On Monday evening, October 13, 1986, the 102nd Annual Conference of the Bible Fellowship Church initiated the following action (1986 Yearbook, page 14).


Whereas, several of the Bible Fellowship Church Agencies have been using rudimentary computer systems which now need to be severely upgraded; and

   Whereas, it is known that some of the particular churches and other agencies have obtained or are in the process of obtaining computers; and

   Whereas, the costs of computers and accompanying programs have been drastically reduced in price, making such equipment reasonable to purchase; and

Whereas, it is considered in the best interests of the churches and agencies of the Bible Fellowship Church denomination to have standards for programs and functions to insure compatibility; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the standards for computerization of the churches and agencies be as follows:

      A.           Goal: A systematic plan for an integrated computer system shall be developed so as to manage personnel resources, statistics, communications, finances, and other information for the Bible Fellowship Church.

      B.           Requirements: This plan shall be built on a high performance, moderately priced, multiuser, portable Data Base Management System (DBMS).

      C.           Technical specifications: The system shall operate on IBM personal computers (PC) or compatible, on MS-DOS 3.1 or higher, and on compatible local area networks (LAN's). The software should be IBM compatible to allow for an interchange of specified information between agencies and churches;

and further

RESOLVED, that representatives of our agencies and churches discuss the development and implementation of the above resolution through a Study Committee on Data Processing and Standardization to study and analyze the various needs and requirements for such computer systems and to prepare recommendations for submission to the agencies and churches after study is completed and when requested; and further

RESOLVED, that each agency select its representatives and that four men representing the churches be selected by Annual Conference.

   This committee met during the course of the year and produced this following survey, plus a further recommendation to be submitted to the 104th Annual Conference of the Bible Fellowship Church.





      1.           With a computer compatible with resolution in 1986 Yearbook


Board of Directors

                   Board of Missions

                   Pinebrook Bible Conference

                   Pinebrook Junior College


      2.           With a computer not compatible with resolution in 1986 Yearbook

                   Church Extension


      3.           Not presently owning a computer

                   Bible Fellowship Home

                   Victory Valley



      1.           Twenty (20) churches already have gone to computerization


                   a.       Nine (9) of the twenty churches have software that is compatible with the resolution from the 1986 Yearbook, pg. 14


         b. Seven (7) of the twenty churches own their own computers.


      2. Seven (7) churches are in the process or will eventually become computerized.


      3. Twenty one (21) churches responded that they were not contemplating a move to go on computer.


      4. The uses of the computer by each church varied. By way of summary here is what BFC churches are using their computers: Attendance and Membership Stats, Bulletin, Directories, Filing and Math Management, Finances, Mailing Labels, Minutes of Committee and Church Meetings, Word Processing.


      5. The people permitted on the computer varied as well. The list goes this way: Pastor, Assistants, Secretaries, Treasurer (Bookkeeper, Secretary), Elders & Wives, Deacons.

   Obviously several churches did not respond. But for the most part the survey indicated that computerization, whether around the church or members, is the wave of the future for churches.


   WHEREAS, the computerization of the conference, its churches and agencies is imminent and

WHEREAS, standardization in hardware is a necessity, be it

RESOLVED, that all Agencies and churches consider operating IBM personal computer (PC or compatible), an MS-DOS 3.1 or higher, and on the IBM PC Network or compatible local area networks (LAN's).

WHEREAS,the Board of Publication is utilizing IBM Word Perfect (WP) software in its yearbook production and

   WHEREAS, standardization in software is necessary to create interchangeability especially with the yearbook production, be it

RESOLVED, that software should be compatible with or translated by the IBM Word Perfect.

WHEREAS, various agencies have all ready acquired the LIBRA accounting and financial packages and

WHEREAS, a multi-site user discount may be available by utilizing the above mentioned software, be it

RESOLVED, that we suggest that agencies utilize this software system.

Committee Members: Robert W. Gehret, Chairman; Daniel P. Allen, Secretary; Bert N. Brosius; John H. Herb; James A. Beil, Home; Stephen C. Cassell, College; Roy A. Hertzog, Missions; Horace A. Kauffman, Board of Directors; David A. Thomann, PBC; Daniel G. Ziegler, Church Extension