104th Annual Conference

          When the 103rd Annual Conference adjourned, the churches seeking pastors were:

                                           CHURCH                                                                                 DATE OF VACANCY

                                Lehighton, PA                                                                                                5/11/86

                                Lancaster, PA                                                                                                7/31/86

                                Catasauqua, PA                                                                                            8/24/86

          In the year ending September 30, 1987, resignations from pastorates were as follows:

                                CHURCH                                      PASTOR                                                 EFFECTIVE DATE

                     Finesville, PA                                           D. Thomas Phillips                        November 30, 1986

                     Mays Landing, NJ                         Harold C. Weaber                         April 30, 1987

                     Mt. Pocono, PA                                       A. L. Seifert                                   April 30, 1987

                     Pinebrook Bible Conference         David A. Thomann                        July 15, 1987

                     Sunbury, PA                                 David A. Carver                            August 15, 1987

                     Irvington, NJ                                 Ronald C. Erb                                          August , 1987

          The following pastorates were successfully established under our rules:

                                CHURCH                                      PASTOR                                                  EFFECTIVE DATE

                     Catasauqua, PA                                      Thomas Barshinger                                 December 28, 1986

                     Emmaus, PA                                           David N. Schoen                           February 16, 1987


                     Finesville, NJ                                           David H. Jones                                        March 9, 1987

                     Wappingers Falls, NY                   Byron Widger                                           May 3, 1987

                     Graterford, PA                                         James Neher                                           June 1, 1987


                     Philadelphia, PA                           David Sng                                                June 1, 1987

                                                                                      (Church Extension)

                     Lancaster, PA                                          David A. Thomann                        July 16, 1987

                     Lehighton, PA                                          William H. Bartron                         August 1, 1987

                     Mt. Pocono, PA                                       Ronald C. Erb                                          September 6, 1987

          The following churches are to be supplied:

          We praise the Lord that as of September 6, 1987 and for the first time in eighteen years, all Bible Fellowship Churches are supplied with a pastor.

          We recommend that the following be adopted as resolutions by this 104th Annual Conference:


          Whereas,                 we strongly believe it is the Scriptural responsibility of the church to adequately meet the needs of its pastors (Matt. 10:10; I Cor. 9:7-15; Gal. 6:6; Phil. 4:10-19; I Tim. 5:17-18), therefore be it


          RESOLVED,           that we encourage each church to increase its pastor's salary at least 6.5% above the previous year's salary, and further


          RESOLVED,           that it is the consensus of this Committee that the minimum salary adequate for a pastor serving a Bible Fellowship Church including benefits is $17,000 for the 1987-88 year.

Ministerial Relations Committee: Jansen E. Hartman, Chairman; Ronald C. Mahurin, Secretary; Lee E. Boyles, Harvey J. Fritz, Jr., Frank L. Herb, Jr., L. James Roberts, Harold L. Snyder, Jr.