Ministerial Convention

The Bible Fellowship Church

Evangelism - Church Growth


[Papers Presented at the Ministerial Convention - May 21-22, 1968]

[These papers were to be studied in Preparation for the Ministerial Convention - April 24-26, 1972]

A Study of the Greatest Growth Period in Bible Fellowship Church History

          Donald R. Knauer

Let's Analyze our Successes: A Look at Churches That Have Grown and Produced Leaders in the Last Twenty Years.

          Willard Cassel

Why Did They Die?  An Analysis of Factors in the Demise of Bible Fellowship Churches.

          Jansen Hartman

Is This the Time to Expect Bible Fellowship Church Growth?

          Donald T. Kirkwood

The Bible Fellowship Church in the Cities (100,000+  Population)

          Carl C. Cassel

Church Buildings and Growth

          Ronald Mahurin

Church Discipline and Growth

          James A. Beil

Church Merger and Growth

          C. E. Kirkwood

What Can We Learn from Foreign Missions to Help Our Home Churches Grow?

          Ron Hoyle

How Can the Ingrown Church Begin to Grow Out?

          John Herb

Socio-Economic Factors in Church Growth

          David Watkins

Comparison of Growth of the Bible Fellowship Church and the United Missionary Church Since 1952.

          Harold Shelly

Why Has the Bible Fellowship Church Growth Slowed and Stopped Since 1950?

          Donald E. Nilsson