The Historical Committee has had a relatively quiet year in its activities. The committee has continued to carry out its work of researching and maintaining information that preserves our heritage.

            The archives collection continues to grow as individuals and churches are making historical material available for preservation. We rejoice in this continued support and interest.

            The work of preparing a published historical account of our church continues under the direction of Dr. Harold Shelly. This year, Dr. Shelly was given permission to hire student assistants. He has given much of the past summer to further research. He is beginning to do some writing.

            The plans to publish the minutes of Conferences from 1858¬1895 are proceeding. We have reached the point where we areseeking to make final editorial touches and to find the best wayto publish these minutes.

            The committee is proposing two new projects. One is anaudio⌐visual preparation that will present the story of the BibleFellowship Church. Our desire is to make this audio⌐visualpresentation available to churches for the education of theirpeople. The second is a booklet that will survey the people and the events of the 1930's. This was a era of great growth anddevelopment for our church and is still remembered by many.

            We appreciate the help and encouragement of those who areinvolved with the work of studying and preserving our history. There is still much to be done.

(from 1985 Yearbook, page 10)

Resolved, that the By-laws of the Historical Committee be amendedas follows: (see 1981 Yearbook, p. 120).

            1.         Under the Section entitled ELECTION; change the firstsentence to read `It shall be composed of the archivist and fivemen elected by the Annual Conference'. (Second Reading)

            2.         Add the following statement to the section entitled ELECTION. `In the event of the resignation or death of a memberof the committee, the committee shall appoint a replacement whowill serve until the subsequent Annual Conference. At thatconference, a new member shall be elected to fill the unexpiredterm.' (Second Reading)


COMMITTEE:                       Bright N. Heist, Chairman; Willard E. Cassel,           Secretary; Ralph D. Cole, Treasurer; Harold P. Shelly, Daniel G. Ziegler