Fourteenth Meeting

Saturday Morning, January 17, 1970

An adjourned session of the 86th Annual Conference convened at Grace Church, Nazareth, Pa. , on January 17, 1970 at 9:00 a.m.

Clyde Snyder led the Conference in singing. The host pastor, James A. Beil, read from John 6:27-40; 44-48. C. E. Kirkwood led in prayer remembering specific requests.

Resolved, That the excuses of the absent members be accepted and the alternate delegates be seated in the Conference Bar.

Resolved, That Alfred Roberts, Harleysville and William Bartron, Stroudsburg, be seated as representatives of their respective churches.

Resolved, That Harold C. Weaber be excused from the afternoon meeting and David E. Thomann be excused at 3:00 p.m.

Recessed at 10:15 a.m.

Business resumed at 10:40 a.m.

Resolved, That the office of District Superintendent be discontinued and that provision be made for the transitional period; the office to end with the term that exists after new rules have been

approved. (Second Reading) (Yes - 55, No - 23)

Resolved, That we adjourn.

Adjourned at 12:25 with prayer by Jansen E. Hartman.

Fifteenth Meeting

Saturday Afternoon, January 17, 1970

The meeting opened with singing. Willard E .Cassel led in prayer.

The minutes were approved as corrected.


I. Changes on the Local Level

A. The following is a change in the Order of the Faith & Order Page 1, Article II, section 1:

1. Chairman - The Pastor shall be the Chairman

Delete: Local Conference II, item #3

B. Deletions

Page 14, Article - District Superintendent -Section -Duties:

1. He shall review the duties of the officers accountable to the Local Conference and emphasize the duties of members toward their pastor once each year on each charge.

3. He shall meet with the Official Board at least once each year to review the progress of the work.

5. He shall help the churches and pastors with ideas and methods for promoting the spreading of the gospel.

It is recommended that these duties which are performed by the District Superintendent on the local level should be deleted because the continuation of them in a formal manner is no longer necessary.

C. Additions

Page 22, 1968 Year Book - 2nd last paragraph - Add to duties of Pastoral Relations Committee:

This Committee, in the time of crisis, may arrange for counsel of another Bible Fellowship pastor whose judgment is respected by the congregation and pastor.

In the event of the death of an active pastor, this committee shall make itself available to assist the survivors.

II. Changes on Denominational Level

A. The Faith & Order shall be changed to add:

One ordained minister to the membership to each of the following:

Board of Directors

Board of Foreign Missions

Board of Church Extension

Board of Directors of Pinebrook Junior College

Board of Victory Valley

Sunday School Promotion Committee

Credentials Committee

Youth Fellowship General Committee

B. In September 1970,the present responsibilities of the District Superintendent in Pulpit Supply shall be the responsibility of the Credentials Committee. (This rule will apply only to 1970 and will need to be enacted annually to keep it in force until a new system of pulpit supply makes other provision). The Pastoral Poll Card and the tally of the poll shall remain in the possession of the delegate and be destroyed by him after Annual Conference.

C. The money presently known as "The Appropriation to be used at the Discretion of the District Superintendent" shall be held and distributed by the Board of Director s in the following ways:

1. Any pastor can apply to the Board of Directors for loans from this fund; arrangements for the terms of the loan and repayment shall be mutually agreed upon between the pastor and the Board.

2. The Credentials Committee and the Pastor Relations Committee (should this body create such a group) shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors for financial aid to be given to needy pastors from this fund.

D. In the case of death or resignation of a pastor the particular church shall bear primary responsibility for filling the pulpit. The Chairman of the Credentials Committee shall be informed immediately (this shall be changed to the chairman of the Pastoral Relations Committee if such a group is created) and this Committee shall provide help to the church in supplying the pulpit.

Whereas, The 86th Annual Conference voted to cease to have the Office of District Superintendent, and,

Whereas, Our action will have an immediate effect on the influence and function of the office and,

Whereas, Our action will make it extremely difficult for the Nominating Committee to abide by our Rules in presenting the required number of Candidates for the office of District Superintendent at our April meeting, therefore,

Resolved, That the Transitional Legislation be adopted and be put into effect as of the 87th Annual Conference by the Rule of Exception and further,

Resolved, That no election for District Superintendent be held in April 1970.

The Report of Pulpit Supply Committee #2 was discussed.

Resolved, That the Committee to Study Pulpit Supply and the Committee to Revise the Present System of Pulpit Supply make a comparison of their papers in parallel columns along with the

present system.

The following were appointed to the Statistical Committee:

Willard E. Cassel, LeRoy S. Heller, Donald T. Kirkwood, John Dunn.

Resolved, That we adjourn.

Adjourned at 3:35 p.m. with prayer by Roger Bowne.

Sixteenth Meeting

Saturday Morning, April 11, 1970

An Adjourned Session of the 86th Annual Conference was held at Royersford Church on April 11, 1970.

Pastors Johnson and Reichenbach led in the devotions.

Resolved. That the first eight pews constitute the Conference Bar.

Resolved, That the excuses of absent Pastors and Delegates be accepted.

Resolved, That the following Bible Fellowship Missions: Belvedere, New Jersey, Finesville, New Jersey; and Walnutport, Pa., be recognized as Churches and be received into membership at the 87th Annual Conference of the Bible Fellowship Church 1970, 1971.

Resolved, That Earl Van Norman from Finesville, N. J. , and Philip Link from Belvidere, N.J. , lay elders be allowed to sit in the bar as non-voting observers.

The following were elected:

Chairman of Annual Conference - C. E. Kirkwood

Vice-Chairman of Annual Conference - Carl C. Cassel

Secretary of Annual Conference - James A. Beil

Whereas, Albert L.Wentz has faithfully and diligently served the Lord by his interest in Christian Higher Education and,

Whereas. He has given sacrifically of himself in this interest to Pinebrook Junior College from the time of the college's formation to the present, and,

Whereas. In His all wise providence. God has called our brother home,

Be It Resolved, That we give thanks to the Lord for the example and dedication of Brother Wentz and further that we pray that God will raise up others to continue with similar convictions and


Resolved, That we elect a lay representative to the Board of Directors of Pine brook Junior College to fulfill the unexpired term of the late Albert L. Wentz.

The following were elected:

Board of Directors of Pinebrook Junior College - Carlton Wentz,

Nominating Committee - Bert N. Brosius, John Dunn, Robert F. Johnson, David J. Watkins, Robert Breitegam, John L. Deily, Robert W. Truett.

Resolved, That when a person is elected to two Conference Boards, his name may not be offered from the floor as a nominee for any additional Conference Boards.


The Board of Church Extension elected a Director of Church Extension of the Bible Fellowship Church for a three year term beginning October 1970.

Daniel G. Ziegler was elected and his name is presented to this Adjourned Session of Conference for ratification.

The Office of Director of Church Extension will be part-time for the year 1970, 1971 and he will receive a salary of $2, 500. 00.

Resolved, That we ratify the above action of the Board of Church Extension.


The above report -was adopted.

Resolved, That we adjourn to meet at 1:30 p.m.

Adjourned at 12:24 p.m.

Seventeenth Meeting

Saturday Afternoon, April 11, 1970

Report of the Committee to Combine "Publication Committees" ( See Report, p. 28H )

The above report was accepted.

Resolved, That the above report be referred back for study of finances.

The Conference Administrative Budget was presented as follows: (See pg. 28J)

Resolved, That we adopt the above budget, effective October 1970.

A discussion was entered into relative to the present and future utilization of the Pinebrook facilities.

Resolved, That the Pinebrook Bible Conference Board provide for part-time directorship beginning October 1, 1970.

(Yes 61, No 12)

Resolved, That we adjourn.

Adjourned at 4: 3 Op. m. with prayer by Jansen E . Hartman.



The following report is offered pursuant to the resolution on page 23, 1969 Year Book.

"RESOLVED" that the Statistical Committee make a study of the Pastor's Statistical Summary Report Form and report of the Adjourned Session. "

The PS -3 Form - PASTOR'S SUMMARY STATISTICAL REPORT will include the following:


Ordained Ministers





Children Dedicated



Pastoral Visits

Rec'd into Church Fellowship

Rec'd by Transfer from B. F. Churches

Rec'd by Transfer from other Churches

Total Increase




Transferred to B.F. Churches

Transferred to other Churches

Total Decrease

Net Increase

Net Decrease

Total Membership


Total Enrollment ,

Total Average Attendance

Cradle Roll Members

Home Department Members



Present Valuation of Church Properties

Total Income

Total Offerings

In most churches these two columns might be identical. TOTAL INCOME would include, above offerings, the following:




Sale of Properties

Loans from banks or individuals


Conference Administrative Budget

Foreign Missions

Church Extension

Home for the Aging

Pinebrook Junior College

Board of Christian Education

A combination of Sunday School Promotion Committee and Youth Fellowship General Committee - assuming the passage of pending legislation.

Victory Valley


Minister's Salary

Minister's Supplemental Benefits

This shall include:

Family Health Insurance

Social Security

Automobile Allowance



Administrative Salaries

Christian Education

This shall include:

Sunday School

Local Youth Fellowship

Christian Service Brigade

Pioneer Girls

Vacation Bible School


Debt Service

This shall include both Principal and Interest

Local Benevolence

Local Missions

This shall include:

Missionary Conference

Evangelistic Campaigns

Special Speakers

Rescue Missions, etc.


Women's Missionary Society

Annual Conference Delegate

General Disbursements

This shall include: Maintenance of Properties

Local Administrative Expenses

Miscellaneous Expenses


Total Disbursements

This is the Total reflected on this PS-3 Form.

(Willard E. Cassel, Chairman; LeRoy S. Heller, Secretary; John Dunn, Donald T. Kirkwood, Committee)


The following report is presented pursuant to the following resolutions:

"RESOLVED: that the Committee to Print the Year Book, Committee to Publish FELLOWSHIP NEWS, Committee on Publication and Printing be combined to be called the Board of Publication and Printing, and further,

"RESOLVED: that each of these committees elect two from their membership, forming a sub-committee to prepare the necessary material for implementing this change." (1969 Year Book, p. 9)


The Board of Publication and Printing shall be composed of three ministers and two laymen elected annually by ballot by the Annual Conference. The Business Manager of the FELLOWSHIP NEWS shall be a member by virtue of his office.


1. The Board of Publication and Printing shall be responsible to publish:

a. The Annual Conference Year Book


c. Other Conference Literature

2. It shall provide Conference related materials;

a. Local Church and Sunday School supplies

b. Stationary, etc. used by the Annual Conference Secretariat

3. It shall determine amount and pay the honorariums of:

a. Annual Conference Secretariat

b. Annual Conference Treasurer

c. Editorial Staff of FELLOWSHIP NEWS

d. Business Manager of FELLOWSHIP NEWS

4. The Business Manager shall deposit all funds in a bank or trust company approved by the Board of Publication and Printing to be disbursed at the direction of the Board.

5. It shall investigate possible areas of expansion in the field of printing and literature.

6. It shall present a written report to the Annual Conference and also a prospective budget for the ensuing year.

Upon the adoption of the above at SECOND READING, we recommend the following deletions:

1969 Year book, p. B (under Standing Boards &: Committees)

1. Committee on Publication &. Printing

2. Committee on Publishing Year Book

3. Committee to Publish FELLOWSHIP NEWS

1969 Year Book, p. C (Under Year Books)

1. "and Publisher"

1969 Year Book, p. D ( Under Boards and Committees)

1. Once in each of the first two paragraphs: "Committee on Publication and Printing"

1969 Year Book, p. G

1. Complete section "Publication and Printing"

FAITH & ORDER (mimeo) p. 12 (Committees to be Appointed)

1. Committee on Publication and Printing

FAITH & ORDER (mimeo) pp. 23&24

1. Complete section relative to Committee on Publication and Printing.

(Robert W. Smock, Chairman; Willard E. Cassel, Secretary, John Dunn, R. C. Reichenbach, Paul T. Rutman, David E. Thomann, Comm.)


[report not included]


[report not included]


[report not included]