Genesis 11:6 And the Lord said, `Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.'

 As we read Genesis 11, we see man saying, `Come, let us build for ourselves a city...and let us make for ourselves a name...' (verse 4). This, of course, ran contrary to the will of God who desires to build the kingdom of God and to make His Name known throughout the world. It is also clear from verse 6 that when man is united in purpose great things can be accomplished to make for himself a name. If this is true how much more so can this be interpreted in reverse to demonstrate what great things the Lord can do through a group of people who are united together in purpose to extend His kingdom and to glorify His Name among the nations.

 `...the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.' Daniel 11:32b

 Let's increase our commitment to cooperative efforts for His purpose of making His Name known throughout all nations and to all people groups. Then we can watch the Lord call out a people for His Name so that many will be a part of that glorious first resurrection at which time God shall reverse Genesis 11 and restore a universal language when we all shall sing praises to our Saviour before His Throne.

 I want to thank the many Pastors, Missions Committees, Women's Missionary Societies, and others who have indicated a commitment to the cooperative efforts relating to missions. I have appreciated the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss many aspects of these cooperative efforts. I have visited half of the Bible Fellowship Churches and look forward to having personal contact with all the churches within the very near future. I also want to thank all who have given so generously to the missionary outreach of your church through the Board of Missions. Many have done so sacrifically.

 The Board of Missions met six times this year and the following update indicates some of the highlights of the year.

 Six people applied for and received financial aid for summer ministries with recognized organizations.

 The Board of Missions conducted its Tenth Annual Missions Seminar for Pastors, Missionaries, and Key Lay Missions Leaders on March 11, 1986 at Pinebrook Bible Conference. Our speaker was Rev. Frank Severn from SEND International who also brought with him Mrs. Nadine Starner, Director of Missions from Church of the Open Door, York, Pennsylvania. About 152 people attended. The theme for the day was, `How To Grow Your Own Missionaries.'

 The Board of Missions approved a new classification of Associate Missionary. According to our definition, an Associate Missionary is a short-term worker who would engage in technical or support-type ministries and who may or may not meet the Bible training equivalent requirement for Career or Short-term Missionary. The Bullocks are the first to be so classified.


Resolved, that we recommend to the One Hundred Third Annual Conference that it ratify the election of David E. Thomann as Financial Secretary of the Board of Missions for a three (3) year term.

Resolved, several of the Bible Fellowship Church Agencies have been using rudimentary computer systems which now need to be severely upgraded; and

Resolved, it is known that some of the particular Churches and other Agencies have obtained or are in the process of obtaining computers; and

Resolved, the costs of computers and accompanying programs have been drastically reduced in price making such equipment reasonable to purchase; and

Resolved, it is considered in the best interests of the Churches and Agencies of the Bible Fellowship denomination to have standards for programs and functions to insure compatibility; therefore, be it

Resolved, that the standards for computerization of the Churches and Agencies be as follows:


A. Goal: A systematic plan for an integrated computer system shall be developed so as to manage personal resources, statistics, communications, finances, and other information for the Bible Fellowship Church.

 B. Requirements: This plan shall be built on a high performance, moderately priced, multiuser, portable Data Base Management System (DBMS).

 C. Technical specifications: The system shall operate on IBM personal computers (PC) or compatible on MS-DOS 3.1 or higher, and on compatible local area networks (LAN's). The software should be IBM compatible to allow for an interchange of specified information between Agencies and Churches;

and further


Resolved, that representatives of our Agencies and Churches discuss the development and implementation of the above resolution through a Study Committee on Data Processing and Standardization to study and analyze the various needs and requirements for such computer system and to prepare recommendations for submission to the Agencies and Churches after study is completed and when requested; and further


Resolved, that each Agency select its representatives and that four men representing the Churches be selected by Annual Conference.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Roy A. Hertzog,

 Executive Secretary