Ministerial Relations Committee

                                When the lO4th Annual Conference adjourned, all Bible Fellowship Churches were supplied with a pastor.

                                In the year ending September 30, 1988, resignations from pastorates were as follows:

Church                    Pastor                                      Effective Date

Sinking Spring, PA  Terris L. Byrd                           January 31, 1988

Denvil1e, NJ            Stephan R. VanEck                 June 5, 1988

Maple Glen, PA       David Riddell                           June 10, 1988


Harleysville, PA       Paul G. Zimmerman                July 1, 1988

Hatfield, PA             John H. Herb                           July 18, 1988

Walnutport, PA        David W. Chappell                  July 26, 1988


New Fairfield, CT    Dean A. Stortz                         August 31, 1988

Graterford, PA         Richard D. Harris                     September 4, 1988

                                The following pastorates were established under our rules:

Church                    Pastor                                      Effective Date

Sinking Spring, PA  Brent Robinson                       January 31, 1988


Bangor, PA              Thomas S. MacMillan              March 11, 1988

Denville, NJ             Richard D. Harris                     Sept. 5, 1988

New Fairfield, CT    John M. Reed                          Sept. 10, 1988

Sinking Spring, PA  Robert A. Sloan, Jr.                 Sept. 15, 1988

                                The following men were called by the Church Extension Department:

Church                    Pastor                                      Effective Date

New England Area  Christopher Morrison               July 1, 1988

New England Area  Dennis W. Spinney                  July 1, 1988

Ocean County, NJ   Dean A. Stortz                         September 1, 1988

                                The following churches are to be supplied:

                                                                                Harleysville, PA

                                                                                Hatfield, PA

                                                                                Walnutport (Church Extension)

                                                                                Graterford, PA

   We recommend that the following be adopted as resolutions by this 105th Annual Conference:


WHEREAS we strongly believe it is the Scriptural responsibility of the church to adequately meet the needs of its pastors, (Matt. 10:10; 1 Cor. 9:7-15; Gal. 6:6; Phil. 4:10-19; 1 Tim. 5:17-18), therefore be it


RESOLVED, that we encourage each church to increase its pastor's salary at least 5% above the previous year's salary, and further


RESOLVED, that it is the consensus of this Committee that the minimum salary adequate for a pastor serving a Bible Fellowship Church including benefits is

   $ 17,850 for the 1988-89 year.


WHEREAS, this Committee believes there is no adequate legislation provided in the Faith and Order to formally approve a call to a church extension mission or to any of our denominational agencies, we therefore respectfully request Annual Conference give direction to this concern.

Ministerial Relations Committee: Jansen E. Hartman, Chairman: Ronald C. Mahurin, Secretary: Lee E. Boyles: Harvey J. Fritz, Jr.: Frank L. Herb, Jr.: L. James Roberts, Jr.: Harold L. Snyder, Jr.