of the

Fourteenth General Conference

of the


Convened in the

Bethany M. B. C. Church, Kitchener, Ontario

NOVEMBER 3rd to 8th, 1943


Wednesday Morning

            The Conference was opened by C. N. Good.

            After singing, "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name", R. P. Ditmer led in prayer.

            C. N. Good, Chairman of the last General Conference read from Matthew 5:1-12.

            P. G. Lehman and F. B. Hertzog were appointed tellers.

            R. P. Ditmer was elected Chairman.

C. J. Hallman was elected Vice Chairman.

            T. D. Gehret was elected Secretary.

            N. H. Wolf was appointed Assistant Secretary.

            The Chairman, R. P. Ditmer then read Eph. 4:1-3 and Phil. and gave a helpful exhortation on Christian Love and Unity. This was followed by a season of fervent prayer during which the conference members engaged in definite supplication for Divine guidance and blessing upon the Conference session.

            Rev. P. G. Lehman, Pastor of the host Church, gave a cordial address of welcome to the Conference members and friends.

            Resolved, That the first five rows of seats to the right and to the left of the Chair and the four rows in the center of the Church, and the Sunday School for private sessions, constitute the bar.

            Resolved, That the sixth row of seats across the Church be reserved for advisory members.


            Pennsylvania Conference: H. B. Musselman, B. Bryan Musselman, E. N. Cassel, J. B. Layne, T. D. Gehret, P. T. Stengele, F. B. Hertzog, N. H. Wolf, J. B. Henry, J. M. Moyer, Paul H. Cressman, E. R. Hartman, C. B. Brosius, Paul I. Wentz, Charles W. Teel.

            Ontario Conference: M. Bricker, J. Harold Sherk, R. Beech, P. G. Lehman, E. Moyer, E. R. Storms, T. A. Warder, H. D. Kuber.

            Michigan Conference: J. S. Wood, J. A. Avery, J. E. Tuckey, O. P. Eastman, E. M. Gibson, C. J. Thomas, D. V. Wells, H. A. Wakefield.

            Indiana Conference: W. E. Manges, H. E. Miller, Q. J. Everest, J. A. Huffman, J. W. Moyer, W. C. Everest, H. J. Hunsberger.

            Ohio Conference: R. P. Ditmer, Wm. E. Hygema, A. Taylor, D. H. Manney, M. Wright.

            Nebraska Conference: E. D. Young, R. T. Starky, K. E. Miller, H. J. Stone.

            Canadian Northwest Conference: C. J. Hallman, A. Traub.

            West Coast Conference: A. B. Neufeld.

            Pacific Conference: E. H. Metcilf.

            Editor: A. B. Yoder, Absent.

            The following rules of order were adopted:

            1. Each member before speaking on any subject, or upon presenting any motion or seconding the same, shall arise and respectfully address the chair, and receiving recognition, shall be allowed to speak ten minutes on each subject, and only once, except by the permission of the chair, provided no one else desires to speak, or no one objects.

            2. The forenoon meetings open at 9:00 a. m., and close at 11:30a. m.; afternoon meetings open at 2:00 p. m. and close at 5:00 p. m.

            3. That all open voting be done by raising the hand.

            4. That the chairman nominate all committees, unless otherwise provided for and that Conference elect them.

            5. That all ordained ministers and probationers having charge of a work shall be received as advisory members, and be privileged to speak five minutes on any subject, and only once.

            6. That we encourage the chairman to call on such members of this Conference who show inactivity. We request the chair to enforce all rules of order.

            7. That ministers of other denominations attending any of the meetings shall be introduced to this Conference.

            8. That we accept T. B. Neely's "Parliamentary Practice" to govern this Conference body.

            9. That no member of this Conference be allowed to leave the bar without permission of the chair with the exception of the Pastor of the entertaining church.

            10. That at the call of one-fifth of the members of this Conference present the "yeas" and "nays" shall be recorded.

            Resolved, That J. Harold Sherk act as reporter.

            Resolved, That at the opening of each morning meeting, the Chairman or someone appointed by him give a brief devotional address and the Conference join in earnest prayer.

            Resolved, That we have evangelistic services in the evenings.

            Resolved, That the Chairman appoint a time-keeper.

            The Chairman appointed D. V. Wells.

            Resolved, That we have the following committees: To examine General Conference Minutes; On Worship; On Statistics; On Annual Conference Minutes; On Resolutions; On Introduction; On Auditing; On Credentials; On Boundary; and to examine Correspondence to General Conference.

            Resolved, That the appointed committees be elected by open vote.

Resolved, That the advisory members be introduced to the Conference at this time, and that their names be placed on the record.

            The following were introduced to the Conference: J. N. Kitching, S. Goudie, H. Shantz, W. B. Moyer, S. S. Shantz, J. A. Beery, F. L. Huffman, H. E. Bowman, Paul Ummel, G. A. Wood, Ira Wood, C. N. Good, C. A. Wright, Missionary Miss I. Hollenbeck.

            Resolved, That we suspend the rules and adjourn.

            Adjourned with prayer by J. A. Avery.


Wednesday Afternoon

            The meeting was opened with prayer by E. D. Young.

            Roll Call.

            The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

            The Chairman appointed the following Committees:

            Committee on Worship: P. G. Lehman, M. Bricker, E. M. Gibson.

            Committee to Examine General Conference Minutes: J. E. Tuckey, Q. J. Everest, J. B. Henry.

            Committee on Statistics: J. B. Layne, J. Harold Sherk, R. Beech, O. P. Eastman, A. Taylor, Paul H. Cressman, T. A. Warder.

            Committee on Annual Conference Minutes: J. A. Avery, E. D. Young, C. J. Hallman, E. H. Metcilf, E. R. Storms.

            Committee on Introduction: P. G. Lehman.

            Committee on Resolutions: E. N. Cassel, J. A. Huffman.

            Committee on Auditing: H. D. Huber, Paul I. Wentz, H. E. Miller, R. Starky, D. H. Manney.

            Committee on Credentials: B. Bryan Musselman, W. E. Manges, M. Bricker, J. S. Wood, E. D. Young, C. J. Hallman, E. K. Metcilf, Wm. E. Hygema.

            Committee on Boundary: H. B. Musselman, B. Bryan Musselman, M. Bricker, J. A. Avery, J. S. Wood, Wm. E. Hygema, W. E. Manges, E. D. Young, C. J. Hallman, E. H. Metcilf, A. B. Neufeld.

            Committee on Correspondence to General Conference: A. Traub, H. B. Musselman, E. Moyer.

            Resolved, That we suspend business to the call of the Chair.

            Business was resumed at 4:00 p. m.

Report of the Committee on Worship

            The committee on worship recommends that the order of service this evening be as follows:

            The service to begin at 7:45 in charge of O. P. Eastman.

            Song service and special music directed by Mr. and Mrs. Ira L. Wood.

            Two twenty-minute messages by H. E. Miller and P. T. Stengele respectively; preaching to begin at 8:15.

            An offering shall be received to assist the local congregation in the defraying of the expenses of entertaining this conference.

                                    P. G. Lehman,

                                    M. Bricker,

                                    E. M. Gibson.

            Report was adopted.

Report of the Committee on Credentials

Report as follows:

            The Pennsylvania Conference is entitled to six Presiding Elders, seven preacher delegates, and six lay delegates: H. B. Musselman and B. Bryan Musselman are Presiding Elders; E. N. Cassel, J. B. Layne, T. D. Gehret, P. T. Stengele, F. B. Hertzog, N. H. Wolf, J. B. Henry are the preacher delegates; J. M. Moyer, Paul H. Cressman, E. R. Hartman, C. B. Brosius, Paul I. Wentz and Charles W. Teel are the lay delegates.

            The Ontario Conference is entitled to three Presiding Elders, four preacher delegates and three lay delegates: M. Pricker is the Presiding Elder; J. Harold Sherk, R. Beech, E. Moyer, P. G. Lehman are the preacher delegates; T. A. Warder, H. D. Huber, E. R. Storms are the Lay delegates.

            The Michigan Conference is entitled to two Presiding Elders, three preacher delegates and three lay delegates: J. S. Wood and J. A. Avery are the Presiding Elders; J. E. Tuckey, E. M. Gibson, O. P. Eastman are preacher delegates; K. A. Wakefield, C. J. Thomas, D. V. Wells are the lay delegates.

            The Indiana Conference is entitled to two Presiding Elders, three preacher delegates and three lay delegates: W. E. Manges is the Presiding Elder; H. E. Miller, J. A. Huffman, Q. J. Everest are the preacher delegates; J. W. Moyer, W. C. Everest, Edgar Freed are the lay delegates. We recommend that H. J. Hunsberger, duly elected alternate delegate, be seated as lay delegate in the absence of Edgar Freed.

            The Ohio Conference is entitled to one Presiding Elder, two preacher delegates, and two lay delegates: R. P. Ditmer is the Presiding Elder; Wm. E. Hygema, A. Taylor are the preacher delegates M. Wright, D. H. Manney are the lay delegates.

            The Nebraska Conference is entitled to one Presiding Elder, two preacher delegates and one lay delegate: E. D. Young is the Presiding Elder; R. T. Starky, K. E. Miller are the preacher delegates; H. J. Stone is the lay delegate.

            The Canadian Northwest Conference is entitled to one Presiding Elder, one preacher delegate and one lay delegate: C. J. Hallman is the Presiding Elder; A. Traub is the preacher delegate.

            The Pacific Conference is entitled to one Presiding Elder: E. H. Metcilf is the Presiding Elder.

            The West Goast Conference is entitled to one Presiding Elder: W. R. Grout is the Presiding Elder. Whereas, W. R. Grout was unable to attend this General Conference and has delegated the Vice Presiding Elder k B. Neufeld to represent their Conference, we therefore recommend that we recognize him as their official representative.

            The Editor of the Gospel Banner is a member of General Conference by virtue of his office.

            Upon examining the various Conference Minutes we have found all of the above duly elected according to discipline.


                                    B. Bryan Musselman,

                                    W. E. Manges,

                                    M. Pricker,

                                    J. S. Wood,

                                    E. D. Young,

                                    C. J. Hallman,

                                    E. H. Metcilf,

                                    Wm. E. Hygema.

            Report was adopted.

            In the absence of the Editor, A. B. Yoder, his report forwarded by him to this Conference was read by the Secretary.

Editor's Report

            To the General Conference now in session at Kitchener, Ontario. Greeting in the name of Jesus: On account of the illness of my wife and son I am sending my report, which I had hoped to bring and give in person. Both are seriously ill.

            I am glad to report as Editor for this nineteenth time, and wish to say that I have done my best to give the Church a paper of which they need not be ashamed. I do not claim perfection in effort, but perfection in motive. Not once in these nineteen years has the Banner been late, due to the fact that the material was not in the printer's hands on time, the uncertainties of the mail, or a mishap in the printing house. I believe that the Banner measures up to any Church paper I know of in reading matter. I have many commendable statements from our reading constituency both in and outside the Mennonite Brethren in. Christ. The war situation has presented to the Editor some very perplexing problems, due to the difference of opinions on the war question as held by our different Conferences. It is my opinion as Editor of the Gospel Banner that the Church paper should stand out against those things that destroy life rather than save it.

            I have enjoyed the work as Editor and trust that the Banner will continue to stand for God and the truth as it is set forth in the Word of God and incorporated in our Articles of Faith.

            Some articles have appeared that in my opinion should not have been in the Banner, but because of Discipline I could not leave them out.

            If the General Conference sees fit to re-elect me for another year or until they find another man I will be glad to serve. This is the only Conference I have missed since 1900.

            May God bless you all to legislate for the cause of right.

                        Your Brother,

                                    A. B. Yoder.

            Report was adopted.

            The following visiting brethren were introduced to the Conference: Rev. Isaac Brubaker, Pastor of the Hespeler M. B. C. Church, and Rev. E. H. Thamer of the Benton Street Baptist Church, Kitchener.

Report of the Executive Committee

            The Executive Committee begs leave to submit the following report covering a period of seven years.

            At the close of the General Conference in 1936 the Committee was organized with S. Goudie, Chairman, who continued in this position for the entire term. H. B. Musselman was elected Vice Chairman. On October 30, 1940 he requested to be relieved of this position and R. P. Ditmer was elected Vice Chairman. W. G. Gehman was elected Secretary, and served until the time of his death, November 26, 1941. On October 27, 1942 E. N. Cassel was elected to this position. Anthony B. Yoder was elected treasurer, and served until the time of his death, July 19, 1943, after which A. B. Yoder was elected treasurer. V. W. Cressman died on October 14, 1940

from the effects of an automobile accident, and C. N. Good was elected to fill this place. On October 27, 1942 F. B. Hertzog was elected to fill the vacancy caused by the death of W. G. Gehman.

            Arrangements were completed for the editing of the Gospel Banner with the re-elected Editor, A. B. Yoder. Brother Yoder continued in this position for the entire seven year term. J. A.

Huffman was elected Editor of the Sunday School literature. Brother Huffman has continued in this position since last General Conference.

            Arrangements were made with the Baisingers of the Time Publishing Company of Pandora, Ohio, for the printing of the Gospel Banner. They have faithfully executed their part of the contract for the period.

            E. Moyer was retained as business manager of the Bethel Publishing Company. On June 5, 1939 he tendered his resignation to the Chairman, S. Goudie, to be effective October 1, 1939. Brother Goudie called the entire Committee into a special session to consider the resignation. An agreement was entered into with him for him to continue until July 1, 1940.

            Due to certain points in the new wage and hour laws the Executive Committee assumed the Business management of the Bethel Publishing Company, and employed C. A. Wright as Agent. This agreement has continued until the present time.

            The Committee met annually and two times in special session to transact the routine and special business. Between the sessions the work was planned by committees as appointed from time to time.

            The blessing of the Lord has been on the efforts so that the entire indebtedness on the property at 1819 S. Main Street, Elkhart, has been paid off, and a substantial balance accumulated since the last General Conference.

            We wish to recognize the faithfulness of A. B. Yoder as Editor of the Gospel Banner, and J. A. Huffman, Editor of the Sunday School literature, for continuously and promptly furnishing material for the publications. E. Moyer and C. A. Wright have both been faithful in the discharge of their duties, and the rest of the workers have co-operated well.

            We wish to thank God for His blessings and the constituency for standing by faithfuIly, for only thus could the work be carried forward successfully.

            Whereas, the appeal of the Indiana and Ohio Conference made to the General Conference concerning the division of the Indiana and Ohio Conference into two Conferences has been brought to the attention of the Executive Committee for consideration, therefore,

            Resolved, That we favor this action, and further,

            Resolved, That the boundaries be left to the representatives of the Indiana and Ohio Conference. [Passed October 27, 1942.1

                                    S. Goudie, Chairman,

                                    E. N. Cassel, Secretary,

                                    H. B. Musselman,

                                    B. Bryan Musselman,

                                    F. B. Hertzog,

            A. B. Yoder, Treasurer, did not sign this report because of his absence on account of illness in his family.

                                    C. N. Good,

                                    J. S. Wood,

                                    J. A. Avery,

E. D. Young,

                                    R. P. Ditmer.

            For financial report of Executive Committee, see page 62.

            Report was adopted.

            Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by the Chairman to take the latest report of the Auditor of the Bethel Publishing Company accounts and break them down to a summary acceptable to the General Conference.

            The Chairman appointed: H. D. Huber, T. A. Warder, E. N. Cassel.

Secretary and Editor's Financial Report on Journals:


Balance on hand October 28, 1936                                     $3.00

Offering at Conference                                                       18.75

Received from Conferences                                             200.00

            Total                                                                                                   $221.75


T. D. Gehret, Assistant Secretary                                     $10.00

J. S. Wood, Secretary                                                         15.00

A. B. Wood, Secretary                                                       15.00

J. S. Wood, Editor                                                              10.00

Cuts for Journal                                                                  11.64

Postage and extras                                                                4.75

Printing and packing                                                         155.36

            Total                                                                                             221.75

                                                J. S. Wood

                                                A. B. Yoder

            Report was adopted.

            Report of the General Conference Treasurer for 1936 (see back of Journal).

            Adjourned with prayer by J. A. Beery.


Thursday Morning

            The meeting was opened with singing, "Faith of our Fathers."

            J. A. Huffman was in charge of the devotional period and gave a helpful exposition of Ephesians 3:14-19. J. A. Beery led in prayer.

            Roll Call.

            The minutes of the second meeting were read and approved.

            Report of the Committee to Formulate a Summary report of the accounts of the Bethel Publishing Company:

            To the General Conference: Your Committee, appointed to analyze the Annual Report of the Bethel Publishing Company for the period ending September 15, 1943, beg to report that we have had access to the Annual Audited Statement as of September 15, 1943 and have lifted from it the two pages covering assets and liabilities and income and expense and submit them herewith for the Journal.

                                                H. D. Huber

                                                T. A. Warder

                                                E. N. Cassel, Committee.

            See page 65 for this report.

            Resolved, That we suspend business to the call of the Chair.

            Business was resumed at 10:30.

            Report of the Committee on Worship:

            The Committee on Worship recommends the following order for the service tonight:

            The service shall begin at 7:45 in charge of F. B. Hertzog. The singing to be under the direction of Ira L. Wood. Special message in song to be rendered by C. J. Hallman.

            The preaching service shall begin at 8:15 and J. A. Beery will preach the sermon.

            An offering shall be taken for the local church towards the defraying of the expenses for entertaining this conference.

                                                P. G. Lehman

                                                M. Bricker

                                                E. M. Gibson, Committee.

            The following resolution concerning the Bethel Publishing Company was presented by J. A. Huffman and C. J. Hallman and was adopted by the Conference:

            Whereas, The Church ownership of the Bethel Publishing Company has now reached across two decades of time, plus three years, and the General Conference has just received from the Executive Committee, a report of the seven years comprising the last lap of this period of time, and

            Whereas, The summary of this report discloses certain facts, such as the following:

            1. That during the past twenty-three years the running expenses and obligations of the Company have been met in such a way as to secure from Bradstreets the highest accrediting that a business of this size can be given.

            2. That during all these years the deficits of the Gospel Banner which have exceeded on the annual average, more than a thousand dollars, have been paid (The deficit for 1943 having been $1,667.35).

            3. That the amount of $6,885.51 has been paid towards the cause of foreign missions.

            4. That beside all this, under the blessing of God, and the vigilant and prayerful stewardship of those to whom the management of the Bethel Publishing Company has been committed, the few thousand dollars of the original investment (somewhere around five to six thousand dollars) have increased until, in the form of land, building, equipment, stock, cash, etc., the assets of the Bethel Publishing Company are given at the date, September 15, 1943 as $49,418.80 with no liabilities, an average of increase amounting to almost two thousand dollars annually, across the period of 23 years.

            5. Still, beyond all this, the M. B. C. Church has been provided with a series of Sunday School literature, a list of necessary Records for Churches, Sunday Schools and Pastors, and headquarters to which the Church has been able to turn for such supplies as she needs.

            Therefore, Be it resolved, that this General Conference humbly thank God for His wisdom and good providences which brought the Bethel Publishing Company into existence, that it also express deep appreciation to those who have given themselves to the care and

management of these interests, and pledge itself to a continued faithful support of and prayer to God for, the Bethel Publishing Company, that He shall continue to smile upon its work, making it a greater blessing in the future than it has been in the past.

Report of the Committee on Correspondence:

            We have received a letter from Robert Lee Stuart, President of Taylor University, of Upland, indiana, which we recommend to be read to this Conference.

                                                A. Traub

                                                H. B. Musselman

                                                E. Moyer, Committee.

            Report was adopted.

            The letter was read, whereupon it was

            Resolved, That the letter be referred to the Committee on Resolutions.

            The following ministering brethren were introduced to the Conference: Bishop C. F. Derstine, Pastor of First Mennonite Church of Kitchener. Rev. J. B. Martin of Waterloo, Ontario, who is Assistant Moderator of the Ontario Conference of the Mennonite Church and also Chairman of the Committee on Military Problems of the Conference of Historic Peace Churches.

            Resolved, That we have the reports of the Presiding Elders.

Pacific Conference, E. H. Metcilf, P. E.

            It is with pleasure we greet you from the west.

            Since last General Conference I have served as Presiding Elder during the years '36-'40. Then was elected to the office again at our last Conference.

            Our congregations are quite widely scattered. Four of our six congregations being in the Yakima Valley in Washington. The other two are located in Southern Idaho.

            We have six churches and five parsonages which during this past General Conference term have been completely freed from debt.

            We have had many difficulties but have a constituency that is loyal and a ministry determined to be faithful to God, the doctrines of God and the Church.

            We face the future expecting to be true and faithful until Jesus comes.

West Coast Conference, W. R. Grout, P. E.

            In the absence of W. R. Grout, his report was read by Vice Presiding Elder, A. B. Neufeld.

            To the members of the Fourteenth General Conference of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church, now assembled at Kitchener, Greetings:

            It is with mixed pleasure and regret that I make this report. A pleasure to know that we, like Mary, have done what we could in our Master's service, and a regret that the past seven years have not accomplished more. During the first five years steady progress was made, but the past two years have been discouraging. Conditions and big wages have caused so many to move to work centers and our young men taken to war, so that our already small congregations are hard hit.

            We have eight ordained ministers, three approved ministering sisters, and seven probationers. Five churches, four parsonages, one mission hall. We rent another hall and use one school house for services. Our ministers are loyal and faithful, ready to sacrifice or serve. Every one has to work to help support themselves that they may preach the Gospel and minister to others.

            We have had seven Annual Camp Meetings since the last General Conference which afforded us an opportunity of blessed fellowship and spiritual uplift, also an opportunity to meet some of our Eastern brethren which we appreciate very much.

            I believe our membership is as loyal and sacrificing as can be found anywhere, and all stand by the work faithfully. Our boundary is the State of Washington west of the Cascade Mountains.

Nebraska Conference, E. D. Young, P. E.

            The Nebraska Conference covers a wide area and comprises twenty-three classes.

            During the past seven years we have built or purchased seven parsonages and three churches. At present we have parsonages or living quarters for all our pastors but two.

            During this period we have purchased ground at Weeping Water, Nebraska, and built a tabernacle, also quite a number of other buildings. The laity and ministers have built a good many

cabins on the ground. This has fulfilled a long felt need for a permanent Campground.

            Our people are keeping spiritual and courageous and love the Word of God. Our ministers are united in doctrine and give themselves wholeheartedly to the work. Most of them give themselves unconditionally to the Conference.

            The first four years we endured severe drought over most of our District which made it hard on us financially. But now there is considerable improvement in that line and we are meeting, in these distressing times, some of the same problems the rest of you meet.

            We have had many good camp meetings and revivals, where many bowed before the Lord and found peace with God in saving and sanctifying power.

            In this District people are constantly on the move which makes it difficult to build up the membership of our churches.

            Our courage is good in the Lord and we will press on until He comes.

Canadian Northwest Conference, C. J. Hallman, P. E.

            I am glad today to represent the Canadian Northwest Conference, which, while not so large in numbers, is broad in extent, rich in opportunity, and blest with noble people. I have counted it a great privilege to serve that field which so often has been termed "The last great West."

            Since last General Conference we have made progress along some lines, first of which I wish to m'ention is our building program. The Bible School has added to its equipment a steam heating plant sufficient to heat all the buildings, also a fine water system and an addition which is used as a Boys' Dormitory. A tabernacle for Campmeeting was erected in 1941, the lumber for which was obtained from the woods west of Didsbury about 30 miles. The brethren went to the woods, cut the logs, had them sawed, and hauled them in by trucks. The building was erected by volunteer labor, the men doing the carpenter work and the women the cooking. It is 60 by 90. A year ago we remodeled an old building into a fine dormitory which is available at Campmeeting for our preachers and their families. A number of cottages have been erected and the campground improved and rearranged.

            Three fields have bought parsonages, all of which have been improved; one new field built a parsonage, the pastor doing the work himself. Three churches have been acquired, one on the Sundre field where a small one was worked over into a fine, little, white church ready to be dedicated on December 4th; another was moved into Acadia Valley a distance of 25 miles and is now being put to good use in that thriving prairie town; on the James River field, a church was badly needed, so a government permit was secured and the people went to the hillside and cut the logs, the nearby sawmill did the sawing at a small price, the people built the church, 20 by

32 feet. It is now finished, painted and dedicated. Several of the newer church properties have secured small acreages which are so valuable in providing feed for the preacher's horse or cow.

We have been enabled to continue the evangelistic program and the membership has increased and the constituency been enlarged somewhat. Several new fields have been opened. The financial

offerings show a substantial increase. There is good missionary interest, due to the visits of several missionaries and the efforts of our women in their Missionary Society. There are a number of young people, graduates of Mountain View Bible School, in further training for the foreign field.

            The obstacles and difficulties in our western country are many, among which are the long distances between our fields, and the many miles which separate appointments in individual districts. The scarcity of cars, and the tire and gas rationing have seriously affected our work. Then, too, practically no new workers have been coming from the Bible School the last few years, due largely to circumstances brought about by the war. While this has had its effect we are glad to report that so far only three fields are unsupplied due to this.

            On the other hand let us mention some of the things that have helped us to carry on in the face of difficulties: a people with a vision for the: unevangelized districts and a ministry with a spirit of sacrifice and forgetfulness of self. Many of our preachers go without cars and other conveniences in order to stay by the work; they go into a pioneer field with meager support and live much as the people of the district do. This opens the way for a real and effective ministry. We thank God for these things and for those who have heard the Gospel because of this. We covet your interest and your prayers for the years that lie ahead.

Indiana Conference, W. E. Manges, P. E.

            Since I have been serving as Presiding Elder for only two and a half years, I cannot give a complete report of the work. The Indiana Conference now has twenty appointments. Three of these appointments have been opened since the last General Conference and two of the three in the last year and are not as yet organized. The Lord has manifested Himself in a very definite way and with His blessing upon us, we have been able to move ahead in the work.

            Progress had been made in the building program up to the time of Government restrictions. Several of the churches have been remodeled and such improvements made that are a real benefit in Sunday School and Church work. A basement church has been built at Constantine, Michigan, and as soon as restrictions are removed we will be ready to go ahead with the super-structure. The Home Mission Board has purchased a very splendid church near Marshall, Michigan, and a good field has been opened to us in South Bend, Indiana. Each of these new places has a Pastor and splendid work is being accomplished. The Foreign Mission work has also made good progress. Finances have been on the increase and several of our young people are now preparing themselves for foreign missionary work. As soon as conditions permit some will be ready to go to the fields. The Women's Missionary Society of the Conference is well organized and are doing very commendable work.

            Revival meetings, camp meetings, and conventions have been owned and blest of God. A goodly number have been converted and believers sanctified in the past seven years, resulting in an increase of membership in the Conference. It is a privilege to report that we have a group of devoted, consecrated ministers and workers who are faithfully carrying on the work. The laity is

standing by faithfully in supporting the work with their finances, prayers and interest.

            Since the time of the last General Conference a number of our ministers have gone to their reward; namely, Rev. C. K. Curtis, Rev. D. Hygema, Rev. D. Huffman and Rev. Joseph Ummel.

            It is our purpose to be faithful to God and carry on the work to the best of our ability.

Michigan Conference, North District, J. S. Wood, P. E.

            This District consists of seven circuits and seven stations, making fourteen quarterly meetings. I was stationed on it at the last Annual Conference, and am pleased to report that pastors and laity have given me a fine welcome, and splendid cooperation. Our quarterly meetings have been times of refreshing because of the presence of the Lord.

            We have no spectacular achievements or unusual accomplishments to report concerning the activities of the Michigan Conference. However, we are happy to say, that God has been mindful of us and has seen fit to bless our efforts in a measure. Two new churches have been built, one church was purchased and rebuilt, and another building bought which is being used for church services. Several of our churches have been enlarged, and four parsonages added to the list. The total amount raised for church property was $114,579.20. Since last General Conference we have erected a splendid steel frame tabernacle on the Camp ground near Brown City, which is 100x136 in size and is second to none in that section of the country. We also have fourteen cottages on the camp site. In addition to these gains we are reporting a net increase of 402 members.

            Our members and friends, the Woman's Missionary Society, and Sunday Schools show an increasing interest in the foreign missionary work and have contributed $56,341.33, which is the best ever for this Conference.

            We have two Camp Meetings a year, and such have been, and now are, a source of manifold and untold blessing to our people and the work in general, and we trust they shall continue to be so in the days to come.

            Since the last General Conference the death angel has removed one of our Approved Ministering Sisters and eight of our ministers, namely: Mrs. Ella Jones, E. F. Gill, W. Graybill, A. G. Herman, L. W. Thatcher, J. N. Pannabecker, H. Hill, D. L. Schultz, and B. Douglass J. N. Pannabecker served as delegate at the 1912 and 1916 General Conferences. Last week, C. Shupe, who was a lay delegate at the last General Conference, passed to his reward. All of these are greatly missed and their places empty, but our loss is their gain.

            While the hand of providence has removed many of our former Ministers and Workers, and changed the personnel of our Conference, we are grateful to God for the splendid staff of noble and able young men who are assuming Conference responsibilities and doing efficient work in the upbuilding of the Master's kingdom. We are also pleased to report that we have a large number of young people in our church activities, and such holds a hopeful outlook for the future of the church.

            Present day conditions, gas rationing, and the changing shifts of laborers is affecting the Sunday School and Church attendance somewhat, and hinders considerably in revival efforts. Nevertheless, our people in general are loyal and are standing by in a commendable manner. We are convinced that if our ministry and laity will contend for the faith, preach and live the full salvation gospel, be true to the standards of God's Word and the Church, that God has still greater things in store for the Michigan Conference.

Michigan Conference, South District, J. A. Avery, P. E.

            This is my first year of serving this District after a lapse of seven years, and I have not yet completed the second round, so the work is still new. The District consists of eleven stations, all city appointments except one, and we are pleased to be able to report that the work is moving very nicely at each place. We have a splendid group of pastors, who are all God-fearing men, loyal to the Church, to her doctrines, ordinances, and practices. They are giving a splendid ministry, and not without results, as there has been a good increase in membership and finances since our last General Conference. During this time we have enlarged four churches and

built two new ones; and we will be ready to build two more as soon as building restrictions are lifted.

            While the camp meeting grounds are located on the other District, our people are camp meeting minded, attending well, and helping to carry the work along, both spiritually and financially.

            We have some good people who are living close to the Lord, keeping spiritual, and enjoying His rich blessing, "looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ." Then there are others whom we would enjoy seeing more separated from the world, and enjoying a greater degree of the favor of heaven. We are praying that a gracious revival may be ours, where one and all will be partakers of the fullness of the blessing, that which Jesus spoke about in John 15:11, "That My joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full," having one thought in mind, to keep in the will of God, being blessed and made a blessing.

Ontario Conference, M. Pricker, P. E. and City Mission President

            We have 25 stationed pastors who serve 42 appointments, also 10 stationed City Mission Workers serving in five City Missions. Our Pastors and City Mission Workers are whole-hearted, self-sacrificing, earnest and spiritual, with a vision for lost souls.

            Our people are loyal and true to the doctrines of our church. We are encouraged in their response to the pastors' support and the different funds.

            Since last General Conference we have had some very helpful revival meetings and camp meetings. We have two camp meetings each year. The Youth Conferences which we have in connection with our camp meetings have put in new life and much added interest. We rejoice in the help these specials have meant to the church, yet we pray for a real Holy Ghost revival.

            Also since our last General Conference we have organized a seven-months Bible School, the city of Kitchener is the location. We are praying that this will be helpful to our people and Church.

            Six of our ministers, who have been loyal standbys have been called to their higher reward, as follows: J. B. Detweiler, H. Goudie, P. Cober, J. Bolwell, Wm. Brown, L. P. Raymer, also I. Pike, who has been a lay delegate to General Conference for many years. We feel the loss of these brethren and their wise counsel is much missed as a Conference. Memories of them will always linger with us.

Pennsylvania Conference, Allentown District, H. B. Musselman, P. E.

            It is with a deep sense of realization that the mercy and goodness of God has been our enabling in permitting us to meet our appointments throughout the past seven years and to minister the Word according to the wisdom and ability He gave us.

            There are twenty-three organized classes on the District, comprising six stations, six circuits and two missions.

            Ten camp meetings were held in our camp grove at Allentown, Pa., during the term. All of these gatherings were large in attendance with a good spiritual interest manifested. A goodly number of the services were broadcast over Radio Station WCBA and WSAN. On account of rationing restrictions no camp meetings were held during the last two years.

            The church services, prayer meetings and Sunday Schools are well attended, in consideration of traveling restrictions. We have however been made to feel the absence of the goodly number who have been called into government service.

            The various church offerings have been very good and the church debts were either liquidated or creditably reduced during the past year.

            The Lord spared to us all of the pastors on the District, with the one exception of Pastor J. C. Roth, who suddenly departed this life two days before our last Annual Conference, about two weeks ago. This Conference was a most blessed and peaceful one in which love and unity prevailed throughout.

            All of the pastors are faithful men of God and are active and loyal to the great trust committed to them.

            Unto Him, Whose we are, Whom we serve and Who has never failed us, shall be ascribed all the praise and all the glory.

            Following were the offerings for the seven years: For Home Missions $45,207.58; for Foreign Missions $49,723.01; Foreign Missions in S. S. $53,846.89; Total offerings for all purposes $1,146,304.45. Also literature sold to the amount of $137,785.80.

Pennsylvania Conference, Easton District, B. Bryan Musselman, P. E.

            God's faithfulness has been manifested on the District throughout the seven years included in this report. Five of the years reflect the very capable and Godlike leadership of Presiding Elder W. G. Gehman. Two years ago this month he laid down his armor and fell asleep in Jesus. Of him it may well be said, "He being dead yet speaketh," and surely his works do follow him. It became my responsibility to carry on the work so well directed by him for the past thirty-nine years.

            The Easton District includes fifteen church appointments and the Gospel Herald Society. These appointments are located in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. A distance varying from 15 to 160 miles with Allentown, Pa., as the center is the area covered. The Gospel Herald Society is a training school for young ministers, who while they are in training, devote their time in active Home Missionary work. Seventy per cent of all the present M. B. C. Pastors have received their early experience in this way. They are successful and devoted brethren of whom the Society is justly proud. They continue to demonstrate much interest in the young men at present in training and are indeed a great source of blessing and support.

            The Lord has blessed us with a willing, loyal, consecrated and unconditional ministry. The absence of self interests and jealousy is general. They are splendidly united and rejoice in each other's successes. They are indeed workers together, members of one body with the Lord Jesus Christ as the head. The matter of District is only a matter of designation or reference. Really we are one great field of labor and each one is working diligently to do their best. We realize that neither he that planteth nor he that watereth is anything, it all depends on Him who giveth the increase. It is quite easy to be their leader. Their love is evidenced by the intimate confidence shared with us.

            The Sunday schools, prayer meetings and regular church services are very well attended. Many friends of the work join with the members in giving evidence of real heart cleansing and a holy life. The many young people who are separated from the world and delight in His service are a priceless asset.

            The Pastors' wives and families are of the best. They live the lives that witness to the truth as preached and by so doing contribute greatly to the successes achieved under God. To them we owe a great debt of gratitude.

            A number of camp meetings and tent meetings have been held with splendid results. However, due to wartime restrictions there have been no camp meetings for the past two years.

            The finances reflect true sacrifice. Tithing is very general among the people. A number of churches have fully paid their church indebtedness. Last year about $20,000 has been paid on

property indebtedness. We believe, if the Lord tarry, the District will be debt free in the next three or four years.

            Radio programs have been regularly scheduled at a number of appointments. Many are made happy by the preaching and singing of the Gospel. The prayer of faith has helped many to victory for body and soul.

            House to house visitation and the distributing of sound Christian literature has proven to be a great blessing. Many open doors have proven splendid opportunities for personal evangelism.

            Our trust and faith is in our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our leader and we are a willing people, ready to serve and obey His commands. Victory is assured. Our courage is of the best, we

fear no foe, for greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

            The financial report is included in the report of the Presiding Elder of the Allentown District.

Ohio Conference, R. P. Ditmer, P. E.

            The Ohio Conference is composed of twenty-two organized churches and one unorganized mission. Since last General Conference the blessing of the Lord upon the Conference has been clearly in evidence. It is a pleasure to report that progress has been made in the different departments of the work. Among our people there has been a very definite increase of interest in the missionary program.

            During the past seven years four new churches and one new parsonage have been constructed. At the present time the Conference carries very little indebtedness and is therefore in a position to launch out into a definite program of expansion: The different Conference activities such as annual Camp Meetings and Conventions, are well supported by our people and have been sources of great spiritualblessing. We have a fine group of young people, many of whom are spiritual and zealous for the Lord's work. As everywhere the war program has taken its toll of our young men. We not only miss them, but pray that they may be Divinely preserved, physically and spiritually.

            We have a well organized Women's Missionary Society which has distinguished itself in some remarkable accomplishments. The young people's organization has functioned in a very splendid manner. We have a number of young people in school preparing for different types of Christian ministry.

            Our ministering brethren are loyal in attitude, and faithful in the ministry of the Word. We have a number of fine young men who are making good progress in their ministerial development.

The laity of the Conference are as a class dependable and spiritual.

            During this period of years we have suffered the loss of some of our very valuable ministers, namely, S. Lambert, who was one of the Church founders, and also Rev. and Mrs. H. E. Marker and Mrs. H. Kline. Their fellowship and wise counsel is greatly missed.

            We have a large field in which to labor. I firmly believe that there are good days ahead and that by the Lord's help we shall make greater progress, enjoying blessed victories in the tomorrows.

            We expect to continue a ministry of the four fold Gospel and believe that God will continue to honor this ministry.

            In order that we might hear all the reports of the Presiding Elders in the morning meeting the rules were suspended and the time extended.

            Resolved, That we have a General Conference Journal and that the Secretary and his Assistant be the Editors and Publishers of the same.

            Resolved, That all the reports of the Presiding Elders be published in the General Conference Journal limited to no more than one page each.

            Adjourned at 11:50 with prayer by W. E. Manges.


(Thursday Afternoon)


Meeting was opened with prayer by E. N. Cassel.

            Roll Call.

            The minutes of the morning meeting were read and approved.

            Report of the Committee on Boundary:

            Whereas, the Pacific and West Coast Conferences are both numerically small, and are laboring under great disadvantage because of this, the General Conference deeply interested in the welfare of all the various Conferences, believes that many advantages would be gained, their efforts strengthened and usefulness increased, so that many more souls may be won and the believers built up in the faith, therefore

            Resolved, That we recommend that continued prayer with mutual effort be made so that in the near future they may again be reunited by appealing to the Executive Committee of the General Conference.

            We recommend that all boundaries remain as they are at present.

                                    H. B. Musselman

                                    B. Bryan Musselman

                                    M. Pricker

                                    J. A. Every

                                    J. S. Wood

                                    Wm. E. Hygema

                                    E. D. Young

                                    C. J. Hallman

                                    E. H. Metcilf

                                    A. B. Neufeld


            Report was adopted.

            The following brethren were introduced to the Conference:

            Rev. Wm. Schroeder of Pontiac, Michigan; Rev. H. S. Hallman of Vineland, Ontario; Rev. J. Henry Good of Scott, Ontario; Rev. L. K. Sider of Aylmer, Ontario; Rev. A. D. Lehman of Sunnidale Field; Rev. A. Walsh of Stayner, Ontario.

            Resolved, That we recess to the call of the Chair.

            Business was resumed at 3:10.

            Report of the Committee on Annual Conference Minutes:

            We have examined the Annual Conference Minute Books of the Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Pacific, Canadian Northwest, Nebraska, and West Coast Conferences, and find them in good shape throughout, and correct as far as we could ascertain.

The Indiana and Ohio Conferences had no minutes with them, although the Indiana Conference submitted their 1943 Conference Journal in which we found some recommendations. We, the Committee, found the following petitions, recommendations, and requests:

            Ontario --(l) Whereas, a History of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church has been prepared by E. R. Storms, of Lion's Head, Ontario, with a view to its publication as a feature marking the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church, therefore be it

            Resolved, That we recommend to General Conference that consideration be given to the publication of said History.

            (2) Whereas, the position of Lay Delegate to the Annual Conference is one of considerable responsibility, both toward the Church as a whole, and toward the field represented, and

            Whereas, the proper discharge of this responsibility requires a good acquaintance with, and experience in, the work of the Church, therefore:

            Resolved, That we recommend to General Conference that the qualifications of persons eligible to be lay delegates be defined.

            (3) Whereas, there are various interpretations of the rulings of the Discipline in the matter of conditional and unconditional ministers, and

            Whereas, certain technical difficulties could be avoided by rescinding the rulings in-so-far as they differentiate between conditional and unconditional ministers, therefore

            We recommend that the differentiation between conditional and unconditional ministers in the Discipline be removed.

            (4) We recommend that Ch. IV, Sec. III, par. 8 of the Discipline be amended by substituting for the first and second sentences the following, namely:

            If ministers, having been ordained by other denominations, desire to join our Society, they shall make application to the Annual Conference in person. They shall pass a thorough examination on our Discipline, by the Conference Examiner, and a special examination on the Bible by the Examiners on the Reading Course before they are admitted into the Annual Conference.

            (5) Whereas, there are among us persons who are evidently called and qualified to labor in the Gospel ministry in a local capacity who do not have the necessary qualifications for the itinerant ministry, and

            Whereas, we have no provision for the recognition of such persons except by means of Quarterly Conference License which must be renewed annually, and

            Whereas, We believe it to be in the interest of our work that persons who may be approved by the Annual Conference for work in a local capacity should receive a license from the Annual Conference, therefore

            Resolved, That we recommend that provision be made so that worthy persons who may be recommended by their respective Quarterly Conferences may be allowed a term of probation by the Annual Conference, and, if satisfactory, be granted a permanent Lay Preacher's License.

            (6) Resolved, That we petition the General Conference to amend the Discipline, Chapter IV, Sec. XI, par. 7, by striking out "No minister shall have charge of the same field longer than three years in succession except by two-thirds vote of Annual Conference."

            (7) We recommend that the General Conference recommend the appointment by each Annual Conference of a Conference Historian who shall be custodian of all documents and data relative to the history of each Conference.

            Further that all historical papers and records of an official nature in possession of individuals in each Conference, be given to the Historian appointed, to become the property of that Conference.

            (8) Whereas, The Reading Course for Probationers requires revision from time to time, and

            Whereas, Such revisions should be carefully prepared after thorough investigation, therefore

            We recommend that a standing Committee on Reading Course for Probationers be constituted by the General Conference, with such powers delegated to it as the General Conference may determine.

            Michigan --(l) Whereas, The following textbooks of our Reading Course: "Lessons in Holiness", and "Reformed Pastor", are no longer available, therefore, be it

            Resolved, That we recommend to General Conference that the following books be authorized in their stead: "Holiness and Power", by A. M. Hill, instead of "Lessons in Holiness"; and "The Preacher's Life and Work" by Jowett, instead of the "Reformed Pastor."

            (2) Whereas, Our Committee to explore the possibilities of closer relationship between the Mennonite Brethren in Christ and the Missionary Church Association, has presented to us an excellent and extended report of action showing great similarity of Doctrine and the possibility of harmonious church policy,

            Resolved, That this Conference recommend to General Conference that a Committee be created, representing all Conferences, whose function shall be to investigate means of developing plans for a merger of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ and the Missionary Church Association, and whose authority shall include formation of a tentative form of government which may be designed as a basis for a proposed united Church; further it shall be authorized to include in its deliberations the matter of possible closer relations with other denominations which may wish to negotiate with us in this matter through their duly appointed representatives.

            (3) Resolved, That we invite the next (Fifteenth) General Conference to be held in Detroit, Michigan.

            Indiana and Ohio--(1) Since the term, "Presiding Elder", has been superceded generally by that of "District Superintendent", which term is better understood by the people generally, we recommend that the General Conference be asked to make this change in relation to the characterization of our church officers heretofore called Presiding Elders.

            (2) Whereas, It has been the conviction of the older leaders of the Indiana Conference that the revision of Article 12 of the M. B. C. Discipline, at the Nappanee General Conference held in 1904 and several times since at the General Conferences, has weakened our earlier and clearer doctrinal statement on the subject of Sanctification, and

            Whereas, Our leadership, both the older and the younger, keenly feel the ambiguity and confusion of our doctrinal statement on Sanctification as found in its present form, we wish to memorialize the coming General Conference that we, as a Conference never have been, nor ever can be, satisfied with the above mentioned article in its present form, and that we reserve the right to recur to the earlier and clearer doctrinal statement referred to above, and found in our M. B. C. Discipline before the 1905 edition, as our authority on the doctrine of Sanctification.

            (3) The Annual Conference considered the report of a Committee which held two meetings with representatives of the Missionary Church Association, exploring the advisability of closer relationship between the two bodies, and upon the basis of their report, submit to General Conference the following recommendation:

            That we ask General Conference to give further consideration to the advisability of seeking a closer union with the Missionary Church Association.

            (4) Whereas, The supply of large statistical schedules is exhausted, we request General Conference to provide a new supply.

            (5) Because of the fact that some of the books prescribed in our Reading Course are completely out of print, others are antiquated and have been superceded generally by later volumes on the same or similar subjects, and new subjects of study are now necessary to the Minister,

            We petition the General Conference to give special attention to the whole Reading Course.

            Pacific--(1) We, your committee, entrusted with the formulating of a plan for the procedure in calling of a pastor, recommend:

            (1) That each class shall elect a committee of five members, who with the Presiding Elder, shall acquaint themselves with the needs of the Class and with available pastors; they shall constitute a nominating committee, who shall nominate one or more prospective pastors for the class to consider and vote on.

            (2) All voting shall be done by ballot.

            (3) The calling of a pastor shall be done by the class, giving them a two-thirds favorable vote of all members of voting age, present and voting; at a meeting which shall be arranged for that purpose whether it be a regular Quarterly Conference or a called meeting. The Presiding Elder or some one appointed by him shall preside at the meeting.

            (4) We strongly discourage the urging of members to attend this meeting who have not been faithful to our regular services, to the end that they should vote on the calling of a pastor as a moral issue and not as a political matter; furthermore, we suggest that since a ballot vote is a secret vote, that each refrain from telling how they voted.

            (5) This meeting should be held at least 60 days before the date announced for the Annual Conference.

            In case of the recalling of a pastor who has served the local class, the procedure shall be the same as when calling for another pastor.

            (6) In case that the church has not called a pastor prior to the Annual Conference, the Committee shall provide the said class with a pastor through the stationing committee according to the instructions in the Discipline.

            (7) In case that a minister has received no call, or has accepted no call for any reason whatsoever, it shall be the duty of the Annual Conference to appoint the said minister to such work as may present itself according to the regular order of the Annual Conference.

(8) The Annual Conference shall approve all calls of the local churchesbefore the pastor accepts his position.

            (9) In case that the Annual Conference shall disapprove of the call for any reason, the Annual Conference or the Presiding Elder shall furnish the said church with a pastor in concurrence with the delegate from the said church.

            (10) In case that the class (church) should call another pastor from another Conference, and the call was accepted and approved by the Annual Conference, the said pastor shall immediately transfer his membership to this Conference and work under the Presiding Elder in the regular course as any pastor in the Conference. Be it therefore

            Resolved, That as a Conference we do not put into operation this plan until we have the approval of the General Conference, and that the said report be presented as a petition to the General Conference.

            West Coast--(1) Resolved, That we petition the General Conference to drop from our Probationer's Reading Course the book by Evan Hopkins, entitled "The Law of Liberty in the Spiritual Life", as we believe it to be detrimental to a good experience in the Grace of God.

            (2) Resolved, That we petition the General Conference to elect a man to meet annually with our several Annual Conferences giving advice and instruction where needed, also to note the need in our weaker Conferences and recommend to the General Conference such steps as he may deem necessary for more efficient work.

            (3) Resolved, That we petition General Conference to eliminate the calling for conditions of Ministers prior to the election of Conference Officers.

                                    J. A. Avery, Chairman

                                    E. R. Storms, Secretary

                                    E. D. Young

                                    C. J. Hallman

                                    E. H. Metcilf.

            The report having been read it was resolved, that the report be received, and the appeals be considered at a later time.

            The following brethren were introduced to the Conference: Rev. Wm. H. Yates of Owen Sound, Ontario, Rev. M. J. Burgess of Port Huron, Ontario, Rev. D. Eby of Port Elgin, Ontario, Harvey L. Mitchell of Pandora, Ohio, a fraternal delegate of the Missionary Church, Dr. H. A. Kellerman, Pastor of Calvary Memorial Evangelical Church of Kitchener, and District Superintendent, Rev. G. Barthel, Pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Waterloo, Ontario, Rev. L. H. Wagner of the Evangelical Church.

            Resolved, That the Chairman appoint a committee of one member from each Conference to take up the appeal in relation to the Reading Course, and formulate a report to present to this Conference.

            The following were appointed: J. A. Huffman, J. Harold Sherk, E. N. Cassel, J. S. Wood, A. Traub, A. Taylor, E. D. Young, E. H. Metcilf, A. B. Neufeld.

Resolved, That we have an apportioning and an appropriating Committee of five.

            The following were appointed: C. J. Hallman, F. B. Hertzog, J. E. Tuckey, H. E. Miller, R. Beech.

            Resolved, That we take up the appeals, requests and petitions as per the committee on examination of Annual Conference records.

            Resolved, That the appeal of the Ontario Conference to give consideration to the publication of a history of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church, be considered by a committee of five.

The Chair appointed J. Harold Sherk, O. P. Eastman, Wm. I Hygema, P. T. Stengele, Q. J. Everest.

            Resolved, That the appeal of the Ontario Conference concerning the qualifications necessary for persons to be eligible for delegate to Annual Conference be laid on the table.

            The question of revising the Discipline relative to the matter o conditional and unconditional ministers was taken up and discussed.

            Resolved, That we suspend the rules and extend the time.

Adjourned at 5:25 with prayer by E. M. Gibson.


Friday Morning

            The meeting was opened with singing, "Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah."

            H. B. Musselman was in charge of the devotional period. He read Phil. 2:1-4 and parts of 1 Corinthians 13: making helpful and practical remarks. This was followed by a season of earnest ane fervent prayer.

            Roll Call.

            The minutes of the Thursday afternoon meeting were read ane approved.

            The following ministering brethren were introduced to the Conference: Rev. R. P. Pannabecker and Rev. J. A. Persell of Detroit Michigan.

            Resolved, That we elect a Conference Treasurer.

            B. Bryan Musselman was elected.

            Resolved, That we as a General Conference consider actual clergy or laymen full fare including sleeper and 65 cents a meal as expenses to General Conference.

            Resolved, That the name of B. Bryan Musselman be added to the Committee on Apportioning and Appropriating of General Conference Expense.

            Whereas, We have with us a fraternal delegate from the Missionary Church in the person of Rev. Harvey L. Mitchell, therefore

            Resolved, That we ask him to address the Conference at the opening of this afternoon's meeting.

            Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to give consideration to the appeal to remove the differentiation between conditional and unconditional ministers and that they bring in a report in keeping with the discussions presented on this matter.

            The following were appointed: E. N. Cassel, J. S. Wood, M. Bricker.

            Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to consider the question of the reception of candidates for the ministry under section three of the discipline.

            The following were appointed: O. P. Eastman, J. Harold Sherk, N. H. Wolf.

            Resolved, That we have a General Conference picture to be inserted in the Journal, also cuts of those ministers who have been members of the General Conference and departed this life since the last General Conference.

            P. G. Lehman was appointed to be a committee to arrange for the taking of the picture.

            Resolved, That we extend the time indefinitely.

            Resolved, That the appeal of the Ontario Conference relative to the granting of permanent Lay Preacher's License be laid on the table.

            Adjourned at 11:45 a. m. with prayer by Wm. E. Hygema.


Friday Afternoon

            The meeting was opened with prayer by H. E. Bowman.

Roll Call.

            The minutes of the morning meeting were read and approved.

            Rev. Harvey Mitchell, the Fraternal delegate from the Missionary Church Association brought greetings and in his informative address spoke of the possible advantages that could be obtained through a union of the Missionary Church Association and the M. B. C. Emphasis was placed on the necessity of waiting upon God in order that we might be certain of His leading in this matter.

            The following resolution was offered by J. A. Huffman and E. R. Storms and adopted by Conference:

            Whereas, The Missionary Church Association has sent to this Conference as a Fraternial Delegate, Rev. Harvey Mitchell of Pandora, Ohio, who is also the Assistant Secretary of the Conference of that Church, and

            Whereas, Rev. Harvey Mitchell has just brought a very splendid thought provoking and spiritually challenging message, bringing warm fraternal greetings from our sister Church, and expressing personal hope that our bodies may under the guidance of the Spirit be brought into a closer unity, be it

            Resolved, That we thank the Missionary Church Association for sending to us as a Fraternal Delegate, Rev. Harvey Mitchell and assure them that we reciprocate the love, interest and prayer which they have extended to the General Conference of the M. B. C. Church, and further

            Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be sent to the President of the Missionary Church Association, Rev. J. E. Ramseyer, Fort Wayne Bible Institute, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

            Resolved, That we have a private meeting tonight at 7:30.

            Rev. E. Lucas of Elmwood was introduced to the Conference.

            A selection in song was rendered by Rev. J. A. Persell of Detroit, Michigan, entitled, "The Old Time Religion and the Mustard Seed Faith."

            Resolved, That the request of Emmanuel Bible School that General Conference members attend the dedicatory service of their school on Saturday at 4 p. m. be granted, and that Conference adjourn at 3:45 to permit members to attend.

            Report of the Committee to revise the Discipline relative to conditional and unconditional ministers:

            1. That paragraph 8, page 78, in the Discipline read as follows:

"Who are the preachers who are willing to minister this year, according to the direction of Conference and our Discipline, and what is their number?"

            2. That paragraph 1, Page 57, read: "The Presiding Elders are to be elected from among those ministers who are willing to minister according to the direction of the Conference and our Discipline. He shall be elected for an Annual Conference term only."

            3. That paragraph 2, Page 57, read: "No Presiding Elder shall hold office for more than five years in succession, unless he receives two-thirds of the vote of the Annual Conference from year to year. We recommend the Annual Conference to favor for the Presiding Eldership men who from year to year continue to minister according to the direction of the Conference and the Discipline."

            4. That paragraph 3, Page 58, read: "At each Annual Conference after the election of Presiding Elder, a Vice Presiding Elder shall be elected to supply his place in case he should become unable to longer fill his office. He shall be elected from among those ministers who are willing to minister according to the direction of the Conference and our Discipline.

            5. That paragraph 6, Page 60, read: "No probationer shall be ordained until the Church is fully satisfied that he is capable of taking charge of a work, is fully in line with our doctrine, who is willing to minister according to the direction of the Conference and our Discipline, and intends to continue in the itineracy."

            6. That paragraph 1, Page 69, read: "The Executive Board of the Church shall consist of ordained ministers, members of the General Conference, who are ministering under the direction of their Conference and our Discipline."

            7. That paragraph 1, Page 80, read: "The delegates from the ministry shall be such who are ministering according to the direction of their Conference and our Discipline."

                                    E. N. Cassel

                                    J. S. Wood

                                    M. Bricker, Committee.

            Report was adopted.

            Report of the Committee on Worship:

            The Committee on Worship submits the following report for the order of service tonight:

The service to open at 7:45 in charge of Forrest Huffman.

            Singing and special music in charge of Ira L. Wood. Preaching to begin at 8:15. Two twenty-minute sermons by H. E. Bowman and R. P. Pannabecker.

                                    P. G. Lehman

                                    M. Bricker

                                    E. M. Gibson, Committee.

            Report was adopted.

            Report of the Committee on Reading Course:

            We recommend:

That the Course of Reading for Probationers be as follows:


            Subject                                                                Text

Bible                                                   Bible 

Systematic Theology                          "Handbook of Christian Theology", by Field, or "Great Doctrines of the Bible", by Evans.

Church History                                   "Church History", by Newman, Vol. I, First Half.

Biblical Introduction                          "All About the Bible", by Collett.

The Deeper Life                                 "Holiness and Power", by Hills, or "Perfect Love", by Wood, or "The Law of Liberty~in the Spiritual Life" by Hopkins.

Homiletics                                          "Divine Art of Preaching", by Pierson, or "The Making of a Sermon", by Pattison

Book for Reading                               M. B. C. History, editions to date.

Bible                                                   Bible



Bible                                                   Bible

Systematic Theology                          Texts as above.

Church History                                   Texts as above, Vol. I, Second Half.

Christian Evidence                             "Nelson on Infidelity", or "System of Christian Evidence", by Keyser.

The Deeper Life                                 "The Holy Spirit", by J. A. Huffman, Revised and Enlarged Edition.

Second Coming                                  "Jesus is Coming", by Blackstone, or "The Messianic Hope in Both Testaments", by J. A. Huffman.

Book for Reading                               "Parliamentary Practice", by Neely.


Bible                                                   Bible

Systematic Theology                           Texts as above.

Church History                                    Texts as above, Vol. II.

Pastoral Theology                               "Reformed Pastor", by Baxter, or "Pastoral Problems", by Riley.

Biblical Archaeology                         "Voices from Rocks and Dust Heaps of Bible Lands", Revised and Enlarged Edition, by J. A. Huffman.

Biblical Interpretation                        "Hermeneutics", by Dungan.

Special Study                                      "Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation", by Walker.

Book for Reading                           "The Vocal and Literary Interpretation of the Bible", by Curry.

NOTE:            Portions for study in Bible and Systematic Theology in each year shall be chosen by the individual Annual Conferences. Where options are given, the choice of books used shall be made by the individual Annual Conferences.

Probationers shall be examined by a written examination by a committee to be appointed by the Annual Conference. They shall make 50% of the marks given on each book, and an average of 70% on the whole in order to pass. No probationer shall be ordained until he has passed the Course of Reading for probationers, except foreign missionaries, who may be ordained without taking the Reading Course according to the discretion of the respective Annual Conferences. Credit may be given for above courses pursued in Bible Schools, Colleges or Seminaries at the option of the individual Annual Conferences.

            Report was adopted.

                                    J. A. Huffman

                                    J. Harold Sherk

                                    E. D. Young

                                    A. Taylor

                                    E. H. Metcilf

                                    A. B. Neufeld

                                    J. S. Wood

                                    E. N. Cassel

                                    A. Traub

Report of Committee to Consider the Reception of Candidates for the Ministry:

            We recommend:

            1. That Chapter IV, Section 3, Paragraph 1, read as follows:

            "If there is a brother or sister who has convictions of a call to preach the Gospel (see Article 25) such shall make it known to the minister in charge of the congregation of which he is a member."

            2. That Paragraph 8, of the same Section, read as follows:

            If ministers, having been ordained by other denominations, desire to join an Annual Conference of Our Church, after the requirements of Paragraph 1 have been fulfilled they shall make application to the Annual Conference in person.

            "They shall pass a thorough examination on our Church Discipline under the supervision of their Presiding Elder and a special examination on the Bible by the Examiners on the Reading Course before they are admitted into the Conference.

            "They shall be required to read the books of our Reading Course before or during the first year after they are admitted. Under the above conditions they may be admitted on a three-year term of probation."

            Report was adopted.

                                    O. P. Eastman

                                    J. Harold Sherk

                                    N. H. Wolf.

            Resolved, That we have a short recess in order to have Conference picture taken.

            Business was resumed.

            The request from the Ontario Conference to have Chap. Section XI, paragraph 7, of the Discipline amended, was considered and it was Resolved, That this request be laid on the table.

            Resolved, That we adopt the recommendation of the Ontario Conference to recommend that each Annual Conference appoint Conference Historian who shall have custody of all historical papers and records of an official nature pertaining to the Conference.

            Resolved, That the appeal to appoint a standing committee Reading Course be laid on the table.

            Rev. G. A. Shepherdson, Pastor of Alma St. U. B. Church of Kitchener, was introduced to the Conference.

            The matter of a merger between the Missionary Church Association, the Defenseless Mennonite Church and the M. B. C. was considered as noted in the appeal from the Indiana and Ohio and Michigan Conferences. The following resolution was adopted:

            Resolved, That the General Conference provide a Committee with representatives of one person from each Conference which shall consider the recommendations of Indiana and Ohio, and the Michigan Conferences, relative to closer relationship with the Missionary Church Association and The Defenseless Mennonite Church. It understood that those who participated in the unofficial conversations with these groups be omitted from this Committee, but that they hold themselves in readiness to be called by the Committee.

                                    Signed by J. A. Huffman,

                                                J. S. Wood.

            Resolved, That the next General Conference be held somewhere in the Ohio Conference on the first Wednesday in November 1947 at 9 a. m., the Lord willing.

            Resolved, That we suspend the rules and extend the time indefinitely.

            The Chairman appointed the following committee to give further study to the matter of a merger between the Missionary Church Association and the M. B. C.:

                                    B. Bryan Musselman

                                    J. E. Tuckey

                                    Q. J. Everest

                                    A. Taylor

                                    M. Bricker

                                    E. D. Young

                                    E. H. Metcilf

                                    A. B. Neufeld

                                    C. J. Hallman.

            Adjourned at 5:10 with prayer by H. E. Miller.


Friday Evening

            The meeting was opened with prayer by E. N. Cassel.

            Roll Call.

            The minutes of the afternoon meeting were read and approved.

            Resolved, That beginning with this General Conference, the Committee on the General Conference Minutes certify three copies of the General Conference Journal, and that they constitute the official record to be filed.

            Resolved, That we permit the use of the term District Superintendent and understand it to bear the same meaning as Presiding Elder, which terms may be used interchangeably.

            Adjourned at 9:20 p. m. with prayer by J. E. Tuckey.


Saturday Morning

            The meeting was opened with singing, "My Jesus I Love Thee."

            J. A. Avery was in charge of the devotional period and spoke on 2 Tim. 2:1-15 giving helpful remarks. E. H. Metcilf led in prayer.

            Roll Call.

            The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

            Resolved, That we recognize the memorial of the Indiana and Ohio Conferences for them to recur to the Article on Sanctification as found in the Discipline before the 1905 edition.

            Resolved, That the request of the Indiana and Ohio Conferences for the printing of statistical schedules be granted, and that this matter be referred to the Committee on Statistics who shall revise and make the necessary recommendations to Conference.

            Report of the Committee on Worship:

            The Committee on Worship submits the following report for the order of the services for Sunday:

            9:45 Sunday School. A thirty-minute discussion of the Sunday School lesson by J. A. Huffman.

            10:45 Service in charge of B. Bryan Musselman. Singing and special music in charge of Ira L. Wood. Conference sermon by R. P. Ditmer.

            2:30 p. m. Service in charge of Wm. E. Hygema. Singing and special music in charge of C. J. Hallman. Sermon by W. E. Manges.

            7:00 p. m. Service in charge of J. S. Wood. Singing and special music in charge of Ira L. Wood. Two twenty-minute sermons by J. B. Layne and Q. J. Everest.

            9:10 p. m. K. W. Fireside Service. Sermon by B. Bryan Musselman. Special music by Rev. and Mrs. Ira L. Wood.

            7:30 p. m. Hespeler M. B. C. Church. C. J. Hallman, preacher.

            7:30 p. m. New Dundee M. B. C. Church. A. Traub, preacher.

                                    P. G. Lehman

                                    M. Bricker

                                    E. M. Gibson, Committee.

            Report was adopted.

            Resolved, That the appeal of the Pacific Conference relative to the calling of the Pastor be laid on the table until such a time as it shall be called for consideration.

            Resolved, That the appeal from the West Coast Conference to have General Conference elect a man to meet annually with the various Annual Conferences be laid on the table.

            Whereas, J. A. Huffman, D.D., has continued since the last General Conference as Editor of the Bethel series of Sunday School literature, giving the Church access to sound literature for Bible study and spiritual growth, and

            Whereas, Through the sale of this literature and other printed matter, means have been provided to publish the Gospel Banner and in this way send forth a good Christian publication, therefore

            Resolved, That we express our appreciation to Dr. Huffman for his untiring labors and that we pray God's richest blessing upon him so that he may continuously be made a blessing by this and other means.

            Resolved, That this General Conference advise that various boards and standing committees which find it necessary to hold annual meetings give consideration to the saving of time and expense by arranging a suitable period for such meetings so that any overlapping of memberships on such boards and committees may be advantaged thereby.

            The following Peace Memorial was presented by the Committee or. Resolutions:

            Whereas, Since our last General Conference the world has been engulfed in a global war, involving both Canada and the United States, and

            Whereas, The Historical Peace Churches of which the Mennonite Brethren in Christ is one, have been brought face to face with a test of their non-resistant faith, as a result of the Selective Service Act of the United States and the similar Act in the Dominion of Canada, and

            Whereas, As the result of a carefully planned approach and presentation of the cause of the Historic Peace Churches by the combined Peace Churches, to the Governments of the United States and Canada, such recognition of our Peace and Good Will attitude resulting in conscientious objection against both the bearing of arms, and of any participation in the war program, whatsoever, by providing for such conscientious objectors the opportunity of being

recognized as "Conscientious Objectors" with the right to choose non-combatant service under the military program, or civilian service in the.C. P. S. Camps, or as they are known in Canada, A. S. W. Camps, which, the Governments have allowed the Historic Peace Churches to organize or similar camps set up by the governments, and even in other capacities approved by the Selective Service, thus granting to conscientious objectors the privilege of keeping faith with their own religious convictions without jeopardizing their loyal citizenship in any way whatsoever, therefore

            Resolved, That this General Conference go enthusiastically upon record as genuinely grateful to the two Governments of Canada and the United States, for their kind consideration of us, their Historic Peace Church subjects, in extending to us these opportunities to serve our countries in a way which need not violate our faith.

            We also appreciate the provisions made by both of our Governments to permit her non-resistant citizens to purchase civilian bonds, or ear-marked peace-expenditure bonds, instead of War Bonds.

            As a Church with a constituency both in Canada and the United States, we pledge to our Governments, our prayers for our rulers, taxes assessed to us, and loyal obedience in every way which would not compel a violation of our Christian conscience.

            We recommend that a copy of the above Resolution be sent to the heads of both of our Governments signed by the Chairman and Secretary of this General Conference.

            To President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Washington, D. C., and to the Right Honorable William Lyon Mackenzie King, Prime Minister at Ottawa, Canada.

            Resolved, That the basis of membership on the Executive Committee to be one member for the first three hundred and fifty, and an additional member for each thousand additional members.

            Resolved, That each Annual Conference Delegation, respectively in General Conference, may by ballot nominate their candidates to which they are entitled for the Executive Committee and this Conference elect them. General Conference shall however, also have the right in general to nominate.

            Resolved, That we suspend the rules and extend the time.

            The following resolution was adopted:

            Whereas, There is necessarily vested in the Executive Committee of the Church considerable authority corresponding to the responsibility with which it is charged, and

            Whereas, The term "Committee" carries with it generally the connotation of a less permanent group than this, and

            Whereas, There is delegated to this Committee the power of General Conference between General Conference sessions, therefore

            Be it Resolved, That this General Conference change the name of the standing representative group formerly known as "The Executive Committee" to that of "The Executive Board of the Church."

            Adjourned at 11:40 with prayer by F. L. Huffman.


Saturday Afternoon

            The meeting was opened with prayer by A. Taylor.

            Roll Call.

            The minutes of the morning meeting were read and approved.

            Report of the Committee to Apportion General Conference Expense:


Pennsylvania Conference                                              $ 520.29

Ontario Conference                                                            20.25

Indiana Conference                                                          173.85

Ohio Conference                                                              124.71

Michigan Conference                                                         95.65

Nebraska Conference                                                       287.76

Canadian Northwest Conference                                      245.60

Pacific Conference                                                           140.66

West Coast Conference                                                    150.36



Pennsylvania Conference                                              $ 552.21

Ontario Conference                                                          310.92

Indiana Conference                                                          246.01

Ohio Conference                                                              153.21

Michigan Conference                                                       264.18

Nebraska Conference                                                       110.71

Canadian Northwest Conference                                        72.17


Pacific Conference                                                             33.72

West Coast Conference                                                      16.00


                                    C. J. Hallman

F. B. Hertzog

                                    J. E. Tuckey

                                    H. E. Miller

                                    R. A. Beech

                                    B. Bryan Musselman


            Report was adopted.

            Report of the Committee to determine the number of representatives on the Executive Board to which each Annual Conference is entitled:

Pennsylvania Conference       4,038 Members           Four Representatives

Ontario Conference                2,273 Members           Two representatives

Michigan Conference             1,931 Members           Two representatives

Indiana Conference                1,798 Members           Two representatives

Ohio Conference                    1,119 Members           One representative

Nebraska Conference             808 Members              One representative

Canadian N. W. Conference   526 Members              One representative

Pacific Conference                 252 Members              No representative

West Coast Conference          115 Members              No representative 

                                    J. B. Layne

                                    J. Harold Sherk

                                    T. A. Warder

                                    R. A. Beech

                                    O. P. Eastman

                                    A. Taylor

                                    Paul H. Cressman


            Report was adopted.

            The following were presented as candidates for the Executive Board: Pennsylvania Conference, H. B. Musselman, B. Bryan Musselman, E. N. Cassel, F. B. Hertzog. Ontario Conference, M. Bricker, E. Moyer. Michigan Conference, J. S. Wood, J. E. Tuckey. Indiana Conference, W. E. Manges, J. A. Huffman. Ohio Conference, R. P. Ditmer. Canadian Northwest Conference, C. J. Hallman. Nebraska Conference, E. D. Young.

            Resolved, That the Secretary be instructed to cast the ballot electing the Executive Board of the Church by separate Conferences.

            The following were elected as members of the Executive Board of the Church: H. B. Musselman, B. Bryan Musselman, E. N. Cassel, F. B. Hertzog, M. Bricker, E. Moyer, J. S. Wood, J. E. Tuckey, W. E. Manges, J. A. Huffman, R. P. Ditmer, C. J. Hallman, E. D. Young.

            Resolved, That the Pacific and West Coast Conferences be represented on the Executive Board by the Nebraska Conference member of the Board.

            The following ministering brethren were introduced to the Conference: W. C. Brown of Toronto, P. A. Barley of Maryboro and Wallace, Ontario, Dr. I. H. Erb of Toronto.

            Report of the Committee on Resolutions:

            Whereas, Robert Lee Stuart, President of Taylor University of Upland, Indiana, has sent greetings by letter to this General Conference and praying for God's blessing upon us in our efforts to further the knowledge' of the saving grace of our Lord, therefore

            Resolved, That we pray that the blessing of God may rest on him, and staff and directorate of Taylor University in their effort in preparing young men and women for service in the world and in witnessing for Christ. A copy of this resolution shall be sent to Dr. Stuart signed by the Chairman and Secretary of Conference.

                                    E. N. Cassel

                                    J. A. Huffman.

            Report was adopted.

            Adjourned at 3 P. M. with prayer by R. Starky.


Saturday Evening

            The meeting was opened with prayer by J. B. Henry.

            Roll Call.

            The minutes of the afternoon meeting were read and approved.

            Report of the United Missionary Society:

            We take pleasure in submitting this report of the last seven years work which has brought many joys and some sorrows. In God's providence we have been able to carry on the work and send some new missionaries to the different fields, also to one new field. Miss Wise and Miss Keinrath were sent to South America, where they are at present laboring under the supervision of the Christian Missionary Alliance.

            We have quite a number of young men and young women in preparation at present for missionary service.

            Because of war conditions there are many difficulties that have hindered us in getting missionaries out to the field. Due to the fact that the U-boats have made sea travel so hazardous the government has been reluctant to give passports to civilians. Further, most of the travel space is used for military purposes. We have endeavored to get passports and are encouraged at present in the prospect of the return of several missionaries in the very near future.

            At present we have twenty-seven active missionaries and three under appointment that labor in Africa, India and South America.

            Miss Matheson and Miss Maggie Finlay were compelled to return home on account of ill health. We are praying that they will be recovered to normal health. Ladies' Missionary Prayer Bands have been organized in all the Conferences and are doing very efficient work.

            The Missionary Banner was launched during this time and is filling a long felt need under the able editorship of R. P. Ditmer.

            The present subscription list stands at about twenty-nine hundred.

            At the Board meeting in 1941 a retirement plan was formulated and put in action for the support of retired and incapacitated missionaries.

            The offerings have been good and are continuing so up to the present time. We trust they will continue to be generous as expenses will increase materially as the way opens for the return of those on furlough, also those in training. A condensed financial report will appear at the end of this report.

On July thirteenth, 1943, our hearts were saddened upon hearing of the death of our esteemed and beloved brother Joseph Ummel.

The Lord in His Divine providence permits some things we do not understand, but our hearts bow in humble submission to His sovereign will, believing that all things work together for good to those who love Him. May God graciously comfort and sustain his wife and children in their bereavement. May the Lord raise up others to fill his place by hearing the call, "Who will go for me."

Statement of Receipts and Expenditures

Year                                       Receipts            Expenditures

1943                                                               $40,793.87                  $28,780.37

1942                                                                 36,252.19                    26,150.45

1941                                                                 28,555.18                    22,804.76

1940                                                                 26,972.32                    25,137.63

1939                                                                 27,086.39                    22,291.90

1938                                                                 29,053.89                    28,021.69

1937                                                                 28,487.45                    24,358.51

                                                                    $217,201.29                $177,545.31

Clayton W. Cressman, Treasurer.


R. P. Ditmer H. E. Miller J. A. Avery

C. J. Hallman J. S. Wood Wm. E. Hygema

M. Bricker S. Goudie E. D. Young

            Report was adopted.

            Report of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Pennsylvania Conference:

            With grateful hearts we again wish to acknowledge the goodness of the Lord in connection with the Foreign Missions of the Pennsylvania Conference.

            The Lord most graciously spared all of the missionaries who are members of the Pennsylvania Conference. We, however, wish to add our expression of sympathy and sorrow with the Indiana Conference and The United Missionary Society, as well as to the immediate family in the death of Brother Joseph Ummel, whom our Board had the privilege of supporting for quite a number of years.

Our Conference is at present supporting thirty-one missionaries under the following Societies:

Christian and Missionary Alliance                         16

United Missionary Society                                       5

China Inland Mission                                               3

Africa Inland Mission                                               2

Unevangelized Tribes Mission                                 3

Sudan Interior Mission                                             1

Orinoco River Mission                                             1

            This does not include a number of children for whose support also regular allowances are sent.

                                    H. B. Musselman, President

                                    C. H. Brunner, Secretary

                                    B. Bryan Musselman

                                    E. N. Cassel

                                    P. T. Stengele

            Report was adopted.

            Report of the Committee to consider the publication of the History of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church by Everek Storms:

            We beg leave to report as follows:

            We have met with Brother Storms and have had the contents of his material reviewed before us, and recognize the valuable material that he has gathered by much painstaking care and effort. The manuscript is written in an interesting and lucid manner.

            Not being invested with further authority we refer the matter of the publication to the General Conference.

                                    J. Harold Sherk

                                    O. P. Eastman

                                    Wm. E. Hygema

                                    P. T. Stengele

                                    Q. J. Everest   Committee.

            Report was adopted.

            Resolved, That the matter of publishing the History of the M. B. C. Church be left to the discretion of the Executive Board of the Church and that they have the power to act.

            Report of the Committee on Statistics: (See back of Journal).

            Adjourned at 9:10 P. M. with prayer by J. S. Wood.


Monday Morning

            The meeting was opened at 8:15 with singing, "Take the Name of Jesus with you." The devotional period was in charge of E. N. Cassel, who read 1 Thess. 1:1-10 and Phil. 4:4-9 and made helpful remarks.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

            Report of the Committee on Correspondence:

            We have before us a letter from Loyal R. Ringenberg, acting Dean of Fort Wayne Bible Institute which we recommend to be  read to the Conference.

                                    A. Traub

                                    H. B. Musselman

                                    E. Moyer


            Report was adopted.

            The letter was read before the Conference, and the warm and friendly greeting was deeply appreciated. We pray the rich blessing of God to rest upon them in their work and labor of love for the Lord.

            The Executive Board informed the General Conference that the stock of Church Disciplines was exhausted and requested the General Conference to authorize the Executive Board to publish a new and up-to-date edition, therefore

            Resolved, That this request be granted.

            Resolved, That we have an informal ballot for Editor.

            Resolved, That we recess to the call of the Chair.

            Business was resumed at 9:45 a. m.

            R. P. Pannabecker was elected Editor of the Gospel Banner.

            Resolved, That each Conference delegation nominate one person from their number to be Associate Editor and that General Conference elect them. In Conferences where the delegation consists of one or two members the Presiding Elder shall be the candidate.

            Resolved, That we recess to the call of the Chair.

            Business was resumed at 11:00 a. m.

            The following were elected: C. H. Brunner, Ward M. Shantz, H. E. Miller, H. E. Bowman, J. S. Wood, R. T. Starky, E. H. Metcilf, C. J. Hallman, W. R. Grout.

            Resolved, That the Chairman and Secretary of the General Conference be a committee to edit the M. B. C. Discipline which shall be published by the Executive Board.

Report of the Committee on Statistics:

            We recommend:

            (a) That uniform Pastor's Summary Statistical Report Forms be printed.

            (b) That the words "or Gospel Workers" be omitted from the new forms.

©) That columns for offerings for "Women's Missionary Society" and "Young People's Society" be entered in the new forms.

(d) That forms A, B, C, D and E be printed and so arranged as to provide space for additional blank columns and so that those columns in which large figures must be entered may be made sufficiently wide.

(e) That the printing of the said forms shall be given in charge of the Pennsylvania Conference.

            (f) That the number printed be as follows:

                        (1) 4000 of combined A, B, C, D and E forms.

                        (2) 300 each of A, B, C, D and E forms separately.

            (g) That the Secretary of each Conference receive supplies as follows :

                                    Combined                       Each

                                    A, B, C, D, E    A, B, C, D, E

Pennsylvania                          600                          30

Ontario                                   600                          30

Michigan                                600                          30

Indiana                                    400                          30

Ohio                                        400                          30

Nebraska                                 400                          30

Canadian North West             300                          30

Pacific                                     200                          30

West Coast                             200                          30

            (h) That the expense of printing be paid by each Conference in proportion to the number of forms received.

            J. B. Layne                 A. Taylor

            J. Harold Sherk           Paul H. Cressman

            R. A. Beech                T. A. Warder

            O. P. Eastman 


            Report was adopted.

            Whereas, Our beloved brother Rev. A. B. Yoder, because of illness in his family has been unable to attend this General Conference, therefore

            Resolved, That we express to him the fact that we have missed him in the counsels of the Conference, and trust that the Lord may bless him and his loved ones, and keep them in whatever providences He may permit to come to them. We also recommend that a copy of this Resolution be forwarded to Brother Yoder, by the Secretary.

            Report of the Committee on Church Union:

            We, the committee on Church union have met and after carefully seeking information and counsel from those sources available regarding the Doctrine and polity of our sister Churches, the Missionary Church Association and the Defenseless Mennonites, offer the following:

            We recommend that the General Conference appoint a Committee of five from the Indiana, Ohio and Michigan Conferences, who shall be authorized to aggressively continue to investigate the possibilities of effecting a church union and further negotiate with the duly elected representatives of our sister churches.

            We further recommend that at any time this committee believes it to be practical, they shall advise the reference committee of the Executive Board who shall properly present the matter to the Executive Board who shall properly present the matter to the Executive Board for final action.

            We further recommend that the expenses for said committee meeting be met by the Executive Board treasurer.

                        B. Bryan Musselman  E. D. Young

                        J. E. Tuckey                E. H. Metcilf

                        Q. J. Everest               A. B. Neufeld

                        A. Taylor                    C. J. Hallman

                        M. Bricker

            Report was adopted.

            Resolved, That we suspend the rules and extend the time indefinitely.

            The following were recommended as nominees for the committee on Church union and were later elected by the Conference: W. E. Manges, Q. J. Everest, R. P. Ditmer, J. S. Wood, J. E. Tuckey.

            Resolved, That we adjourn to meet at the call of the Chair.

            Adjourned at 12 o'clock with prayer by Gordon Wood.


Monday Afternoon

            The meeting was opened at 1:30 with prayer by M. Bricker.

            Roll Call.

            The minutes of the morning meeting were read and approved.

            Report of the Committee on Auditing:

            The Committee on Auditing begs to report as follows:

            We have examined the following reports, namely: The financial statement of the Executive Committee, Report of the Treasurer of the 1936 Conference, Secretary's Financial Report, Report of Committee to apportion Expense of General Conference, the report of the Treasurer of this Conference relative to such expense, the report submitted by the United Missionary Society and the compiled Statistical Summary. We have found these to be correct and believe them to correctly reflect a true and accurate statement of affairs.

                        H. D. Huber                R. Starky

                        Paul I. Wentz              D. H. Manney

                        H. E. Miller


            The report was adopted.

            Resolved, That the Committee on Church Union organize and report their election of officers.

            Resolved, That we donate the sum of $20.00 each for the Secretaries, who shall also be Editors of the General Conference Journal, and that this amount be added to the cost of the Journals.

            Resolved, That the following revisions be made in the Church Discipline: Page 58, the last paragraph shall be changed to read: "At all of our Church and Sunday School elections no member shall be eligible to vote that has not reached the age of sixteen years."

            On page 59, there shall be added to paragraph four the following: "and that the vote be by ballot." On page 60, the last paragraph shall be made to read: "They shall be required to read the

books of our Reading Course before or during the term of their probation."

            Resolved, That we have 1500 General Conference Journals printed, the expense to be apportioned to the Conferences on the basis of membership, the Journals also to be distributed on the same basis.

Report of the Committee on Resolutions:

            Whereas, The Conference of Historic Peace Churches, with headquarters in Kitchener, Ont., Canada, which represents the combined Mennonite interests in the Dominion of Canada, has been instrumental in securing for our Canadian constituency, as well as for other groups of the Mennonite body, the Government considerations referred to in the previously reported peace memorial, and

            Whereas, The Conference of Historic Peace Churches in Canada continues to serve us in so many ways in which we would be quite helpless without them, caring for our almost half hundred M. B. C. sons in the A. S. W. Camps and in the various types of deferred service, therefore be it

            Resolved, That this General Conference express to the Conference of Historic Peace Churches our sincere gratitude, and pledge to them our prayers and our undiminishing, but we hope, our increasing cooperation, and that a copy of this Report be sent to the office at 20 Ahren Street, East, Kitchener, Ont.

            Whereas, The Mennonite Central Committee, with headquarters at Akron, Pa., the organization which represents the combined Mennonite interests in the U. S. has been instrumental in securing for our U. S. constituency, as well as for others of the groups of the Mennonite Body, the Government considerations mentioned in the previously reported Peace Memorial, and

            Whereas, The Mennonite Central Committee continues to serve us in so many ways in which we would be quite helpless without them, caring for our thirty-one M. B. C. sons in the various C. P. S. Camps in the U. S., even financing several M. B. C. boys for whom no financial provision has been made by the M. B. C. Conferences to which they belong, and

            Whereas, The M. B. C. is furnishing to the constituency of our church, both in Canada and the United States, a medium by which we may contribute helpful service to the war-stricken suffering peoples of the world, therefore be it

            Resolved, That this General Conference express to the Mennonite Central Committee our sincere gratitude, and pledge to them our prayers, and our undiminishing, but we hope, increasing cooperation, and that a copy of this Report be sent to the Akron, Pa., office.

                                    E. N. Cassel

                                    J. A. Huffman


            Report was adopted.

            Report of the Committee to Examine the General Conference Minutes:

            We beg leave to report that we have examined the minutes of the Thirteenth General Conference. A few slight errors were found and corrected. Three copies of the Journal have been certified.

                        J. E. Tuckey   J. B. Henry

                        Q. J. Everest       Committee.

            Report was adopted.

            The officers:

            The Executive Board reports the election of the following officers: R. P. Ditmer, President; E. N. Cassel, Secretary; W. E. Manges, Treasurer.

            Resolved, That we recess to the call of the Chair.

            Business was resumed at 3:00 p. m.

            Report of the Committee on Church Union:

            We have met and organized as follows: Chairman, W. E. Manges; Secretary, J. E. Tuckey.

            Report was adopted.

            Resolved, That the following revisions be made in the Church Discipline: Page 21, Article XIX shall be called, "Washing the Saints' Feet," and read: "The Lord Jesus has instituted and commanded washing the saint's feet, who also Himself washed the disciples' feet, and has thereby given an example, that we ought to wash one another's feet.' (John 13:4-17; 1 Tim. 5:10)."

            Page 46, Section III--Quarterly Meetings, Paragraph 1, shall read: "We recommend that washing the saint's feet be observed previous to communion."

            Also in the Index it shall appear as "Washing the Saint's Feet" instead of feet-washing. Wherever in the Discipline the term, "Feet Washing" appears it shall be changed to read, "Washing the saint's feet."

            Report of the Committee on Resolutions:

            1. Relative to the Sunday Services:

            The regular Sunday School of the Bethany M. B. C. Church was called to order by the Superintendent, Herbert D. Huber, who is also a lay member of the General Conference, at 9:45 o'clock.

            After singing and prayer, the entire Sunday School body was addressed for thirty minutes by Rev. J. A. Huffman, the Editor of the Bethel Series of Sunday School Literature, during which period he showed, on the basis of the text of the day's lesson, the subject of which was "The Sacredness of Human Life," how Christ accepted Old Testament standards for Old Testament times, but raised these same Old Testament standards to higher levels for the New Testament period of greater light.

            The morning worship service was presided over by Rev. B. Bryan Musselman, one of the Presiding Elders of the Pennsylvania Conference, who read the scripture lesson from Acts 2:1-21. Singing was in charge of Rev. and Mrs. Ira L. Wood. There was congregational singing and Brother and Sister Wood sang two special numbers.

            The Conference Sermon was delivered by Rev. R. P. Ditmer, Chairman of the General Conference, and District Superintendent of the Ohio Conference. His theme was: "The Three Unities of Pentecost," from Acts 2:1, 4, 7.

            The afternoon service beginning at 2:30 was presided over by Rev. William E. Hygema, Pastor of the Dayton, Ohio, M. B. C. Church. Singing was led by Rev. C. J. Hallman, District Superintendent of the Canadian North West Conference, who also sang a solo.

            The sermon was delivered by Rev. W. E. Manges, District Superintendent of the Indiana Conference. His subject was "Christ in Me," based upon Gal. 2:20.

            The evening service began at 7 o'clock and was in charge of Rev. J. S. Wood, District Superintendent of the Michigan Conference. Singing was in charge of Rev. and Mrs. Ira L. Wood, who sang one special number, and Brother Wood also sang a solo.

            There were two twenty-minute sermons by Rev. J. B. Layne, Pastor from the Pennsylvania Conference, and Rev. Q. J. Everest, Pastor from the Indiana Conference. The former spoke on the

subject, "The Shepherd," based upon the text John 10:11,14,17, and the latter on the subject of "Full Salvation," based upon the text of 1 Cor. 1:30.

            At the Union Fireside Service held at the Evangelical Church in Waterloo, Rev. B. Bryan Musselman spoke on the subject of a "God Provided Armor," based upon the account of David and Saul in 1 Samuel 17.

            The presence of the Holy Spirit in the various services was evidenced by His anointing upon the messengers as they spoke, and the people as they listened. The attendance was large throughout. The Lord Himself keeps the records of such services, while we recount His blessings upon His worshipping people. The General Conference Sunday was a high day in His service, probably the "great day of the feast."

            2. Relative to the Editor and the Executive Committee:

            Whereas, The Editor of The Gospel Banner, Rev. A. B. Yoder, will have completed nineteen years of faithful service by January 1st, if the Lord spares his life until that time, and has been unable to attend this Conference because of the serious illness of both his wife and son, but reported to this Conference by letter, therefore

            Resolved, That we express to Brother Yoder our sincere gratitude for his services through the years, and that we assure him and his dear ones of our earnest prayers.

            Although a resolution has already been passed by this General Conference, expressing appreciation to the Executive Committee and others for their careful and successful conduct of the business of the Bethel Publishing Company,

            Resolved, That this Conference go on record as thoroughly grateful to these servants of the Church for their loyalty and devoted service through the years which have intervened since the last General Conference.

            3. Relative to The Presiding Elders:

            Whereas, We have listened with pleasure and satisfaction to the reports of the Presiding Elders of the various Conferences and Districts, and noting that there have been reflected in these reports an unselfish devotion to the interests of the church, a sacrificial giving of themselves to their labors, and a passion for the souls of their people, therefore

            Resolved, That this Conference express to these Presiding Elders, who have reported here, and any others who may have served in the interim, our genuine appreciation of these spiritual leaders and pledge to our future men in the office our confidence and prayers, realizing that difficult times are upon us, and much wisdom and grace are ever needed on the part of leaders in the Lord's church.

            4. Relative to Pastors and City Home Mission Workers:

            Whereas, There are throughout the Annual Conferences represented at this General Conference, scores of loyal Pastors, a few of whom are delegates to this General Conference, on whom the work of the Church largely depends, and

            Whereas, There are also a goodly number of Sister Workers in Home Missions, who constitute an important part of our soul-winning personnel, therefore be it

            Resolved, That this General Conference send to our host of brother and sister workers throughout the homeland, our appreciation of their loyalty, devotion and labors, and assure them of our highest esteem, and prayerful interest and cooperation.

            5. Relative to our Departed Ministers and Workers:

Whereas, Since the last convening of the General Conference, in the providence of God, a number of our ministers and workers of several of the conferences have been called to their reward, therefore be it

            Resolved, That we bow in humility and submission to the will of Him Who makes no mistakes, that we declare our purpose of cherishing increasingly our workers who remain and those whom He may give us in the future, with particular reference to our aged workers who are still among us. Be it further

            Resolved, That we express our sympathy to these families who have been bereaved of their loved ones, and further, that a copy of this Resolution be sent to the families of these departed ones who have been at some time a member of the General Conference, as follows:

            Indiana and Ohio Conference, Sidenham Lambert, C. K. Curtis.

Michigan Conference, J. N. Pannabecker.

            Ontario Conference, H. Goudie, P. Cober, J. B. Detwiler, W. Brown.

            Pennsylvania Conference, W. G. Gehman, J. C. Roth, J. G. Shireman.

            Ministers who were not members of General Conference at any time:

            Indiana and Ohio Conference, D. H. Huffman, David Hygema,

            Joseph Ummel, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Marker, Mrs. H. Kline. -

            Michigan Conference, Mrs. Ella Jones, E. F. Gill,,W. Graybill, A. G. Herman, L. W. Thatcher, H. Hill, D. L. Shultz, B. Douglass.

            Ontario Conference, J. E. Fidler, J. Bolwell, L. P. Raymer, Miss J. Little.

            6. Relative to our Foreign Mission Work:

            Whereas, The Lord has honored the M. B. C. Church in giving us a part in carrying the Gospel to the world's unevangelized, opening to us several fields of labor, and giving us a goodly number who have gladly gone to the needy fields to which the Church has sent them, therefore

            Resolved, That we thank God for our noble band of foreign missionaries, and that we pledge to them our very best by way of prayers and support. We regret that war conditions have made it impossible to continue our work uninterrupted in all our fields, that it has been impossible to bring some of our missionaries home for their furloughs, and that it has been equally impossible to return other furloughed missionaries to their fields. We shall continue to pray for God's guidance and help in the carrying out of our "marching orders" to take the Gospel to all the world.

            Whereas, During the last year, the Lord has permitted to come to his reward, our beloved missionary, Joseph Ummel, therefore

            Resolved, That we bow our heads in humble submission and express to the relatives and co-workers of Brother Ummel our deepest sympathy and prayers, and also pray that the Lord shall raise up others to take the place of Brother Ummel.

7. Relative to Chairman and Secretaries:

            Whereas, The Chairman of this General Conference, Rev. R. P. Ditmer, District Superintendent of the Ohio Conference, has presided over the meetings of this General Conference with efficiency, fairness, and due consideration for all, and

            Whereas, The Secretary, Rev. T. D. Gehret, and his assistant, Rev. N. H. Wolf, have carefully and accurately recorded the proceedings of this Conference, and will have much work to do after Conference closes, therefore be it

            Resolved, That we extend a hearty vote of thanks to these brethren who have served the General Conference so splendidly, and that we pray God's blessing upon them.

8. Relative to Christian Courtesy:

            Whereas, The City of Kitchener, kindly granted us the use of the Suddaby Public School Building in which to hold such meetings as were necessarily held elsewhere than in the Church, therefore be it

            Resolved, That we thank the School authorities of Kitchener for this courtesy, and that a copy of this Resolution be sent by this Conference, through the M. B. C. Pastor, to the proper person or persons.

9. Relative to Our Entertainment:

            Whereas, The Pastor of our host Church, the Rev. P. G. Lehman, together with his good people, have so bountifully and graciously provided for our entertainment, including not only the General Conference members, but also their wives, and the other visiting friends, housing them so comfortably in their homes and the homes of others who are not members of our M. B. C. Church, but who are friends, also serving them all their meals in such a hospitable and courteous

manner, therefore be it

            Resolved, That we join in a hearty vote of thanks, and pray God's blessing upon them, knowing that our Master has promised a reward for those who minister to His little ones, and that a copy of this Resolution be handed to the Pastor of the Bethany M. B. C. Church of Kitchener, and that it be our request that the Resolution be read at the worship hour of the Church on the next Sunday morning following the close of this General Conference.

                                    E. N. Cassel

                                    J. A. Huffman

            Report was adopted.

            Resolved, That we adjourn to meet, the Lord willing, on the first Wednesday in November 1947 at 9 A. M. at some place in the Ohio Conference.

            Adjourned at 3:20 p. m. with prayer by J. S. Wood.

            Conference Roll

Avery, J. A., 348 Prospect St., Pontiac, Michigan.

Beech, R., Breslau, Ontario.

Bricker, M., 431 Brunswick Ave., Toronto 4, Ontario.

Brosius, C. B., 845 S. Second St., Sunbury, Pa.

Cassel, E. N., 311 Yost Ave., Spring City, Pa.

Cressman, Paul H., 814 Radclyffe St., Bethlehem, Pa.

Ditmer, R. P., 506 S. Arlington Ave., Springfield, Ohio.

Eastman, O. P., 27 East Dakota St., Detroit, Michigan.

Everest, Q. J., 833 Thirty-first St., South Bend, Indiana.

Everest, W. C., Elkhart, Indiana.

Gehret, T. D., 1231 Ferry St., Easton, Pa.

Gibson, E. M., 3301 Winona St., Flint 5, Michigan.

Hallman, C. J., Didsbury, Alberta.

Hartman, E. R., 230 Main St., Royersford, Pa.

Henry, J. B., 721 W. Seventh St., Chester, Pa.

Hertzog, F. B., 25 N. Fifth St., Emmaus, Pa.

Huber, H. D., 18 Bingeman St., Kitchener, Ontario.

Hunsberger, H. J., Wakarusa, Indiana.

Huffman, J. A., Taylor University Station, Upland, Indiana.

Hygema, Wm. E., 109 S. McGee St., Dayton, Ohio.

Layne, J. B., 246 E. Princess St., York, Pa.

Lehman, P. G., 26 Chapel St., Kitchener, Ontario.

Manney, D. H., 31 East Drive, Dayton 9, Ohio.

Manges, W. E., 701 Wolf Ave., Elkhart, Indiana.

Metcilf, E. H., 517 N. E. Church St., Portland, Oregon.

Miller, H. E., 1910 S. Ninth St., Elkhart, Indiana.

Miller, K. E., 2609 D Street, Omaha, Nebraska.

Moyer, E., Stouffville, Ontario.

Moyer, J. M., 319 Arch St., Perkasie, Pa.

Moyer, J. W., R. R. 3, Goshen, Indiana.

Musselman, B. Bryan, 529 N. Eighth St., Allentown, Pa.

Musselman, H. B., 1129 N. 18th St., Allentown, Pa.

Neufeld, A. B., Roy, Washington.

Sherk, J. Harold, 20 Ahrens St. E., Kitchener, Ontario.

Starky, R. T., Harper, Kansas.

Stengele, P. T., 1124 N. Main St., Bethlehem, Pa.

Stone, H. J., Braddyville, Iowa.

Storms, E. R, Lions Head, Ontario.

Taylor, A., New Carlisle, Ohio.

Teel, Charles W., 23 N. 18th St., Easton, Pa.

Thomas, C. J., 58 Marjorie St., Battle Creek, Michigan.

Traub, A., Didsbury, Alberta.

Tuckey, J. E., Yale, Michigan.

Wakefield, H. A., 17197 Wanda St., Detroit, Michigan.

Warder, T. A., 320 Frederick St. E., Kitchener, Ontario.

Wells, D. V., 473 S. Paddock St., Pontiac, Michigan.

Wentz, Paul I., 2405 Tilghman St., Allentown, Pa.

Wolf, N. H., 144 N. Sixth St., Sunbury, Pa.

Wood, J. S., 483 Paddock St., Pontiac, Michigan.

Wright, M., R. D. 1, Laura, Ohio.

Yoder, A. B., Box 67, Wakarusa, Indiana.

Young, E. D., 633 N. 26th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.