Report of the

Board of Victory Valley Camp

                  The Board of Victory Valley Camp held four regularly scheduled business meetings during the year. In addition to the meetings of the full board many additional hours were spent by individuals of the board in service on committees and in the fulfillment of other camp related responsibilities. The board membership is divided into four standing committees: Program & Staff, Building & Grounds, Development and Finance.

Program & Staff

                  Once again we rejoice in the dedicated, faithful and godly staff that ministers at Victory Valley. Our director, Phil Atkins, puts in a great deal of time and effort. Phil is uniquely talented with respect to mechanical abilities. Through his work, along with that of volunteers, a new filtration system was installed in the pool. If the work had to be contracted it would have cost the camp over $20,000 in labor alone. We are pleased that the Lord's money did not need to be used to cover that expense.

                  Donna Bauer, our Assistant Director, is doing wonderful work in coming up with an innovative, imaginative and meaningful program. Campers encounter the truths of Christ which change their lives for eternity.

                  The summer staff was outstanding. This year's staff totaled 48, 71% of which were Bible Fellowship young people. The counselors were older and more mature than in previous years. Nineteen individuals on staff were college age young people. In addition 7 persons were post college. They ministered to a total of 633 campers. This is 6 campers more than last year which was 80 campers over the previous year. We thank the Lord for continued growth of the camp's ministry. We rejoice not simply in numbers. Rather, we rejoice that each number translates into a young life that we have the privilege of effecting. This year approximately 30 campers made a profession of faith. Many others made renewed commitments to Christ.

Building & Grounds

                  This year continued the concentrated effort to restore the beauty and soundness of the camp's facilities. Much of the work which was done cannot be readily seen but its effects if left undone would have been immediately felt. A filtration system which was desperately needed, was installed to give the pool new life. Drainage fields were replaced for the dining hall. Bathrooms were renovated. A new shower was installed for outpost. A new dock is presently under construction for the pond.


                  The "Second Wind" project to restore the camp is well under way. Monies continue to come in from Valley Interested People (V.I.P.'s). A "Cans for Camp" program has also been initiated which has resulted in $492 for the camp ministry. We are grateful for the support of those churches and agencies that have participated.


                  A detailed financial statement accompanies this report. However, we would like to highlight that despite having to take out a loan for $14,000 to cover the cost for a pool infiltration system our total indebtedness has dropped to below $60,000 for which we are tremendously thankful.

The dates for the Fall and Winter program 1990-91 are as follows:

Oct. 27-29 Jr. High Fall Weekend

Dec. 2 V.I.P. Banquet

Dec. 28-30 Ski Retreat for Teens

Dec. 31 Staff Reunion

Jan. 26-28 Sno Valley - ages 7-12

Feb. 9-11 Sno Valley - ages 7-12

June 9 V.I.P. Picnic

The dates for Summer Camp in 1990 are:


                  June 24-30   Sr. High Wk

                  July 1-7             ages 8-12

                  July 8-14           ages 8-12

                  July 15-21         ages 8-12

                  July 22 -28        ages 8-12

                  July 29 - Aug. 4  Jr. High

Outpost Village

Children                            ages 10-12

Children                             ages 8-10

Children                             ages 8-10

Children                            ages 10-12

Sr. Hi. Adventures

Junior High

The Board of Victory Valley Camp supports the Agency Resolution to develop a denominational mailing list.

Committee: Calvin T. Reed, Chairman; Bryan B. Bray, Secretary; John H. Herb, Treasurer; Phil Atkins, Director; Clyde E. Bomgardner Jr., Bright N. Heist, John Stengele, John C. Vandegriff, Jr., Dana E. Weller, David L. Weller