of the



Saturday Morning, April 4, 1964


    The opening hymn, "I've Found a Friend" was sung, led by LeRoy S. Heller and C. E. Kirkwood offered the opening prayer.

    The Chairman, T. D. Gehret, read from Peter's first Epistle, Chapter 4, verses 4 to 7 and pointed out the Christian essentials in the light of the return of our Lord.

    The Roll was called.

    Resolved, That Alien C. Musselman, Harold D. Zuck and Harold W. Greist be recognized as delegates from their respective churches and be seated in the Conference Bar.

    Resolved, That a District Superintendent for the Allentown District be elected and the informal ballot be used in nominating the candidates; the three highest to be the candidates and elected according to the FAITH AND ORDER.

    T. D. Gehret was elected.

    Resolved, That a District Superintendent for the Bethlehem District be elected and the informal ballot be used in nominating the candidates; the three highest to be the candidates and elected according to the FAITH AND ORDER.

    A. L. Seifert was elected.

    Resolved, That two Vice District Superintendents be elected and that the informal ballot be used in nominating the candidates; the five highest to be the candidates.

    John H. Riggall and Earl M. Hosler were elected.

    Resolved, That we elect a Director of Church Extension according to the FAITH AND ORDER.

    William A. Heffner was elected.

    T. D. Gehret was elected chairman, A. L. Seifert, Vice Chairman and N. H. Wolf, Secretary of the next Annual Conference.

    Report of the Board of Directors of Berean Bible School:

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of Berean Bible School, I submit the result of the election for President of the Berean Bible School.

    At our regular Board Meeting held on Saturday, February 1, 1964, Rev. Jansen E. Hartman was elected for the school year June 30, 1964 to June 30, 1965.

                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                          W. B. Hottel, Secretary

    The Report was received and the action of the Board was ratified.

    Resolved, That we suspend the rules and meet at 1 o'clock.

Adjourned with prayer by Richard H. Kline.

Fifteenth Meeting

Saturday Afternoon, April 4, 1964

    The meeting was opened with the singing of "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" and James G. Koch led in prayer.

    The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

    The report of the Government Committee was considered and the following resolution presented:

    Whereas, Believing the principles of Church Government as set forth in the Government Committee Report are Scriptural, therefore,

    Resolved, That the Government Committee proceed to prepare legislation according to these principles.

    The above Resolution was rejected.

    Whereas, There is an obvious difference of opinion as to what is a truly biblical form of church government, and,

    Whereas, A report presented by the government committee advocates a particular form of church government, and

    Whereas, Many would like to study a paper presenting other forms of church government which purport to be scripturally derived, therefore, be it,

    Resolved, That the Chairman appoint two other brethren, who, with himself, shall comprise a nominating committee to present to this Adjourned Session, seven (7) names to comprise a study committee which will prepare a paper presenting the biblical basis for an alternate form of church gov-

ernment. Said paper is to be circulated and studied, and at a future session of Annual Conference analyzed.

    The Resolution was adopted.

    The Chair declared a recess.

    Business was resumed at 3:20 P.M.

     Report of the Allentown District to Organize the Camp Meeting Committee:

     The churches of the Allentown District and the Church Extension Churches located in Millersville, Wernersville, Walnutport, and Binghamton, N.Y. shall comprise this camp to be held in Mizpah Grove, Allentown, June 27 to July 5, 1964.

     Officers: John E. Golla, Chairman; N. H. Wolf, Recording Secretary; James G. Koch, Financial Secretary.

                                       T. D. Gehret, Chairman

                                       Daniel G. Ziegler, Secretary

    Report was adopted.

     Report of the Bethlehem District to Organize the Camp Meeting Committee:

     The churches of the Bethlehem District and the Church Extension Churches located at Belvidere, Trenton, N.J., Finesville, N.J., Miller Heights and Macungie shall comprise this Camp Meeting to be held in Mizpah Grove, Allentown, Pa.

    Officers: John H. Riggall, Chairman; David E. Thomann, Secretary; Earl M. Hosler, Financial Secretary.

                                       John H. Riggall, Chairman

                                       David E. Thomann, Secretary

    Report was adopted.

    The following Committee to Study Church Government was elected:

John H. Riggall, Robert W. Smock, R. C. Reichenbach, Richard H. Kline, James A. Beil, Frank L. Herb, and Earl M. Hosler.

    The Chairman appointed the Committee on Statistics: Willard E. Cassel, John E. Golla, LeRoy S. Heller, John Dunn, Donald T. Kirkwood and Robert F. Johnson.

Report of the Board of Directors Budget Committee

    Following is a budget for the Conference Year 1964-1965 proposed in anticipation that the procedures recommended at pages 41 to 46 of the 1963 Year Book, and approved at page 46, will receive final approval at Conference in October.

    This proposed budget will be submitted for approval, or amendment, if and when the approved procedures receive final approval. It is submitted here with the recommendation that the procedures to be completed, between October and adjourned session, be, in this instance, completed between this session and October, 1964. This preparation would permit installation of the budget system at the beginning of the 1964-1965 Conference Year.

    If your church has already submitted its subscription toward this budget, your next move will arise when the Budget Committee circulates to all the churches a statement of the total amount subscribed. If your church has not made a subscription toward this budget, we urge that you do so not later than May 1, 1964. Address your correspondence to Byron C. Cassel, 747 Hillcrest Avenue, Glenside, Pa., Secretary of Budget Committee.

                             Proposed Budget

       1. Publication and Printing                                         $ 1,200.00

       2. Conference Entertainment Expense                           650.00

       3. Beneficiary Fund                                                            900.00

       4. District Superintendents' Support                          13,000.00

       5. Travel Expense Allowance for District

              Superintendents                                                     3,200.00

       6. District Superintendents' Parsonages

                                                             (see footnote 1)        5,850.00

       7. Ministers' Retirement Fund                                    4,350.00

      8. Moving Fund                                                               2,500.00

       9. Travel Expenses of Administrative

             Boards and Committees                                         1,000.00

     10. Incidentals                                                                     500.00

      11. Contingencies                                                             500.00


                                       Budget Committee

                                       Daniel K. Ziegler

                                       James G. Koch

                                       Byron C. Cassel

NOTE 1: This suggestion includes $2,100 for operating expenses and $3,000 for debt reduction, Total debt on District Superintendents' Parsonages as of Oct. 1, 1962 was $27,244.87.

    Resolved, That action on this report be postponed till the next Annual Conference in October,

    Roy A. Hertzog, Missionary from Monaco, addressed the Conference and told us of the Trans World Radio and its world-wide ministry.

    Adjourned at 4:10 p.m. with prayer by A. L. Seifert.