of the


Thirteenth Meeting Saturday Morning, April 2, 1966

The meeting was opened at 9:00 a.m. in the Grace Bible Fellowship Church, Reading, Pa., with the singing of “Fairest Lord Jesus” led by Carl C. Cassel. Charles G. Hersh led in prayer.

Chairman, T .D .Gehret, began his devotional message with the reading of Jude three. His challenging remarks centered around the effective ministry of the early church.

The roll was called.

Resolved, that we excuse the conference members not able to attend.

Resolved, that William Rapp, Leon Naudascher and Robert Lee be recognized as delegates from their respective churches and be seated in the Conference Bar.


Resolved, that the first 8 rows across the church constitute the Conference Bar.

Resolved, that the District Superintendents for the Eastern and Western Districts and the Director of Church Extension be elected and the informal ballot to be used in nominating the candidates.


Resolved, that the three highest be considered candidates for District Superintendents and Church Extension Director.

The following were elected:

Allentown District: T. D. Gehret

Bethlehem District: A. L. Seifert

Church Extension Director: Earl M. Hosler

Vice District Superintendents: C. E. Kirkwood, and John H. Riggall

Chairman of 1966 Conference: T. D. Gehret

Vice Chairman of 1966 Conference: A. L. Seifert

Secretary of 1966 Conference: N. H. Wolf

Nominating Committee: C. E. Kirkwood, Russell T. Allen, John H. Riggall, Richard H. Kline, Robert W. Gehret; Horace A. Kauffman, Paul H. Cressman.

Report of the Board of Directors of Berean Bible School:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Berean Bible School, I submit the following items to the Adjourned Session of the 82nd Annual Conference meeting in Grace Church, Reading, Pa., on Saturday, Apri12, 1966 for ratification:

1. the election of Rev. Jansen E. Hartman as President of Berean Bible School for the term of June 30, 1966 to June 30, 1967. This action was taken by the Board in their regular meeting on Saturday, February 5, 1966.

2. the expanding of Berean’s curricula from a three to a four year program.


The Board first considered a revision of Berean's curriculum in its regular meeting on Saturday, September 19, 1964. In a special meeting on Saturday, December 5, 1964, the Board passed the following resolution:


Resolved: that the Committee on Faculty and Instruction develop the details necessary for an introduction to this new curriculum to serve as a foundation for an additional two -year training in church related vocations leading to appropriate degrees and also providing adequate training for those who have completed two years of study and desiring to prepare for other vocations and will be required to transfer to other schools.


Finally, in order to implement the four year program, the Board in its meeting on Saturday, February 5, 1966, passed the following resolutions:


Resolved: that beginning with the entering class of September 1966, all courses of study become four year programs and that all present students be permitted to complete the program which they began.


Resolved: that we approve the curricula for the four year program as submitted by the Faculty and Instruction Committee. (See attached sheets).


The ratification of this Board action will help us to obtain recognition by the State of Pennsylvania since it will indicate that the constituency of our church stands behind the program of the School.

We mourn the home-going of one of our Board members, Daniel K. Ziegler yet we rejoice in the fact that he knew the Lord and served Him so faithfully. He shall be greatly missed. Shall we pray that God shall raise up others to fill his place ?


Respectfully submitted, W. B. Hottel, Secretary.

The Report was received and the action o f the Board was ratified.

Resolved, that the forms included in the reports of the Committee on Church Forms be printed in the FAITH AND ORDER and that they be considered as suggested forms as approved by the Annual Conference.

Adjourned with prayer by Richard H. Kline.

Fourteenth Meeting

Saturday Afternoon, April 2, 1966

The meeting was opened with the reading of the minutes, of the morning meeting. Earl M. Hosler led in prayer .

Report of the Committee on Church Forms:

(Dedication is an act wherein only believing parent (s) living in fellowship with Christ and endeavoring to carry out the injunctions of His Word publicly present their children to the Lord. Because the child is a gift from God, the parents as God's stewards promise to bring up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord the child entrusted to them. The act is made meaningful and efficacious when the parents in the years that lie ahead remind the child of this act and explain to him the meaning thereof in the course of spiritual training and exemplary living in the home. Where unequal marriage yokes are involved, only the believing parent shall make the public presentation).


Inasmuch as these parents are presenting this child (these children) to the Lord may we join with them in their act of dedication. Only those parents who are born again and are living in fellowship with Christ may present their children in dedication to the Lord. This act has no saving efficacy but is a public declaration by the parents that they will rear their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Dedication becomes meaningful to the extent that these parents train their children in the Lord through spiritual admonitions and exemplary living.


1. Inasmuch as God have given you this child (these children) do you consecrate him (her, them) to God and His service? If so, answer, "We will."

2. Will you instruct this child (these children) in the Word of God and encourage him (her, them) to memorize portions of it? If so, answer, "We will."

3. Will you assume the responsibility of bringing this child (these children) regularly to the house of God and of teaching him (her, them) reverence to the Lord and respect for His house and worship? If so, answer, "We will."

4. Will you teach this child (these children) as soon as he ( she, they) is (are) able to understand the nature and purpose of this dedication? If so, answer, "We will. "

5. Will you endeavor to lead your child (children) to a saving knowledge of Christ? If so, answer, "We will."

6. Do you dedicate yourselves as parents to live a godly life so that this child (these children) will see Christ in you? If so, answer, "We will. "


Inasmuch as (name of parents) have dedicated (name of child) to God and His service, may we join in prayer that God's blessing may be upon them.

(the minister shall then pray)

"The Lord bless thee and keep thee: the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. " (Numbers 6:24-26)

The report was adopted.

Kermit K. Gehman was elected to the Board of Directors to fill the unexpired term of Daniel K. Ziegler.

Report of the Bethlehem District to Organize Camp Meeting:

The churches of the Bethlehem District and the Church Extension Churches located at Belvidere, Finesville, Miller Heights and Macungie shall comprise this Camp Meeting to be held in Mizpah Grove, Allentown, July 2-10, 1966.

Officers: John H. Riggall, Chairman; Earl M. Hosler, Secretary; John E. Golla, Financial Secretary.

Report of the Allentown District to Organize Camp Meeting Committee:

The churches of the Allentown District and the Church Extension Churches located at Millersville , Sinking Springs, Walnutport, and Binghamton, N. Y .shall comprise this Camp to be held in Mizpah Grove, Allentown, July 16-24, 1966.


Officers: David E. Thomann, Chairman; N . H. Wolf, Secretary; James G. Koch, Financial Secretary.

Report of the Board of Directors

The following resolution was adopted at a meeting held in the Bethel Bible Fellowship Church, Wednesday, December 29, 1965.

WHEREAS, Bethel Bible Fellowship Church, Allentown, has for several years planned to expand by having a portion of the present congregation form a new congregation which will worship in a building to be erected on the property now owned by Bethel Bible Fellowship Church at the intersection of U.S. Route 309 and Cedar Crest Blvd. in Allentown; and,

WHEREAS, this congregation expects to occupy this building by early 1967, D. V. , and,

WHEREAS, this congregation expects by God’s enabling to be self -supporting; therefore:

RESOLVED, that Bethel Bible Fellowship Church ask the Adjourned Session of the Eighty-Second Annual Conference meeting at Grace Bible Fellowship Church, Reading, on April 2, 1966, to consider our petition and grant the following:

(1) that a part of the present membership of Bethel Bible Fellowship Church be recognized as a newly formed, self-supporting congregation of the Bible Fellowship Church known as Bible Fellowship Church beginning at the Eighty-Third Annual Conference in October, 1966; and,

(2) that the charter members of this new congregation be permitted to elect an Official Board, to call a pastor according to our system of pulpit supply in September 1966, and to be recognized as a Station of the Bible Fellowship Church with their delegate being seated at the Eighty-Third Annual Conference; and,

(3) that the Bible Fellowship Church continue to worship and work with Bethel Bible Fellowship Church in the present facilities until the new facilities are ready for occupancy.

Resolved, that we approve the petition.

Additional Report of the Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors met in a special session on April 2, 1966. The following is presented to Annual Conference for consideration :

Resolved, that we approve the budget as recommended by the Budget Sub-Committee for approval at the Adjourned Session meeting today.


Please note the method of payment as stipulated in the regulation in the 1964 Year Book pertaining to schedules for meeting budget commitments. It is requested that churches that make remittances on the quarterly basis make them as advance payments.


Administration Expenses - 1966-1967


Publication and Printing



Conference Entertainment Expenses



Beneficiary Fund



District Superintendents



a. Annual Support



b. Grant for Traveling Expenses and Utilities



District Superintendents’ Parsonages



Minister’s Retirement Fund



Moving Fund



Expenses for Board and Committees (while transacting Conference Business)



Other expenses of the Board of Directors








Resolved, that we adopt the budget.

Resolved, that the Chairman appoint a committee of three to deal with the matter in bringing up to date the Standing Rules which concern the various offerings included in the Conference Budget.

The Chairman appointed the following committee: Robert W .Smock, Willard E. Cassel, Earl M. Hosler.

The Chairman appointed the following committee on Statistics: Willard E. Cassel, Donald T. Kirkwood, John Dunn, David E. Thomann, John Golla.

Resolved, that we open the minutes of Annual Conference pertaining to the matter of redistricting the churches and to rescind this action.

Resolved, that this matter be referred to the Stationing, Boundary and Appropriating Committee for further study.

Adjourned 6:00 p. m. with prayer by C. E. Kirkwood.