to the 104th Annual Conference

of the Bible Fellowship Church

          The Ministerial Candidate Committee met 9 times during the year to accomplish the work entrusted to its care. Many additional hours were spent by individuals of the committee in private consultation and counsel with men under our care.

          The Committee interviewed 24 men and 16 examinations were administered and graded.

          The 13th Annual Orientation Program for men under the care of the Committee was held at Pinebrook Junior College on June 2-4, 1987. Twenty-five men participated in the program. The 14th Annual Orientation Program is scheduled for June 7-9, 1988.

          W. David Armstrong, Dennis M. Cahill, David W. Chappell, David W. Riddell, David N. Schoen and Ralph M. Soper were recommended to the Credentials Committee for Ordination Examination.

          Thomas A. Barshinger, Dennis M. Cahill, David E. Gundrum, Ronald C. Hagy, James Neher and David Sng have been licensed as probationers during the year.

          Walter Johnston and John Reed have been approved as probationers who are eligible to receive a call as a Pastor of a Bible Fellowship Church.

          The Ministerial Candidate Committee recommends the acceptance of the following men under its care:

PROBATIONERS (year of licensing in parenthesis)

          W. David Armstrong                                Zionsville, PA (1985)

          William C. Aukamp                       Rapid City, SD (1985)

          Thomas A. Barshinger                  Catasauqua, PA (1986)

          James L. Beaver                           St. Petersburg, FL

          Douglas D. Bowne                        Spring City, PA

          Dennis M. Cahill                           Edison, NJ (1986)

          David W. Chappell                        Walnutport, PA (1985)

          Arthur J. Frisbie                            Newark, DE (1976)

          David E. Gundrum                        Reading, PA (1986)

          Ronald C. Hagy                                       Reading, PA (1986)

          W. Neil Harding                            Philadelphia, PA (1983)

          Walter Johnston                            Wyomissing, PA

          James E. Neher                                       Graterford, PA (1987)

          John Reed                                               Brookhaven, PA

          David W. Riddell                           Ambler, PA (1985)

          David N. Schoen                           Emmaus, PA (1982)

          William G. Schlonecker                Newark, DE (1985)

          David H.C. Sng                                        Hatfield, PA (1987)

          Ralph M. Soper                                       Paradise, PA (1985)

          Dennis W. Spinney                       Hillside, NJ (1984)

          Byron Widger                                           Wappinger Falls, NY (1985)


          James Allay                                  Lansdale, PA

          Gary F. Bentley                             Hatfield, PA

          Clifford B. Boone                          Allentown, PA

          Harold B. Fravel, III            Ephrata, PA

          Ronald A. Honeywell                               Manheim, PA

          Randy M. Keeley                          Hancock, NY

          Gary McElroy                                           Shoemakersville, PA

          Barnabas Marshall                        Winston Salem, NC

          Richard W. Meyer                         Fleetwood, PA

          Philip J. Mitchell                            Allentown, PA

          Christopher J. Morrison                New Britain, CT

          Duane Moyer                                           Guadeloupe, F.W.I.

          Scott A. Neiswender                                Bloomsburg, PA

          Richard T. Paashaus                               Coopersburg, PA

          Brent Robinson                                        Sinking Spring, PA

          Charles M. Snyder                        Chambersburg, PA

          Jeffrey C. Stickler                         Allentown, PA

          Warren N. Stuber                          Brockton, MA

          J. Richard Vroman                        Lansdale, PA

          James Wenger                                        South Woodstock, CT


          David T. Allen                                          Akron, PA

          Joseph L. Dugan                          Howell, NJ

          Joseph L. Dugan                          Howell, NJ

          Thomas J. Gardner                       Greenville, SC

          Daniel A. Mabus                           Emmaus, PA

          Darryl K. MacPherson                  Quakertown, PA

          Mark E. Mull                                  Wharton, NJ

          Warren F. Shelly                           Lehighton, PA

          Tom Templeton                                       Somers Point, NJ

          Thomas P. Voorhees                               W. Trenton, NJ

Ministerial Candidate Committee: Carl C. Cassel, Chairman; John H. Herb, Secretary; Alva C. Cassel, Richard E. Taylor, Daniel G. Ziegler