The Stewardship Council met three times this past Conference year. In addition to the three members elected at large by Annual Conference, the following agencies have named representatives to be members of the council:

            Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church

            Board of Missions

            Board of Church Extension

            Home for the Aging

            Pinebrook Junior College

            Pinebrook Bible Conference

            Victory Valley Camp

            Board of Publication and Printing

            Historical Committee

            The Stewardship Council has completed its organizational by-laws. Copies are available to members of Annual Conference. In addition to preparing for the general work of the Council, time was spent in preparing the program for the 103rd Annual Conference.

            The Council is of the hope that the Bible Fellowship Church will take greater care in the various areas of stewardship under the church's charge. We encourage all of our members, churches and agencies to regard good stewardship as a subject of study and endeavor.

            The Council has received and disbursed no funds in 1985-86.

            We continue to ask for the prayer of our brethren as we proceed with our duties.


COMMITTEE:           Daniel G. Ziegler, Chairman; L. James Roberts, Secretary; Robert W. Gehret, Harold E. Snyder, James A. Beil, Ralph D. Cole, Jay Fasnacht, Kermit K. Gehman, Jansen E. Hartman, John J. Riggall