The Board of Christian Education has sponsored the following ministries:

    1. Pastor-Elder-Deacon Retreat (cosponsored by the Church Goverment Pinebrook Bible Conference Committee) Attendance: 223

    2. Thanksgiving Rally

        Pinebrook Bible Conference

        Attendance: 398

    3. Sno-Glo Retreat

        Pinebrook Bible Conference

       Attendance: 528 - Jr. High, Sr. High

                    75 - College-Career

    4. Youth Leadership Seminar

        Pinebrook Jr. College

        Attendance: 32

    5. Christian Education Convention

       Quakertown Bible Fellowship Church

       Attendance: 175 - 29 churches represented

    At the Pastors, Elders and Deacons Retreat in November the men had an opportunity to learn how to effectively meet the benevolent needs in the local body, as they learned about the "Ministry of Mercy".  The youth had an opportunity for fellowship and edification through the ministry of the Jeremiah People at the Thanksgiving Rally.  George Murray and Dick Sanford challenged the youth regarding their role in missions at the Sno-Glo Retreat in January.  Youth Sponsors were given an opportunity to become more effective at the Youth Leadership Seminar in March.  We had a Christian Education Convention at the same time as the Youth Leadership Seminar.  The emphasis was on giving help and encouragement to the Sunday Bible Schools in carrying out the denomination's goal of "Wider Horizons".

    Our Board is considering ways we can better meet the Audio-Visual needs of our local churches.  We urge you to contact our Audio-Visual library in Hatfield.  Our librarian is Susan Hostetter.  The address is:

         Mrs. Susan Hostetter

         889 Elm Street

         Hatfield, PA.  19440

We need your input as to how we can help your church effectively use this library.

    We, as a Board, are endeavoring to stimulate the Sunday Bible School attendance throughout the denomination.  We would welcome ideas from our local churches on how we can increase our attendance.

    We are thankful for the financial support from our local churches across the conference.  We would

appreciate your prayers for our work in order that we may be helpful to all our churches in the various areas of Christian Education.


                   Respectfully submitted,

                   Willard Stull

    RESOLVED, that the By-laws of the Board of Christian Education be amended as follows: 


D: VACANCIES see page 2 paragraph D #1

1. Of Board Members

    a. If a vacancy occurs on the Board, the Board shall select a replacement who will serve until the subsequent Annual Conference.  The Board shall request the Annual Conference to elect a successor to serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.


    b. If a member of the Board is absent for three successive meetings without written excuse, he shall no longer be a member of the Board and shall be replaced as though a vacancy had occurred.

Members of the Board of Christian Education:  Richard E. Taylor, Chairman, Willard J. Stull, Secretary, William Graybill II, Robert Keener, David A. Thomann, Richard D. Harris, George R. Bryson, Dana E. Weller, Jeffrey Stickler, Wayne R. Gehret, Richard Paashaus, Jonathan Reynolds.

    The Board of Christian Education recognizes the growth of two of our Sunday Bible Schools.  The Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church had an actual increase of 36.  The Lebanon Bible Fellowship Church had a percentage increase of 15%.  Plaques were given to these churches in recognition of their growth.