to the 104th Annual Conference

          The man who had received five talents went at once and put his money to work and gained five more...his master replied, "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness." (Matt. 25:16,21)

          The Bible Fellowship Church has been entrusted with many "talents". The growth of local churches and the development of the denominational ministries give evidence of the increase that God gives through faithful use of what has been entrusted.

          The Bible Fellowship Church has entrusted the administration of Victory Valley Camp to the Board so that through wise administration the camp might have a vital part in the growth and outreach of God's kingdom.

          We, as a Board, along with our staff willingly accept this trust and with God's enabling we are seeking to be good stewards.

          We believe that the ministry of Victory Valley Camp will help to strengthen the Bible Fellowship Church.

          We recognize that we need to work together as a team with the churches for increased fruit that will bring glory to God and strengthen the Fellowship of Churches.

          Christian camping today has developed a dichotomy of approach. Some people desire the outdoor rough camping experience with tents and only the bare necessities. Others desire a more comfortable, conference-type setting. The rustic cabins of Victory Valley are becoming less desirable as these trends continue to develop. The Camp has lost some business with rental groups and summer campers because of both of these trends.

          Victory Valley seeks to meet this challenge. This past summer season we developed the Outpost Village Program. The campers slept in platform tents, cooked their own meals and lived in the woods. This decentralized program gives a variety to our total program at the Camp and meets the needs of those desiring the less conventional-type camping experience. The Outpost Village ran very well. The goal of this program is to build unity and co-operation among each group of campers and to build better self-image. We viewed this program as an effective and attractive program.

          Victory Valley has also set a goal to develop the conventional side of the camp program and the facilities. Five and ten year plans are being developed to significantly upgrade the camp's facilities. Tentative plans include major renovations of existing buildings, construction of additional winterized cabins and gymnasium.

          When the program director of the camp, Donna Bauer, was asked what she thought was the best part of the summer, she responded, "I think about the kids during Children's Camp running across the fields while playing Capture the Flag and of a Jr. High campfire where the teens were challenged to follow Christ in lifestyle. It's hard to pick out a best part. I might narrow it down to the time when a camper who has been here for several years came and told me that she accepted Christ into her life. I really appreciate seeing the growth of the campers who return year after year. I see God at work in their lives, that's exciting".

          The Board wants to thank our summer staff for being good servants, for using their time wisely, for being willing to go the extra mile and for their whole-hearted involvement in the work that God called them to do.

          Victory Valley is a good training ground for future church leaders. It is a place where stewardship, servanthood and leadership are combined to produce Christians with willing hearts.

          Some of the weekly themes for the summer which added a lot of interest and fun to the program included the following:

          1).      Storybook Week and Bible Hero Week were best liked by the children

          2).      The Jr. Highers enjoyed their Holiday Week the best

          3).      RAD Week, Radical or Righteous and Dedicated, was the Sr. High theme

          The following are some statistics of the summer program:

          Camper Stats Overall:

                     540 campers - total population

                     53% BFC campers

                     42% new campers

                     151 Jr. and Sr. High campers

                     389 children, 8-12 campers

          Outpost Village Program

                     61 campers

                     33% new campers

          Staff Statistics

                     45 staff members - 41 full time, 4 part time

                     57% BFC members

                     64% have been campers at VVC in the past

                     63% returning staff members

          The dates for camp in 1988 are:

                                                                           CONVENTIONAL CAMP                         OUTPOST VILLAGE

July 10 - 16                                   Children's Camp, ages 8 - 12                  Children ages 8 - 10

July 17 - 23                                    " " " "                 Children ages 10 - 12 

July 24 - 30                                    " " " "                 Children ages 10 - 12

July 31 - Aug. 6                              " " " "                 Jr. High ages 12 - 14

August 7 - 13                                           Jr. High Camp ages 12 - 14                    Sr. High ages 14 - 18

August 14 - 20                                          " " " " "                             Adventure Camp ages 14-18

August 21 - 27                                         Sr. High Camp ages 14 - 18

Committee: Calvin T. Reed, Chairman; Bryan B. Bray, Secretary; John H. Herb, Treasurer; Phil Atkins, Director; Bright N Heist, John Stengele, Clayton E. Weber, David L. Weller, John C. Vandegriff, Jr., Dana E. Weller