Report of Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church

                The Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church met at four regular meetings throughout the year. It attended to the corporate business of the Bible Fellowship Church providing oversight of the fiscal and legal affairs. The members of the Board functioned harmoniously to accomplish the work entrusted to them.

                Counsel and/or financial arrangements were duly taken care of for various churches and ministries as follows:

                Newark, NJ                                              - consultation relative to property acquisition

                Finesville, NJ                                           - executed sale of former parsonage and acquisition of new parsonage

New Fairfield, Ct.- consultation

                Mt. Pocono                                             - consultation and financial negotiations

                Kutztown                                                  - consultation and financial negotiations

                Walnutport                                               - consultation

                Sinking Spring                                         - consultation and financial negotiations

                Ocean County Mission                            - executed purchase of parsonage

                Philadelphia Emmanuel                           - consultation and financial negotiations

                Holmes, NY                                             - consultation and financial negotiations

                Wappinger Falls, NY                               - consultation re: land acquisition

                1st Baptist, Belvidere. NJ                        - financial negotiations

                The Ministers' Retirement Fund was reviewed and considered properly managed. Committee will continue to review its soundness.

                Consideration was given to the Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church petition to Annual Conference, 1985, regarding study on disability of a pastor. Robert W. Gehret was authorized to prepare a Disability and Insurance proposal to be distributed at Annual Conference for consideration.

                The Board of Directors assisted the Board of Directors of the Home to complete necessary financial arrangements for the successful completion of Fellowship Manor, Whitehall, Pennsylvania. Fellowship Manor is now open and is functioning as the skilled nursing ministry of the Bible Fellowship Church.

                The funds held by the Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church are deposited with the Farmers First Bank of Lititz, Pennsylvania.

                The accounts of the Treasurer and Financial Secretary were audited by Walter A. Davis.


                We recommend that Annual Conference adopt the following:


                1.             That the annuities paid from the Ministers' Retirement Fund beginning October 1, 1988, shall be $ 144.00 per year of service up to 40 years of service for which an annuitant is eligible.

                2.             That the Administrative Budget for 1988-89 be approved for use beginning October 1, 1988.

                3.             That the Administrative Budget for the 1989-90 year be approved for circulation to the churches in solicitation of their pledges by April 15, 1988.

                4.             That the rate of mileage reimbursement remain at .18 per mile.

                5.             That the Ministers' Retirement Fund percentage of contribution be established at 3%.

Board of Directors, Bible Fellowship Church: Jansen E. Hartman, President; Carl C. Cassel, Vice-President; Harvey J. Fritz, Jr., Secretary; Horace A. Kauffman, Financial Secretary; Robert W. Gehret, Treasurer; James A. Beil, Hospitalization Secretary; Bert N. Brosius, Jay H. Fasnacht, L. James Roberts, Jr.