The Annual Ministerial Convention of the Bible Fellowship Church was held Tuesday, May 6, 1986 through Wednesday noon, May 7,19865 at the Pinebrook Bible Conference, Stroudsburg, Pa. The convention was well attended by the pastors and their wives.

            The theme of the convention was "Sharing Our Wealth", sparking creativity in ministry and problem solving through sharing ideasand methods. On Tuesday morning, Bruce Ellingson delivered the keynote address, which was encouragement to be the minister that God wants you to be. This was followed by workshops, given by 24 Bible Fellowship Pastors and Missionaries on various topics,which were the heart of the convention. Richard Harris gave the closing address on Wednesday morning, giving a Scriptural model of competency from 2 Corinthians 3:5. Kenneth L. Good gave the devotional at the concluding Communion Service.

            At the annual business meeting the following action was taken:


RESOLVED, that retired ministers and their wives be given complimentary registration to the 1986 convention and to all future conventions.

            David A. Carver and W. David Armstrong were elected to the Ministerial Convention Committee for a two year term. Retiring committee members are: John C. Vandergriff and Ronald C. Erb.

            The Ministerial Convention for 1987 will discuss the subject of worship, with Dr. Robert A. Morey as guest speaker.


We recommend the adoption of the following:

Resolved: that each church pay for their Pastor and wife to attend the annual Ministerial Convention of the Bible Fellowship Church.

1986 Committee                                                         

John C. Vandegriff, Chairman                       Stephan R. Van Eck, Chairman

Stephan R. Van Eck,                                      William G. Schlonecker,

            Vice Chairman                                                           Vice Chairman

Thomans S. MacMillan, Secretary     Thomas S. MacMillan, Secretary

Ronald C. Erb, Treasurer                                David A. Carver, Treasurer

William G. Schlonecker                                 W. David Armstrong