Tenth Annual Ministerial Convention.

The Tenth Annual Ministerial Convention of the M.B.C. of the Pennsylvania District convened in the Upper Milford Church, Dillinger, Pa., March 2, 1899.

The Chairman, Elder H. B. Musselman, opened the Convention at 9 A.M. by singing and reading the 73rd Psalm, and prayer was followed by the enrollment of members, after which the minutes were read and received.

The address of welcome was given by Elder J.E. Fidler.

All members of the Annual Conference shall be voting members, and all others present advisory members.

RESOLVED, That Elder A.B. Musselman, of the Canada Conference, be received as a member of this Convention.

The Convention bar shall occupy the three front pews and the amen corner on the men's side.

No speaker shall speak longer than five minutes on any subject or oftener than once, except by permission of the Chairman.

The following essays were read, discussed and received:

1. An Essay on "The Home Missionary and His Work," by Elder W.G. Gehman.

The Home Missionary and his work are very closely related to each other. By their fruits ye shall know them. He should be courageous, full of faith and the Holy Ghost, and very active. He should preach and teach and shine and scatter literature, always praying for himself and the work. He should always be doing good.

2."The Relations between the Pastor and his Congregation, Saved and Unsaved," was the subject of an essay read by Elder R.L. Woodring.

A pastor is one to feed the "called-out ones." He is to be a servant of all that he may win the more. He must have contact with all but not fellowship. He shall overcome evil with good. He shall lift up Christ, and He will draw all men. The relation between Pastor and saved congregation should be intimate that the unsaved may be brought into relationship to the Pastor. Paul says, ye are my letter of recommendation.

A German Essay on "The Advantage and Disadvantage of Employing Helpers" was read by Milton Kaufman.

If the charge is very large it is very well for a young preacher to be helper, which will give him a chance to study the Reading Course and the older brother can give him valuable information.

The helper is a great help during revival meetings. If he takes his own way, he is no blessing. If the charge is small and hasn't much of a missionary spirit, the two preachers may not have enough work to support.

After the offering was taken the forenoon session was closed by prayer by Elder O.S. Hillegass.


Opened by singing and prayer by Elder J. L. Boyer.

The questions were answered by Elders William Gehman and J. G. Shireman.

Elder David Wiegner was received as a full member of this body.

1. An Essay on "Training Children" was read by Elder A.M. Clauser.

This is greatly neglected by people in these days. Because children don't regard their parents, they don't regard the Lord and salvation.

Fathers, provoke not your children, but bring them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Eph. 6,4. Early teach them about Christ. Teach diligently. The rod of correction drives foolishness from the child. They shouldn't be told that God doesn't love them when they are naughty. He loves them and will save them. Parents should punish them because they love them. Children should be trained for heaven.

2. A German essay on "Divine Healing, according to the Scriptures; who may obtain it and how?" by Elder L.B. Taylor.

Sickness is caused by sin, hence healing must be in the atonement. Is. 53, 3-5; Matt. 8,16,17. True humiliation is necessary to be healed. We are healed only as far as Christ is in us. Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil. Pardon and healing simultaneous in New Testament times. Many examples were given. Faith and obedience necessary to be healed as well as to be saved. He healed all the sick that came to him.

3. An Essay was read by Elder R.D. Dreisbach on "What does the Bible mean by the Terms, Holiness, Sanctification, Receiving the Holy Ghost, Sealed by the Holy Ghost; and how are they related to the believer?"

Holiness and Sanctification used synonymously and mean a separation.

Receive, to take freely what's offered.

Sealing means to make an impression, like on the U.S. currency. We as believers shall be holy; for God is holy.

Holiness is not good feeling, not the shadow, but Christ the substance.

We must sanctify ourselves, then He will sanctify us. When a person gives himself to the Lord he will be filled with the fullness of the Holy Ghost.

God seals us with the Spirit. Eph. 4,30; II Cor. 1,22.

Upon request of the Convention, the Chairman appointed Elder J. L. Boyer and C. H. Brunner a committee to decide which of the essays, if any, shall be published in the Gospel Banner.

After the collection was lifted, the afternoon session was closed by prayer by Elder H. B. Musselman.


Opened by singing and prayer by Elder W. K. Ziegler.

The questions were answered by Elders C. H. Brunner and G. A. Campbell.

1. An essay on "The Pastor in his Study, or the proper Education of the Ministry." was read by Elder H.B. Musselman.

The Pastor is expected to have spiritual oversight, perfecting the Saints. Eph. 4,11. Moses' study was alone with God. Ex.3,3. Joseph received his education in prison, from whence he graduated with royal honors.

He must be in close fellowship with God and be an approved workman. To have Bible knowledge is one thing, knowing how to use it, another thing. Believe every line of the Bible, study it, mark it well. The one who wrote it can best explain it. Other books should only be a gateway to the Bible. Few colleges have Christ and the Bible at the head. All Scripture is profitable. Meditate in it day and night.

The Bible is sufficient to educate the ministry. By it we are begotten, Jas. 1,18; born again, I Pet. 1,23; nourished,1 Pet. 2,2; built up, Acts 20,32; kept, John 17, 14,15; made clean, John 15,3, furnished for work, II Tim. 2,15; and by it we overcome, Heb. 4,12; Eph. 6,17.

An offering for the labors and expenses of the Secretary amounting to $3.34 was lifted. Thanks.

2. The Committee had Elder W.B. Musselman to give an address instead of an essay on "The Model Pastor's Wife."

Christ is to the Church what the husband is to the wife. Christ didn't find his bride pure, but makes her like himself, the model wife is the result of the model Pastor. She is a responsible creature. If the Pastor rebukes proud people or tattlers, everybody looks to her for a pattern. She wants her husband to be a blessing to every soul. She lets the Lord lead her husband, and gladly submits to him. She is not jealous.

Sarah called Abraham "lord." She with her children belongs to the husband. She is a tool to carry out the Pastor's will. She should be the prettiest sheep in the flock. She faithfully attends to the household duties. She doesn't tell everything to her relatives in preference to her husband.

RESOLVED, That the next Ministerial Convention be held a day prior to the next Annual Conference and at the same place.

The following officers were elected: Chairman, W. B. Musselman; Secretary. H. B. Musselman; Committee, W. G. Gehman, A. M. Clauser, and C. H. Brunner.

The Committee on Essays recommended the publication of the essays of Elders A. M. Clauser, H. B. Musselman, W. B. Musselman and W. G. Gehman.

The report was received by the Convention.

The members of the Convention tendered hearty thanks by a rising vote to the members of Upper Milford Class for their kindness and hospitality shown them during the Convention session.

RESOLVED, That the minutes be published only in the Conference Journal and not in the Gospel Banner.

Closed by prayer by Mrs. J.G. Shireman.


ELDER W. G. GEHMAN, Secretary