The Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church Home held four regular business meetings, and two special meetings during the year. Bert N. Brosius served as Chairman, John Dunn as Vice Chairman, Robert Zentz as Secretary and Charles Hersh as Treasurer. The Board membership is divided into five committeees: Building, Finance, Public Relations/Marketing, Personnel and Long Range Planning.

            This past year both State and Federal Inspectors conducted an environmental and a quality of care survey of the Church Home. Several minor deficiencies were noted and corrected. The Inspecto4rs complimented the staff on the cleanliness of the facility and the high quality of care.

            A new system to measure quality of care known as `Patient Care Services Systems' (PaCS) is in the process of implementation. This system will provide the Staff, the Administrator, the Board of Directors and the various State and Federal agencies with appropriate documentation that will assist in assuring the highest possible quality of care.

            The resident census has remained stable throughout the year.

                        Admissions                                         8

                        Deaths                                                            5

                        Bible Fellowship Members                7

                        Women                                                23

                        Men                                                                5

                        Private Pay                              13

                        Medical Assistance                  15

            The financial status of the Church Home remains viable as reflected in the financial statement. This past year the Church Home Builidng was partially painted, the floors in four reisdent rooms were vinyled and all the resident room windows were replaced. A number of landscaping improvements to enhance the beauty of the property were also completed.

            The Church Home has strengthened its program with the emplyment of James Roth, a member of the Quakertown Bible Fellowship Church. He will serve as Marketing and Public Relations Director.

            The Board of Directors changed the name of the building project from Koinonia Community to Fellowship Community in order to enhance the projects marketing capabilities.

            The Board of Supervisors for Upper Saucon Township after much delay finally rejected our proposal to construct a Continuing Care Retirement Community on the O'Connell tract in Upper Saucon Township. John O'Connell has signed a release from the agreement of sale.

            The Board is presently negotiating an agreement of sale with Clifford Roth for a 55 acre tract of land in Whitehall Township. It appears that from a legal point, approval by the Commissioners is more positive than at Upper Saucon Township.

            The Board of Directors commended the Church Home staff for each one's cooperation and concern in working to provide quality care with a loving concern which provides the resident's a sense of well-being and security.

            The volunteers are to be commended for their valuable contributions of time and talents in assisting to provide a comprehensive program. The Bible Fellowship Churches of the Lehigh Valley and the Bethlehem Church of the Nazarene are to be given special recognition for the weekly worship services held each Sunday afternoon. Other Bible Fellowship Churches also contributed special programs throughout the year as well as providing donations of underpads, food, and other supplies. The financial support is greatly appreciated and the generous contributions from Grace United Methodist of Pen Argyl is again acknowledged and appreciated.

            The Board accepted with much regret the retirement of John Dunn from the Board of Directors. John Dunn served the Church Home as Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Board of Directors. His wisdom, administrative talents and dedication have been instrumental in sustaining the financial viability of the Church Home and in the development of Fellowship Community.

            The Board of Directors also wishes to express appreciation to the President and Administrator, James Beil. His wisdom and dedication to this ministry has been an inspiration to each of us. We request your faithful and earnest prayers for James Beil, the residents, the Staff and the affairs related to the future of the Bible Fellowship Church Home.

Committee:     Bert E. Brosius, Bert N. Brosius, John Dunn, Charles Hersh, John Moran, Keith Plows, Robert Smock, Dana Weller and Robert Zentz

Addendum to Recommendation of the Home Board


, for various reasons as set forth in the 1984 Yearbook, the 101st Annual Conference granted approval to the Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church to purchase 150 acres for the Bible Fellowship Home in Upper Saucon Township for $800,000.00 and

, approval was also granted to authorize the Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church to arrange for necessary financing of a new Long Term Care Facility (nursing home and retirement center), and

, necessary zoning approvals to construct such a facility in Upper Saucon Township on the 150 acre tract of land can not be obtained, and

, the possibility to construct such a facility remains viable on another tract of land, and

, the land suitable for such development is available in Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, therefore be it


, that we ratify the action of the Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church Home and hereby authorize the Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church to purchase 55 acres more or less in Whitehall Township in the vicinity of Schadt Avenue and Mauch Chunk Road, bordered on the south by property owned by Esau Joseph and the Korean Presbyterian Church; on the east by property owned by the Township known as Zephyr Park; on the north by property owned by the Whitehall School districts, Zigovitz, et al, and Lazarus; and on the west bordered by Rural Road and Mauch Chunk Road consisting of 42 acres more or less and also 13 acres directly across Mauch Chunk Road which contains a farmhouse, barn, steel building, and other structures; said property is owned by Clifford and Jean Roth and shall be purchased for $260,000 plus various taxes, assessments and closing costs, and further


, that the action taken at the 101st Annual Conference authorizing the Board of Directors of the Bible Fellowship Church to negotiate for and obtain the necessary financing for construction of a 120 bed Long Term Care facility be reaffirmed.