Report of the

Stewardship Council

         "For our rejoicing is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace of God, we have had our conversation in the world, and more abundantly to you-ward" (II Cor. 1:12)

         The Stewardship Council conducted quarterly meetings during this past year. In addition, various sub-committees met to fulfill their responsibilities to Stewardship Council and the Bible Fellowship denomination.

         At our December 1988 meeting James Koch was elected Chairman, Richard Lefever, Secretary, and Ralph Cole, Treasurer. Mr. Rick Volpe was elected and agreed to serve as "advisor to the Stewardship Council" and to attend all meetings.

         Mr. Harold E. Snyder, Director of Stewardship Services, and Mr. Rick Volpe met with two representatives of the Mennonite Foundation, Inc. 12 Greenfield Road, Lancaster, PA 17602 in regards to trusts, wills, gift annuities, life insurance, etc. Following that meeting Mr. Snyder recommended the use of Mennonite Foundation services as a back-up for the services provided to members of the Bible Fellowship Church by the Stewardship Council.

         The Stewardship Council and the Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowhsip Church met on January 20, 1989 to discuss the program of the Mennonite Foundation, Inc. At that meeting the Stewardship Council requested the Board of Directors of the BFC to approve the Mennonite Foundation, Inc. Memo of Understanding and investment management for use as a back-up for the BFC Stewardship program. The BFC Board of Directors is presently pursuing the finalization of this agreement through its legal counsel.

         On January 20, 1989, the Stewardship Council approved an agreement with Nurture Trust, Inc., of 1940 Snyder Lane, Dauphin PA. 17018, for Harold E. Snyder to serve as the Director of Stewardship Services of the Bible Fellowship Church from 11/1/88 to 10/31/89.

         May 21, 1989, was approved by Council as "Stewardship Sunday" in the Bible Fellowship Church. The purpose was to focus on "Whole life Stewardship" and highlight what the Lord is doing throughout our fellowship of churches and agencies. Over 40 churches used special material developed particularly for that day in their churches. May 20, 1990, is scheduled as "Stewardship Sunday" in the BFC.

         Director Snyder met with various BFC agencies during the year and also participated in a fellowship of agency heads to promote BFC unity and pursue ways to serve the church. He spoke at three BFC churches and conceived and implemented a "Living Stone Associates" program to help financially with Council start-up costs and help promote stewardship and planned giving in the BFC. Those committed to giving $500 before December 31, 1989, of setting up a Lead Trust will be afforded membership in this volunteer leadership group. Mr. Snyder also announced that a Stewardship and Gift Planning newsletter was distributed to all pastors and member of the Living Stone Associates program.

         Stewardship Council wishes to recognize Mr. Harold E. Snyder and Mr. Rich Volpe for their outstanding professional services rendered as advisors and consultants to BFC agencies, churches and members for the year 1989.

         Stewardship Council received a letter dated August 28, 1989, informing us that as of September 1, 1989, Nurture Trust Inc., was unable to provide personnel to staff the paid positions of the Bible Fellowship Church Stewardship Council. Mr. Harold Snyder will continue as Director of Stewardship Services on a volunteer basis and further renegotiate our contract with Nurture Trust, Inc., as of October 31, 1989.

         We praise God for the achievements the Lord has enabled us to accomplish this past year. Please continue to pray for the Stewardship Council's vital work as we endeavor to promulgate wise resource management counsel and education throughout the Bible Fellowship Church and its agencies.

Stewardship Council: James G. Koch, chairman; Harold E. Snyder, director; Richard E. Lefever, secretary; Ralph D. Cole, treasurer; Edwin Ahlum; Philip Atkins; James A. Beil; Robert W. Gehret; Roy A. Hertzog; T. Robert Wilcox; and Daniel G. Ziegler.