The Ministerial Candidate Committee met eight times during the year to accomplish the work entrusted to its care.  Many additional hours were spent by individuals of the committee in private consultation and individual assignments.

    During the year we have given some thought to the number of men who have entered the ministry since 1970.  Our reflections on those who have entered the ministry of the Bible Fellowship Church in these past 15 years have been a source of thanksgiving as well as concern.  In these years pastors have joined us from other churches and other men have been saved through our work and sensed God's call to our ministry.  For all of these we thank and praise our God.  However, few men whose families have been part of the Bible Fellowship Church have entered our ministry or that of other churches in these years.  This is of concern to us.  The Ministerial Candidate Committee sees no answer now to the reason for this lack of ministerial candidates from our own families, but it will work to find answers.  In this report we simply call your attention to this concern and urge your prayers for God to raise up men for ministry from Bible Fellowship Church families.

    The Ministerial Candidate Committee interviewed 15 men and graded 22 examinations.

    Louis Prontnicki, Dean A. Stortz, and Kenneth D. Keeler were recommended to the Credentials Committee for Ordination Examination. 

    Mark C. Solt, W. Neil Harding, Thomas S. MacMillan, David A. Carver, Dennis W. Spinney, Steven L. Trommler, Robert S. Commerford, W. David Armstrong, Raymond G. Burnett and Kenneth F. Barber have been licensed as Probationers during the year.

    David W. Chappell, James E. Neher, Ralph M. Soper and David W. Riddell were approved as Probationers who are eligible to receive a call as a Pastor of the Bible Fellowship Church.

    The 11th Annual Orientation Program for men under the care of the Committee was conducted at Pinebrook Junior College on June 4-6.  Twenty-four men participated in the program.  The 12th Annual Orientation Program is scheduled for June 3-5, 1986.


    Whereas, the Ministerial Candidate Committee has received an application for ministry in the Bible Fellowship Church from David Gundrum of Grace Bible Fellowship Church, Reading, Pa. that indicates a divorce in his background, and

    Whereas, the Ministerial Candidate Committee has received communication from the Pastor and Elders of Grace Bible Fellowship Church, Reading, recommending that David Gundrum be approved as an applicant and further expressing their opinion that David Gundrum does not violate the rules of the Bible Fellowship Church, and,

    Whereas, it is the view of the Ministerial Candidate Committee that while David Gundrum's circumstances may be within "the spirit" of the Rules of the Bible Fellowship Church and sound reasons for his acceptance may be made in harmony with biblical principles; nevertheless, it is contrary to the precise wording of Article VII, Divorce, page 35,36 of the 1981 Edition of the Faith and Order which states: "No person who has been divorced or who has married a divorced person for any reason may be a member of the Board of Elders", and

    Whereas, the Ministerial Candidate Committee views its responsibility as functioning in harmony with the statements and rules of the Faith and Order and not in interpreting their "spirit" or seeking to change those rules, and

    Whereas, The Ministerial Candidate Committee has taken a position that it will not proceed further with the application of David Gundrum for the above reasons until the Annual Conference gives us specific direction, therefore, be it

    Resolved, that Grace Bible Fellowship Church, Reading, Pa. be asked to present their case for the acceptance of David Gundrum as a candidate for ministry in the Bible Fellowship Church to the Annual Conference and, further, be it

    Resolved, that the Annual Conference make a judgment in this case and give specific directions to the Ministerial Candidate Committee on accepting David Gundrum as a ministerial candidate.

    The Ministerial Candidate Committee recommends the acceptance of the following men under its care:

PROBATIONERS (year of licensing in parenthesis)

W. David Armstrong           Zionsville, PA (1985)

William C. Aukamp            Pequea, PA

Kenneth F. Barber            Oley, PA (1985)

James L. Beaver              Clearwater, FL

Douglas D. Bowne             Spring City, PA

Raymond G. Burnett           Englishtown, NJ (1984)

David A. Carver              Selinsgrove, PA (1983)

David W. Chappell            Walnutport, PA

Robert S. Commerford         Holmes, NY (1984)

Arthur J. Frisbie            Newark, DE (1976)

W. Neil Harding              Wallingford, PA (1983)

Kenneth D. Keeler            Harleysville, PA (1982)

Thomas S. MacMillan          Nazareth, PA (1983)

Carl T. Martin               Spring City, PA (1983)

James E. Neher               Sellersville, PA

Louis Prontnicki             Amman, Jordan (1983)

David W. Riddell             Ambler, PA

Mark C. Solt                 Lehighton, PA (1983)

Ralph M. Soper               Lancaster, PA

Dennis W. Spinney            Hillside, NJ (1984)

Dean A. Stortz               New Fairfield, CT (1983)

Steven L. Trommler           Terre Hill, PA (1984)


Gary F. Bentley                   Hatfield, PA

Clark L. Bossler                  Allentown, PA

Dennis M. Cahill                  Phoenixville, PA

Harold B. Fravell, III            Emmaus, PA

Ronald C. Hagy                    West Reading, PA

Ronald A. Honeywell               Montrose, PA

Phillip J. Mitchell               Allentown, PA

Scott A. Neiswender               Bloomsburg, PA

Richard T. Paashaus               Coopersburg, PA

William G. Schlonecker            Newark, DE

Charles M. Snyder                 Glenside, PA

Jeffrey C. Stickler               Bethlehem, PA

J. Richard Vroman                 Lansdale, PA

James E. Thornton                 Zionsville, PA

Byron Widger                      Wappingers Falls, NY


David T. Allen                    Akron, PA

Walter M. Johnston                Wyomissing, PA

Richard P. Jones, Sr.             Wescosville, PA

Daniel A. Mabus                   Emmaus, PA

Richard W. Meyer                  Bethlehem, PA

Duane Moyer                       Pipersville, PA

Kevin P. Roberts                  Lehighton, PA

Thomas P. Voorhees                W. Trenton, NJ

Ministerial Candidate Committee: Carl C. Cassel, Chairman; John H. Herb, Secretary; Daniel G. Ziegler, David J. Watkins, Alva C. Cassel.