Report of the

Board of Directors

of the Bible Fellowship Church Home

                  The Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church Home held four regular business meetings, two special meetings and numerous committee meetings during the year. Bert N. Brosius served as Chairman, Robert W. Smock as Vice-Chairman, Robert H. Zentz as Secretary and Charles G. Hersh as Treasurer. The Board Membership is divided into five committees: Building, Finance, Public Relations, Personnel and Long Range. James A. Beil served as President of the Bible Fellowship Church Home, Inc., David J. Smock as Administrator, Fellowship Manor and Craig Porterfield as the Director, Fellowship Home.

                  This past year has been an exciting year for Fellowship Manor and Fellowship Home. The administration is successfully adjusting into its new role of administrat-ing skilled nursing and personal care within a Christian environment. The adjust-ments have not been easy. The long working hours, much frustration and many disappointments remind us of Paul's letter to the Ephesians: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12). The Lord has not left us without reserves as outlined in the following verses of Ephesians 6. In verse 1, we are also to "be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might." Our reserves of strength often run low, but His reserves are boundless and in His strength we conquer in His name. This was the Board of Directors' and the Administration's motivation as the following major concerns and issues were addressed during the past year.

1.               Implemented a Fellowship Community Task Force to prepare and organize the necessary information and plans to develop Phase II of Fellowship Community. Wayne Batten, Architect, and Alvin Butz Construction Company have begun developing preliminary plans and basic cost estimates to complete Fellowship Community. Peat, Marwick and Main consulting firm has begun developing a new feasibility study.

2.               Developed and implemented strategies to occupy the 120 beds in Fellowship Manor and the 30 beds in Fellowship Home. As a result of these efforts, Fellowship Manor occupancy as of September, 1989 was 91% and Fellowship Home, 100%

3.               Developed and implemented strategies to employ and train the numerous and various types of Health Care Personnel and other workers required to operate a Skilled Care and Personal Care system. This has been a most difficult task due to the severe national Health Care Personnel shortage. The Administration is beginning to experience stability among the staff and have begun building positive and appropriate traits to assure that both Fellowship Manor and Fellowship Home function within a Christian environment.

4.               Develop and implement strategies to assure the financial viability of Fellowship Manor. This has been the most difficult task which we have experienced throughout the year. Most of the increases in expenditures were not anticipated when the feasibility study was completed several years ago. Salaries escalated due to personnel shortages, interest rates increased, Medicare/Medicaid restrictions on admissions and revenues occurred, changes occurred in Pennsylvania Department of Health and OSHA regulations, causing unexpected increases in cash flow. The administration initiated major reductions in spending, increased marketing activities which improved revenues; obtained a 3 year, $300,000.00 line of credit from Merchants Bank and initiated various fund raising activities. These activities helped to stabilize our financial status and in September, 1989, Fellowship Manor has begun to markedly reduce its deficit spending.

5.               David J. Smock successfully completed the requirements for licensure as a Nursing Home Administrator and has been appointed as the Administrator of Fellowship Manor.

                  The Board of Directors and Administration requests your support and prayer as we address the following goals for the next year:

1.               Maintain financial viability

2.               Initiate fund-raising activities to repay the $300,000.00, 3-year operational loan obtained from Merchants Bank

3.               Maintain at least a 90% occupancy of Fellowship Manor and 95% occupancy at Fellowship Home

4.               Finalize plans to begin PHASE II of Fellowship Community

5.               Complete Construction of Chapel in Fellowship Manor

6.               Provide a caring, well-trained staff to assure that the Bible Fellowship Church tradition is exemplified throughout the Manor and the Home

7.               Initiate strategies to gain tax exemption

                  A word of commendation to the entire staff at the Manor is appropriate: Many have given extra time and effort. Jim Roth's efforts have contributed to the steady increase in admissions, to David and Joyce Smock for the extra "two miles" that they have often gone, the Department Heads; Lenore Scanlin, Mary Comargo and her Assistant, Mae Anderson, Al Gehman, Tom Heimer, Steve Schlegel, Dottie Gehman, Gail Beil and others who have worked so hard to make Fellowship Manor a success.

                  Fellowship Home has met with success in obtaining a "full house" and full staff. The Director, Craig Porterfield, is to be commended for his diligence in managing the Home and providing a well functioning and dedicated staff.

                  The Board of Directors wishes to express its appreciation to James A. Beil, President, for his leadership and dedication. We praise God for his steadfast determination and wisdom. The Board of Directors requests your faithful and earnest prayers as we seek His guidance in developing strategies to provide new programs, seek new patients and residents and to achieve financial stability. We also request your cooperation and support as we seek financial assistance from the members and friends of the Bible Fellowship Church.

                  This coming year will be a critical year for Fellowship Manor. However, the Board of Directors, with your support, is confident that the future of Fellowship Community will prosper.



1.               That the 106th Annual Conference adopt the guidelines relative to the formation and use of a mailing list as prepared and agreed to by the various Bible Fellowship Church agencies.

2.               That Annual Conference hereby encourages each particular church to give prayerful consideration to increasing its annual contribution to Bible Fellowship Church Home for use by Fellowship Manor and Fellowship Home.

Board of Directors: Bert N. Brosius, LeRoy S. Heller, Charles G. Hersh, James G. Koch, John Moran, Keith E. Plows, Robert W. Smock, John Trauch, and Robert H. Zentz.