of the



Saturday Morning, April 8, 1961

The Meeting was opened with the singing of "The King of Love". W. W. Hartman led in prayer, after which the Chairman, District Superintendent F. B. Hertzog read the first 21 verses of the 4th chapter of Acts, and spoke of the progress of the early Church, compared to the present day Church.

The Roll was called by the Secretary.

Resolved, That the Absentees be excused, and that Paul Rutman be seated as the alternate delegate of the Harrisburg congregation.

Resolved, That we open the Minutes.

Resolved, That a statement be inserted in the Year book that the Report of the Committee to Revise Auditing Procedures (Page 31-33) was adopted.


(First Reading)


Duty #1 under the District Superintendents shall read as follows: The District Superintendents shall visit each appointment quarterly. Two of these visits shall be for complete Sundays. He shall be Chairman of the two Local Conferences.

WHEREAS, there will be less visits of the District Superintendents with less opportunity to receive offerings for their support, therefore,

WE RECOMMEND that the District Superintendents be salaried.

WE RECOMMEND the following changes in our Standing Rules so that they will conform to the above changes in our Church Government:

Supplemental Standing Rules, Local Conference, Section I p. 1 shall read as follows: Each Congregation shall hold at least two Local Conferences each Conference year.

Supplemental Standing Rules, Local Conference, Section III #3, p. 1 shall read as follows: The election of all Church Officers shall be held shortly before the Second Local Conference at congregational meeting (s) which has been announced at three services, and their term of office shall begin immediately after said Local Conference.

Supplemental Standing Rules, Local Conference, Section III #4 p. 1 shall read as follows: The following Delegates shall be elected at the time of the election of all Church Officers. They shall serve in the order listed.

The Supplemental Standing Rules, Pulpit Supply, Local Conference Action, #4 (last sentence) shall be changed to read It shall be furnished by the Credentials Committee.

WE RECOMMEND the following addition to Supplemental Standing Rules, Local Conference, Section III, p. 1. The following to be #4; present #4 to be #5:

4. The following shall be the procedure in case of death, resignation or removal of an Officer.

a. The Official Board shall review and act upon the resignation or removal of any Local Conference Officer.

b. The Official Board shall determine the time of a congregational election to fill the unexpired term of the Local Conference Officer due to death, resignation or removal.

A. L. Seifert, Chairman William A. Heffner David E. Thomann

Willard E. Cassel, Secretary Carl C. Cassel Rufus Spedden

John H. Riggall A. L. Wentz

R. C. Reichenbach Harold A. Mann Government Committee

Report was adopted.

Resolved, That the problem of establishing the amount of and the method of obtaining the District Superintendent's salary be referred to the Committee now studying pastor's income and insurance. (District Superintendents excluded.)

Resolved, That a District Superintendent for the Allentown District be elected and the informal ballot be used in nominating the Candidates, the three highest to be Candidates and elected according to the Discipline.

F. B. Hertzog was elected.

Resolved, That a District Superintendent be elected for the Bethlehem District and the informal ballot be used in nominating the candidates, the three highest to be candidates and elected according to the Discipline.

C. E. Kirkwood was elected.

Resolved, That two Vice District Superintendents be elected and that the informal ballot be used in nominating the candidates, the five highest to be candidates.

T. D. Gehret and A. L. Seifert were elected.

Resolved, That we extend the time indefinitely.

Adjourned 12:10 p.m. with prayer by W. F. Heffner.


Fifteenth Meeting

Saturday Afternoon, April 8, 1961


The meeting was opened with the singing of "Look and Live" and Bert N. Brosius led in prayer.

The roll was called and the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Resolved, That we elect a Director of Church Extension. Nominees are to be provided according to our By-Laws.

William A. Heffner was elected.

F. B. Hertzog was elected Chairman and C. E. Kirkwood, Vice-Chairman of the next Annual Conference.

N. H. Wolf was elected Secretary.

Report of the Board of Education

On behalf of the Board of Education, I submit the result of the election for President of the Berean Bible School.

At our Board Meeting on Saturday, February 18, 1961, Rev. Jansen E. Hartman was elected for the School year June 15, 1961 to June 15, 1962.

Respectfully submitted, W. B. Hottel, Secretary

The Report was adopted.

Resolved, That we ratify the election of Jansen E. Hartman as President of Berean Bible School.


Duties of the Editor of the Fellowship News:

1. He shall work under the supervision of the Committee on Church Publication.

2. He shall have the supervision of the church paper.

3. He shall write or select articles which are in harmony with our discipline.

4. He shall delete any copy that is in direct opposition to our discipline.

5. He shall be responsible for the printing and final working of the paper,

Robert W. Smock David E. Thomann James R. Cressman

Robert W. Gehret R. C. Reichenbach Committee

The report was adopted.


(First Reading)

Article 1 Name

Each Young People's Society of the Bible Fellowship Church shall be called "Youth Fellowship".

Article 2 Objectives

The Objectives of the Youth Fellowship shall be:

1. To lead young people to a personal knowledge of Christ.

2. To develop Christian character and leadership.

3. To stimulate the study of the Bible and adherence to the distinctive teaching of the Bible Fellowship Church.

4. To promote practical Christianity and loyalty to the program of the local church.

5. To provide for spiritually profitable fellowship.

Article 3 Officers

The Officers of the Youth Fellowship shall be President, Vice-President. Secretary, Treasurer, and Sponsor, and any other officers which the group shall deem necessary. The elected officers and the sponsor(s) shall constitute the Executive Committee, the Pastor shall be the ex-officio member.

Article 4 Duties of the Officers

Executive Committee The Executive Committee shall formulate the program of the Youth Fellowship in accordance with the objectives defined in Article 2.

President The duties of the President shall be:

1. To bear the responsibility of the Youth Fellowship with the guidance of the Sponsor.

2. To preside at the Executive Committee, Business and other meetings. He shall have the Vice-President take charge of at least one business meeting every three months.

3. To report to the Local Conference.

4. To represent his Youth Fellowship in Regional planning.

Vice-President The duties of the Vice-President shall be:

1. To preside in the absence of the President or when the President so directs.

2. To be responsible for Visitation and Promotion.

3. To assume all duties of the President in case of his absence, incapacitation, or resignation for the duration of the term of Office.

Secretary The duties of the Secretary shall be:

1. To record all minutes of the Executive Committee, Business and other meetings.

2. To keep a membership roll and to record the attendance of the meetings.

3. To supply the President with a statistical report for Local Conference.

4. To carry on all Correspondence.

Treasurer The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

1. To receive and disburse funds at the direction of the Executive Committee.

2. To keep a financial record to be audited by the Local Conference.

3. To supply the President with a financial report for the Local Conference.

Sponsor (s) The duties of the Sponsor (s) shall be:

1. To oversee and direct the entire program through the elected officers.

2. To be responsible to the Christian Education Committee and Pastor. Plans and Programs shall be discussed with the Pastor or whomever he directs.

3. To offer guidance and counsel to the members of the Youth Fellowship.

Article 5 Membership

The Membership shall consist of those who have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour (and who are members of the Bible Fellowship Church). All who desire to be members of the Youth Fellowship shall sign the Covenant. Membership shall be renewed annually. New members shall be received upon application to and recommendation by the Executive Committee. Other young people who show interest may be Associate members until they are ready to make the commitments involved in full membership. Only full members shall vote in business matters. Membership may be departmentalized as follows;

Junior High 7th - 9th Grades

Senior High 10th - 12th Grades

Young Adult Post High School to age 35

In Churches where all the departments are not possible, any parts of the total program may be used.

Article 6 Election of Officers

The Sponsor (s) shall be adult and appointed by the Christian Education Committee upon the nomination by the Pastor. The Pastor may be the Sponsor.

The other Officers shall be elected annually by the membership and from the membership of the Youth Fellowship. Only members of the Bible Fellowship Church shall be eligible.

Elections shall be held in September. Terms of Office shall begin October 1.

A nominating committee may be used.

Article 7 Covenant

The Covenant shall be signed before a member joins and each September following as long as the individual desires to retain membership in the Youth Fellowship. The Covenant is as follows:

In humble dependence upon the Lord who has redeemed me by His blood, I covenant by His grace to be faithful to my Lord in all things and at all times, to seek to know the New Testament standard of experience and to support my Youth Fellowship by faithful attendance and participation, striving to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Article 8 By-Laws

By-Laws, not in conflict with the provisions of this Constitution may be adopted by the Youth Fellowship in a regular meeting for this purpose. By-Laws are subject to the approval of the Local Conference of the Church.

Article 9 Regional Gatherings

Youth Fellowship Regions, for the purpose of regional activities, shall be established by the Youth Fellowship General Committee. The Pastors and/or sponsors and presidents of the various Youth Fellowships in the region, shall constitute the regional committee, and shall organize annually

as they see fit to carry on regional activities. Names and addresses of regional officers shall be forwarded to the secretary of the Youth Fellowship General Committee by the regional secretary. In the case of a new committee forming, a temporary chairman shall be appointed by the Youth Fellowship General Committee. Decisions as to frequency of activities and finance shall be left to the discretion of the regional committee, with guidance from the Youth Fellowship General Committee.

The Constitution was adopted.

Resolved, That the Constitution of the Youth Fellowship be a part of the By-Laws of Annual Conference.


The Youth Fellowship General Committee recommends that we have two retreats in September 1961. The first, on September 1-3 for post-high school and college age young people; the second on September 8-11 for senior and junior high school young people. Both of these would be held at Victory Valley Camp; both would begin with Friday evening meal and close with Sunday noon meal. At our sessions in October this Conference approved the first date; this recommendation is to add one more weekend retreat.

We feel that this change of arrangements would be an advantage because:

1. Last year's group was too large for the present facilities of Victory Valley Camp. About $75.00 was spent to provide sufficient beds.

2. The growth of interest and registrations tor our retreat in the last four years indicates demand for more space this year.

3. As a Conference we do not now have a specific program for our post-high school and college age young people; this would provide us a contact with them just before many of them return to college.

4. There were reports of older young people who did not attend last year's retreat because of the large majority of junior high age young people who intended to come.

5. Having two retreats would enable us to have more room for the younger folks on the second weekend.

6. Having two retreats would enable the committee to gear the program to each specific age level.

Carl C. Cassel. chairman Daniel G. Zeigler Clyde Snyder

LeRoy S. Heller, secretary Harold P. Shelly Donald Seigfried,

Russell T. Allen Warren Zuck, Jr. Committee.

Report was adopted.

Resolved, That two copies of Reports of all Standing Boards and Committees be mimeographed and sent to the Pastors one week previous to Annual Conference. Questions may be asked and corrections made before inclusion into the Annual Conference Minutes. Reports are not to be read publicly, unless called for from the Conference floor.

The Committee on Statistics was appointed by the Chairman as follows: Willard E. Cassel, John E. Golla, Donald T. Kirkwood, LeRoy S. Heller, John Dunn.

Resolved, That we extend the time indefinitely.


(First Reading)

The following is offered by the Board of Foreign Missions for presentation to the Adjourned Session, Saturday, April 8, 1961.





The name of this organization shall be the

Women's Missionary Society of -,



The purpose of this Missionary Society shall be to:

A. Give diligence to intercessory prayer in behalf of missions.

B. Encourage sacrificial giving.

C. Support missionary projects both home and foreign.

D. Correspond with missionaries.

E. Assist missionary candidates.

F. Promote spiritual growth among the members of the society.





The membership shall be open to Christian women of like faith, who are interested in missionary work and desire to share in this fellowship. No one shall serve as an officer who is not a member of the Bible Fellowship Church.



Section 1. The officers of this Missionary Society shall be a President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and the Pastor. A Corresponding Secretary may be appointed by the Officers.

Section 2. The officers shall be elected annually by ballot.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall be constituted of the Officers. The Pastor shall be Chairman.

Section 4. A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled by an appointment by the Pastor.



The Society shall meet regularly as arranged by the Executive Committee. The regular meetings shall include a period of prayer, Scripture reading, prayer requests, missionary letters and news, announcements, a free-will offering, reading of the minutes and reports.


Duties of the Officers

Section 1. The President shall have the oversight and leadership of the Society. She shall endeavor to maintain a high spiritual standard with a strong emphasis on prayer at every meeting. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and shall perform such duties as pertain to the office. She shall be a member of all committees. She shall also present a condensed report of the activities of the Society to each Local Conference on forms provided.

Section 2. The Vice-president shall cooperate with the President in the plans and responsibilities of the work and shall assume the duties of the President in her absence.

Section 3. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Society and Executive Committee. She shall keep a correct list of the members and attendance. She shall preserve all records and letters of value to the Society. It shall be her duty to notify committees appointed, to see that the activities are announced and to notify all members of the meetings.

Section 4. The Corresponding Secretary is the connecting link between the Society and the missionary. She shall promote correspondence between the members and the missionaries.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall receive all funds of the Society and disburse same by check according to the instructions of the Executive Committee. All checks are to be signed by the President and Treasurer.

Any expenditure in excess of $ must be approved by the Society. An accurate record shall be kept of all receipts and expenditures. The account of the Treasurer shall be audited at each Local Conference.

Section 6. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to uphold the Constitution, By-Laws and policies laid down by the Society. The Executive Committee shall have a meeting at least four times a year to promote the work of the Society.



Section 1. It will be advantageous for each Society to give consideration to the appointment of the following Committees:

Committee on Program

Committee on Projects

Committee on Membership

And such other Committees as deemed necessary.

The desired Committees shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Committee on Program to arrange an interesting missionary program for the Society meetings. Free-will offerings shall be received at each meeting to be used for missionary purposes.

It shall be the duty of the Committee on Projects to plan various projects such as sewing, quilting and providing other needs, supplies and equipment for missionaries and missionary candidates.

It shall be the duty of the Committee on Membership to endeavor to increase the attendance at the monthly meetings, inviting all women of the church to become members of the Society. They shall be sure to contact new members and thereby promote the growth of the Society.


Nominations and Elections

Elections shall be held annually during the month of September prior to the Regional Rally and term of office begin immediately. The ballot shall be used to nominate and elect the candidates. On a nominating ballot, the three highest shall be considered as candidates. After the first ballot has been cast, if there is no election, the candidate receiving the least number of votes shall be eliminated. A majority in every case shall be necessary for an election.

Voting shall be limited to those women who are members of the Bible Fellowship Church.


Miscellaneous Articles

Section 1. Time limits for officers may be determined by the local Societies.

The Constitution was adopted.

Resolved, That this Constitution become a part of our By-Laws, and shall be considered so at this session.

Adjourned 5:30 p.m. with prayer by William A. Heffner.