Pamphlets, Tracts, and Publications

Some of our pastors prepared tracts or reprinted some of their sermons. Some made presentations that allowed them to learn from each other. They give you a taste of what was of interest and concern in our church.

Sanctification As Set Forth In God's Word (1905) by C. H. Brunner

Present Day Dangers Confronting the Church (1908) by C. H. Brunner

The Affliction of the People of God (1941) by C. H. Brunner

Vocal and Instrumental Music in Worship According to God's Word (ca. 1900) by H. B. Musselman

Dare We Change (ca. 1960) by Donald T. Kirkwood

How We Changed by Donald T. Kirkwood

Why The Bible Fellowship Church Today? (1962) by Donald T. Kirkwood

What the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Stands For (1915) by W. S. Hottel

The Kingdom of Heaven, The Kingdom of God, and The Church by W. S. Hottel

The Necessity of Feeding on the Word by W. S. Hottel

The Fact of Christ's Resurrection by W. S. Hottel

Written Things and Seducers or The Spirit of Antichrist and the Coming Antichrist ( circa 1915) by W. S. Hottel

A Better Resurrection by W. S. Hottel

World Outreach Discussions (1967)

Papers on Evangelism and Church Growth - (1968 / 1972) Presented to the Ministerial Convention

1982 Pastor - Elder - Deacon Retreat

1983 Pastor - Elder - Deacon Retreat

Exegetical Considerations on the Millennium - (2007) by Carl C. Casssel

The Evangelism Mandate (1976) by Daniel G. Ziegler