the Bible Fellowship Church's history.


Bible Fellowship Church Complete Index (over 1800 names)


Coopersburg Bible Fellowship Cemetery Index (393 names)


Zionsville Bible Fellowship Cemetery Index (362 names)


Genealogy Report