`All to the Glory of God' is the motto of Pinebrook Conference Center. This is a lofty standard which we endeavor to achieve by the Grace of God through the Pinebrook Ministries.

            Pinebrook continues to develop it's own retreat programming. A Single Retreat joined the popular Senior's Retreat which was initiated in 1985. This fall a Women's Retreat featuring Joy Jacobs will be held in October. Other Bible Fellowship oriented activities are the Fall Couples Retreat, Sno-Glo, Annual Conference, Ministerial Convention and individual church groups.

            Retreat rental accommodations continue to be a very important part of the Pinebrook Ministries. We have hosted many church and para-church groups including Christian Schools International, the Jews for Jesus East Coast Ingathering, Child Evangelism, American Ministries to the Deaf and the Free Methodist Annual Conference among this. During the past year the Orthodox Presbyterian Church has been using Pinebrook facilities as a temporary base in an effort to establish a church here in the Poconos.

            Pinebrook recently concluded one of it's finest summers. Those who attended were moved frequently by the spirit of God as excellent speakers spoke daily. Bible Fellowship Weeks were filled to near capacity with a fine spirit among the people, an offering goal of $15,000.00 was realized during that time. Many folks attend the annual 4th of July picnic and appreciated the Patriotic Concert in the evening.

            With the completion of four years as Director of Pinebrook Bible Conference, Alva C. Cassel resigned as Director to resume a pastoral ministry at our Mount Carmel Bible Fellowship Church. The Board of Directors accepted this resignation with regret and commend both Alva and Laura Cassel for the truly outstanding leadership they provided to Pinebrook Bible Conference.

            As of September 1, 1986 David A. Thomann became the new Director of the Conference Center.

            David Ziegert, our cook, left the permanent staff to pursue further education. Raymond Kennedy and Jerome Knight joined the Pinebrook program in the capacity of head and second cook. William J. Friggle became a part of our housekeeping and auxiliary food service departments. The Pinebrook staff continues to do excellent work in developing and keeping the facility presentable and functional.


: Whereas some of the Bible Fellowship Church Agencies have been using rudimentary computer systems which now need to be severely upgraded; and Whereas it is known that some of the particular churches and other agencies have obtained or are in the process of obtaining computers; and Whereas the cost of computers and accompanying programs have been drastically reduced in price making such equipment reasonable to purchase: and Whereas it is considered in the best interests of the churches and agencies of the Bible Fellowship Church denomination to have standards for programs and functions to insure compatibility; therefore be it


, that the standards for computerization of the churches and agencies be as follows:

            A.        Goal: a systematic plan for an integrated computer system shall be developed so as to manage personnel resources, statistics, communications, finances, and other information for the Bible Fellowship Church.

            B.        Requirements: this plan shall be built on a high performance moderated priced, multiuser, portable Data Base Management System (DBMS).

            C.        Technical specifications: the system shall operate on IBM personal computers (PC) or compatible, on MS-DOS 3.1 or higher, and on compatible local area networks (LAN's). The software should be IBM compatible to allow for an interchange of specified information between Agencies and churches:

and further

, that representatives of our agencies and churches discuss the development and implementation of the above resolution through a Study Committee on Data Processing and Standardization to study and analyze the various needs and requirements for such computer system and to prepare recommendations for submission to the agencies and churches after study is completed and when requested:

            and further

, that each Agency select its representatives and that four men representing the churches be selected by Annual Conference.

            The Conference Board met on its regular schedule of meetings this             past year. There was one special called meeting.

Alva C. Cassel - Director


, that each church make a contribution to the Pinebrook Bible Conference. Contributions are to made payable to Pinebrook and sent to the Director, Box 1, Stroudsburg, PA 18360.