Report of the

Pinebrook Junior College

                  For thirty-nine years Bible Fellowship Church has served the cause of Christ with the educational program of Berean Bible School/Pinebrook Junior College. A recent survey of graduates resulted in response from 335 of 691 people who have been graduated. Analysis of the responses shows the following:

                                                      Number    Percent

                  Graduates who used Berean/PJC education 

                  as a base for further education                                          204            61%

                                    Degrees                      Degrees

                                    Completed                  In process

                  Bachelor's level          155                              17

                  Master's level              47                                3

                  Doctoral level              2                                 1

                  Graduates involved in church related vocations                                 97                  29%


                  Graduates involved in church related service as

                  laymen/women                             222            66%

                  We praise God for this contribution to the advancement of the cause of Christ. We want to increase the effectiveness and outreach of this program. To do that we need increased prayer, students and financial support from each Bible Fellowship Church.

                  We praise our Lord for 14 students and contributions of $50,373 from our churches this year.

                  The stated mission of the College is to introduce students to "the challenge and enjoyment of learning and develop a biblical understanding of God, themselves and their world. All students are challenged to lives of service to God in the home, the church, the community and the world." Is this worthwhile work? We have a faculty and staff convinced that it is. We need your support.

                  Although the College was not received in October 1988, as candidate for accreditation by American Association of Bible Colleges, steps were taken toward achieving candidacy. Dr. William Wilson, Associate Director of the AABC, visited the campus on March 31, 1989. The report of his visit was positive and helpful; the College has submitted its response to his report. Reconsideration of Pinebrook's application to become a candidate for accreditation will be made during the week of the 106th Annual Conference.

                  Demonstrating more formally our commitment to preparing students to serve God in church related vocations as well as in all kinds of vocations and avocations is important to American Association of Bible Colleges. This has, and continues to be, the primary concern of the College; this year effort has been given to expressions of this in formal ways not used recently.

                  The administrators and faculty members who joined the staff in summer and fall, 1988, have made a valuable contribution to serving students and improving the effectiveness of the work. Dr. Raymond Phillips has taught part time but has now joined the faculty full time; he replaces another full time person.

                  The improvement in the fiscal condition of the College also enhances our pursuit of accreditation. A current unrestricted fund gain of $47,402 has reduced our operating deficit to $26,252. This improvement is the result of record contribution of $373,163, sustaining enrollment at the level of 140 or more for the fourth consecutive year and control of expenses.

                  This gain was made difficult because the College provided students from its own funds grants equivalent to grants for which they would have been eligible from Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency. This gain was made easier by our churches contributing more than $50,000 for the first time.

                  During this year part of the mortgage commitment of the College was refinanced with Quakertown National Bank. In doing this the level of borrowing was extended to permit some needed renovations in the facilities purchased in 1976. During summer, 1989, the washrooms in the Main East dormitory were renewed to repair the plumbing and improve service for students at a cost of $59,200.

                  This fall 151 people enrolled making 138 full-time equivalent students. This means a fifth consecutive year with enrollment at this level or higher. The pressure to recruit students continues to grow; therefore, this year's class took more energy and more money to achieve the results. Our retention of students from last year was excellent; the new class is somewhat smaller.

                  People in about fifty churches use the last Wednesday of the month to pray for the work of the College. If your church does not do this and desires to do so, please inform President Cassel.

                  Is there need in our culture for an institution of higher education committed to (1) the doctrines and life style of the Bible Fellowship Church, (2) to excellence in education, (3) to challenging students to invest their lives in church and world service? If, with us, you answer "yes", then will you seek ways to help us find more students and higher contributions?

More Students.

                  We seek to serve at least one high school graduate each year from each Bible Fellowship congregation. We serve students preparing for ministry, others who need general education degrees and those seeking secretarial training or pursuing work as surgical technologists. We also provide a program for students needing remediation.

Increased contributions.

                  If inflation is 5% per year this year, we need $52,500.00 to maintain the same level of support form Bible Fellowship Churches in the coming year. An increase beyond inflation will help us improve our program.

Mailing List.

                  We recommend that the 106th Annual Conference approve the proposal to create a denominational mailing list.

Board of Directors of Pinebrook Junior College: Raymond R. Dotts, Chairman; John H. Herb, Secretary; Jay H. Fasnacht, Treasurer; Carl C. Cassel, President; Kenneth F. Barber, W. Wayne Batten, George R. Bryson, Carol Ann Gearhart, Rodney A. Muthard, Robert C. Newman, Ronald W. Reed, L. James Roberts, C. Robert Roth, Russell M. Ruch, Thomas P. Shorb, Dana E. Weller, Robert H. Zentz.