The key word in describing this past year at Pinebrook Bible Conference is "change". In gearing up for an ever expanding ministry and making ourselves more responsible to the Lord and our constituents, Pinebrook has undergone many changes this past year.

   Early in the camping year, Pinebrook went on line with two IBM personal computers. This greatly enhanced the quality of word processing and allowed us to keep a firm hold on the financial information needed to effectively operate Pinebrook. With the help of the computer, Pinebrook changed its accounting system from a checkbook balance system to the more accurate accrual system. This will allow us to accurately see both income and expenses for any given month. this necessitated the inclusion of all bills occurred in the fiscal year 1986-87 plus those for fiscal year 1985-86 that were unpaid by the end of the 1985-86 fiscal period. Many bills, incurred in the fiscal year 1985-86, were not received for payment by July 1, 1986. This system will allow us to accurately predict low spots in our financial picture and allow us to plan toward greater financial creditability.

   Another change that occurred was the decision to allow the Bible Fellowship discount throughout the entire summer ministry not just during BFC weeks. We recognized that the BFC weeks were near capacity and that some of our folks had been turned away from enjoying the ministry of Pinebrook. We are attempting to include more Bible Fellowship people in this way.

   Another change came with the passing away of a true friend of Pinebrook. In the fall, Mrs. Ruth Crawford Porter went home to be with the Lord. Pinebrook was privileged to house her memorial service at which close to 450 people came to pay their respects to the widow of the founder of Pinebrook.

   The last change occurred this summer when Pinebrook, for the second straight year, sought to find a new director. On July 15, David A. Thomann returned to the Lancaster Bible Fellowship Church to resume his duties as Senior Pastor. Recognizing the amount of business administration skills needed to direct the Pinebrook ministries, the Board of Directors hired Ed Ahlum, from our Bethlehem Church, to be its new director. Ed has administrative experience and a real gift in the area of promotion and public relations. Pray for Ed and the ministry of Pinebrook.

David A. Thomann - Director

   RESOLVED: that each church make a contribution to the Pinebrook Bible Conference. Contributions are to be made payable to Pinebrook and sent to the Director, Box 1, Stroudsburg, Pa. 18360.

Board: John H. Riggall, Chairman; David A. Thomann, Director; Ronald C. Mahurin, Secretary; Lee E. Boyles, Treasurer; Robert Breitegam; Bert N. Brosius; Allan Gehman; Kermit K. Gehman; Frank L. Herb, Jr.; John F. Moran; Dale Kemmerer; William Rapp; Gerald Schlonecker.