Fourteenth Meeting

Saturday Morning, April 1, 1967

The Meeting was opened with CarlC.Cassel directing the singing of "Jesus. Thy Blood and Righteousness" and Daniel G. Ziegler led in prayer.

The devotional message of the morning was brought by District Superintendent and Chairman, T.D. Gehret, basing his remarks on I Corinthians 3:12-18, and emphasizing the need of the hour as being a new encounter with Jesus Christ.

The roll was called,

Resolved, that we accept the alternate delegates and seat them in the Conference Bar.

Resolved, that Frank L. Herb be excused from the morning session and William A. Heffner and H. Phares Mumbauer be excused

for the day.

Report of the Committee on Church Government :

Whereas, the 83rd Annual Conference voted that we have only one District Superintendent beginning October, 1967, therefore,

Resolved, that we request the Adjourned Session of the 83rd Annual Conference to consider the following enabling legislation:

I. Elections at Adjourned Session

A Vice-District Superintendent shall be elected annually by ballot by the Annual Conference at its Adjourned Session from among the active ordained ministers.

In the event of a vacany in the office of District Superintendent, he shall fulfill the unexpired term.

A Vice -Chairman of Annual Conference shall be elected annually by ballot by the Annual Conference at its Adjourned Session from among the ordained ministers.

II. Composition of Boards and Committees

We recommend the following necessary changes in the membership of Boards and Committees:

Board of Directors - add - one layman

Board of Foreign Missions - add - one minister

Board of Church Extenstion - add - one minister

Board of Directors of Berean - add - one minister

Board of Victory Valley - add - one minister

Board of Mizpah Grove - add - one layman

Credentials Committee - add - one minister

S. S. Promotion Committee - add - one minister


III. Local Conference

Whereas, our transition to one District Superintendent makes it virtually impossible for him to fulfill the traditional visits to the

Local Conferences, therefore,

Each Congregation shall hold four stated Local Conferences each year. The Official Board shall establish the calendar of the

four Local Conferences for each Church and shall inform the District Superintendent of the dates established by November 1.

The District Superintendent shall serve as Chairman of one local Conference on a date agreed upon between him and the Official


The Official Board may call upon the District Superintendent to serve as Chairman of Local Conferences other than regular stated


(C.E.Kirkwood, Chairman; Willard E. Cassel, Secretary; Carl C. Cassel, Richard H.Kline, Frank L. Herb, Jr. , Jansen E. Hartman and John H.Riggall, Committee)

The report was adopted.

The following were elected:

District Superintendent: A.L.Seifert

Vice-District Superintendent: John H. Riggall

Director of Church Extension: Earl M. Hosier

Chairman of the Annual Conference: A. L.Seifert

Vice-Chairman of the Annual Conference: C.E.Kirkwood

Secretary of Annual Conference: Ernest B.Hartman

Report of the Board of Directors of Berean Bible School:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Berean Bible School, I submit the following item to the Adjourned Session of the 83rd

Annual Conference meeting in Grace Church, Reading, Pa., on Saturday, April 1, 1967 for ratification:


The election of Rev. Jansen E. Hartman as President of Berean Bible School for the term of June 30, 1967 to June 30, 1968. This action was taken by the Board in theirregular meeting on Saturday, February 4, 1967.

Respectfully submitted,

W. B.Hottel, Secretary

The report was received and the action of the Board was ratified.

John H. Riggall and Jansen E. Hartman gave oral reports of the progress of the Committee to Plan the Development of the Bible Fellowship Church Conference Center.

 Adjourned with prayer by C. E. Kirkwood.

Fifteenth Meeting

Saturday Afternoon, April 1, 1967

                The meeting was opened with prayer by Bruce A. Ellingson.

                The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

  The following were elected:

   Nominating Committee: Donald R. Knauer, C. E. Kirkwood, John H. Riggall, Daniel G. Ziegler, William Rapp, Robert W. Gehret, Harold W. Griest, Horace A. Kauffman.

Report of the Board of Directors - Administrative Budget:


Board of Directors

   The budget to cover administration of the Bible Fellowship Church in the year starting with October 1967, is respectfully sub mitted for the consideration and approval of the 83rd Annual Conference, Reading, Pa. , on April 1, 1967, as follows:

1. Publication and Printing ............... $  1,500.00

2. Conference Entertainment Expenses .......     640. 65

3. Beneficiary Fund .......................      800. 00

4. District Superintendent:

(a) Annual Support ......................   7,000.00

(b) Travel and Utility Grant .............    3,400.00

5. District Superintendent's Parsonage ......    5,215.35

6. Minister's Retirement Fund .............    4, 000. 00

7. Moving Fund ...........................    3,200.00

8. Expenses for Boards and Committees while

transacting Conference Business .........      800. 00

9. Other Expenses of Board of Directors .....      290.00

10. Contingencies ..........................      500. 00

11. Ministerial Convention Expenses .........      400. 00

$ 27,746.00

Subscriptions to the Budget for Administration for year 1967 -68:

Allentown District             Bethlehem District

Allentown(Bethel)    $ 1,800    Allentown (Salem)     $   350

Allentown(Cedar Crest)  600    Bethlehem             2, 160

Catasauqua              372    Blandon                  500

Graterford              650    Coopersburg              800

Harleysville             500    Denville                  300

Harrisburg              775    Easton                   660

Hatfield               1,280    Emmaus                1,500

Lancaster               380    Fleetwood                900

Lebanon                 330    Maple Glen               840

Mt. Carmel              660    Phila. (Calvary)           500

Lehighton               384    Phila. (Emmanuel)        368

Nazareth                540    Quakertown             1, 105

Paradise                360    Scranton                 450

Reading               1,920    Staten Island              300

Royersford              500    Stroudsburg              252

Shamokin                480    Terre Hill              1, 020

Spring City              600    Wallingford             1,000

Sunbury               1,200    Zionsville                345

York                    850

Sinking Spring      ____215

$   14,396                      $  13,350

Total $ 27,746.00

The Budget was adopted.

Returned Missionaries, Fred Venable of Nigeria, Austin Shelly of Venezuela and Timothy Kauffman of France gave a few words of greetings.

The Sunday School Promotion Committee Report was presented.

Resolved, that we recommit this report to this Committee for revision to include a doctrinal statement of our beliefs.

Report of the Bethlehem District Camp:

Chairman: Frank L. Herb, Jr.

Recording Secretary: Willard E. Cassel

Financial Secretary: Harvey J. Fritz, Jr.

Willard E. Cassel, Secretary

Report of the Allentown District Camp:

Chairman: John H. Riggall

Recording Secretary: N.H.Wolf

Financial Secretary: James G.Koch

David J.Watkins, Secretary

Report of the Committee on Church Forms;

(For presentation to Adjourned Session as per directive on page 49 of the 1966 YearBook).



Bible Fellowship Church

Name                        Date_______ Phone______

Address ____________ zip code ____


         The applicant shall be responsible to read the FAITH AND ORDER OF THE BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH, or, in the case of younger applicants, shall have knowledge of the basic truths contained therein.


         This questionnaire is to provide information in preparation for your interview with the Membership Committee. (If additional space is required for your answers, please use the reverse side).

  Kindly return the completed form to the pastor.

SALVATION: Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour from sin? ____ When? ______Where?______

On the reverse side, please write a resume' of your conversion experience.


      BAPTISM: Have you been baptized by immersion upon your confession of faith in Christ? ___ When?      Where?


        DOCTRINE: Are you in agreementwith the FAITH AND ORDER OF THE BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH? Yes ____ No_____


        CHRISTIAN LIFE: We, of the Bible Fellowship Church, "look with deep concern on the great increase of potentially harmful amusements and lift up a solemn note of warning against theater going, indecent literature, dancing, and such games of chance as are frequently associated with gambling, and the indiscriminate use of television. "

Therefore, will you by public example and personal devotion, seek to live a Christian life that will bring honor to the Lord?

Please check (X) any of the following if you: use or deal in( )tobacco ( )intoxicating beverages ( )narcotics; belong to ( ) secret oath-bound societies; have been ( )divorced.

CHURCH ACTIVITY: It is my earnest purpose as a member of this church to aid in every way I can the successful carrying out of its program. To this end:

1. I shall pray regularly for the blessing of the Lord upon this church and its ministry.  Yes____No____

2. I shall make it my practice to attend regularly the services I have checked:

( )Morning Worship             ( )Sunday School

( )Evening Service               ( )Prayer Meeting

3. I shall give regularly and proportionately to the financial program of our church work. Yes____No____

MEMBERSHIP: If your membership is currently in another church, please give the name and address of that church.


Name _________________________________ Telephone ______

Address_______________________________ Zip Code_______

Date of Birth_________________Place of Birth_____________

Date of dedication___________at____________by__________

Date of baptism_____________at____________by__________

Married: Date______________at____________by___________

To ___________________of______________________


The report was not adopted.

Resolved, that a committee of five pastors be elected to study and prepare a paper on Church Membership to be presented at the

Annual Conference 1968.

The following were elected: Frank L. Herb, Jr. , C. E. Kirkwood, James G. Koch, David J. Watkins, Daniel G. Ziegler.

Adjourned with prayer by District Superintendent A. L. Seifert, at 5:00 p.m.