The work of the Board of Directors is attending to the business and programs of the denomination.  In doing this the Board met five times this year.  The brethren gave serious and diligent cooperation in discharging their responsibilities.

            During the year the Board maintained communication with the Board of the Home relative to its property purchase and expansion plans.  It is presently working with the Board of Church Extension relative to property matters at the Mount Pocono missions and with the College Board, also concerning property matters.

            One of the meetings was a special meeting with representatives of Capital Blue Cross.  This resulted in changing the medical insurance from Travelers to Capital Blue Cross in which a real savings in premiums was realized.  Present information from Blue Cross indicates that no increase in rates is anticipated.

            The debt for construction of the sewage plant at Pinebrook Conference was paid in full and the cash balance of the Pinebrook fund was paid to the Pinebrook Bible Conference Board.

            The Ministers' Retirement Fund, the administrative budget, and the general financial records of the denomination were carefully monitored and administered this year.

            Four members of the Board have been appointed to study the Ministers' Retirement Fund.  Determination will be made of any changes in the Fund and its regulations for operation are necessary, and to formulate proposals for any changes. 

            The funds held by the Board of Directors are deposited with the Farmers First Bank of Lititz, PA.  The accounts of the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary were audited by Walter A. Davis.



            We recommend that the Annual Conference approve the following:

1.         That the annuities paid from the Ministers' Retirement Fund beginning October 1, 1985, shall be $126.00 per year of service up to forty years of service for which an annuitant is eligible.

2.         That the Administrative Budget for 1985-86 be approved for use beginning October 1, 1985.

3.         That the Administrative Budget for the 1986-87 year be approved for circulation to the church in solicitation of their pledges by April 15, 1986.

4.         That the rate of mileage reimbursement be .18 per mile effective 10/15/85.

Board: Jansen E. Hartman, President; Carl C. Cassel, Vice President; James A. Beil, Secretary; Horace A. Kauffman, Fin. Secretary; Robert W. Gehret, Treasurer; Alva C. Cassel, Recording Secretary; Bert N. Brosius, Jay H. Fasnacht, Kermit K. Gehman